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Peek a Bloom

November 17, 2019

Finding Just Made 33 closed, I decided to try Peek a Bloom, hidden down an alley.

I have found before but did not stay, sister coffee shop of Mind the Cup.

I had a cappuccino and long chat with the barman.

Cappuccino was excellent.

Coffee at Taresso

November 14, 2019

Two coffees at Taresso in Kolonaki.

After an OK but not great coffee at Third Place I walked through National Garden through Kolonaki to Taresso.

I took along two guest coffees

  • Colombian from Colombian Coffee Roasters in Oxford
  • espresso blend roasted by Bonanaza for Resident in Berlin

But first, before coffee, ice cold water in cut glass and served from cut glass decanter. This is service, the norm in the best coffee shops in Athens.

Excellent Chemex using coffee from Papua New Guinea roasted by Taresso, followed by cappuccino from Resident. Excellent and I probably did not do justice as did not drink when freshly brewed.

Both coffees brewed by Greek champion barista Kelly.

Both were excellent.

The cappuccino was in another league to that which I had had earlier in the day at Third Place, which only serves to make my point they need to source better quality coffee.

Always new equipment in Taresso. Two small grinders I had not seen before, and a kettle.

My visit to Taressso, Wednesday three weeks ago, the coffee from Resident roasted in April, thus at least six moths old, the bag had previously been opened, and yet superior to the coffee at Third Place.

Note: Coffee left to rest one week after roasting, use within next three weeks to enjoy at optimum. Grind beans, carefully weigh, brew within one minute of grinding.

Yogurt followed by a cappuccino at Lazaris Bakery

November 4, 2019

A yogurt followed by a cappuccino at Lazaris Bakery.

Yogurt excellent, cappuccino in a league of it own for disgusting undrinkable coffee.

I have had a coffee before and knew it not to be good, but I do not recall it being this bad.

I left untouched after one sip.

Every mistake made, served scalding hot, cheap low quality coffee.

That it was served with two packets of sugar in the saucer sasy all you need to know. Sugar served as a warning sign. Our coffee is so bad you will need this sugar to mask the vile taste.

The rude guy who made the cappuccino, it would be an insult to baristas to call him a barista, was showing a girl how to make coffee. What was it, a demonstration of how to make bad coffee. Not helped by using cheap crap coffee beans.

I did not watch, but, but no attempt at precision, the beans at a guess over roasted.

Why oh why drinking outside from takeaway cups.

To sit outside pleasant but for the smoking and traffic fumes.

Needs to be No Smoking and the area pedestrianised and traffic free.

Lazaris is a sympathetic restoration of a old building. It would make an excellent coffee shop if only they served drinkable coffee.

A good place to eat, but not for coffee.

It was then on to Paul’s Coffee Roasters where at least guaranteed decent coffee.

Cappuccino Nick’s Coffee Bike

October 28, 2019

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the second International Food Festival in Larnaca (Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11-13 October 2019).

Was it worth visiting? No, not at least not what I saw setting up, worst type of junk food would find on a bad street food market in England.

The only stall of quality, Nick’s Coffee Bike, and having relocated from his usual pitch outside Larnaca Marina, a dramatic drop in customers.

I assumed he was not there and it was only because I chose to investigate the Larnnaca International Food Festival I found Nick.

As always an excellent cappuccino.

Cappuccino Café Amárena

October 15, 2019

Café Amárena opened in the centre of Protaras last year. It was something of a disaster, waiter making the coffee, poor quality coffee, no surprise always empty.

It was a surprise it re-opened this year, but with one big difference, now employing a skilled barista. But still poor quality coffee beans, still always empty of customers. Syrups on display never a good sign. It is like raising a flag we serve bad coffee.

Two weeks ago I passed by with a friend, it was empty, not a single customer. By contrast Patisserie Amelie was busy.

Late in the evening, after an excellent meal at Nissiotis overlooking Protaras Pier, I dropped by and had a cappuccino.

As always empty, only a couple of tables occupied. When I left, I was their one and only customer. Not helped by the deafening noise from the bar next door.

My cappuccino reasonable, the girl who made my cappuccino has consistently improved her coffee making skills, which is good news.

But, never going to be able to serve good coffee let alone great coffee until they buy quality coffee beans, and these days no excuse for sourcing poor quality coffee.

It is depressing when a coffee shop could be better, they have the staff, a good machine, the grinders could be better, to be let down by poor quality coffee beans.

May get away with it in Cyprus with the locals, but visitors expect to be served a decent cup of coffee.

Cyprus is at a least a decade behind England. Every chain have heard of and others be grateful not heard of, all serving bad coffee, bad coffee in takeaway cups.

Larnaca is nearest will obtain a descent cup of coffee. Local bus to Ayia Napa then Intercity bus Ayia Napa to Larnaca.

Try Paul’s Coffee Roasters and Nick’s Coffee Bike, both serve excellent coffee.

Cappuccino and pour over Paul’s Coffee Roasters

October 13, 2019

After several days of bad coffee and at best mediocre coffee, a coffee shop where they serve decent coffee, a rarity in Cyprus.

No Nick’s Coffee Bike outside Larnaca Marina. I ask of security post, but they do not know other than to tell me not seen today.

I know of a coffee shop, but only walked from coffee shop through back streets to seafront. I decide to try the other way around, walk along seafront, through back streets, only cannot ask the way, as cannot recall the name.

Amazingly I find Paul’s Coffee Roasters without getting lost.

I order a cappuccino and take into the garden.

Coffee shop not busy, but becomes busy whilst I am there. A steady stream of customers, people of good taste who appreciate good coffee.

I leave two bags of coffee, but first we try Ethiopian from The Missing Bean brewed using a Gina, similar to a V60. Excellent.

Paul’s Coffee Roasters is a rarity in Cyprus, an independent coffee shop, pleasant ambience, lovely little garden, well designed, not made to look like Starbucks, and serves excellent coffee. Well worth finding.

Also try Nick’s Coffee Bike  by the seafront outside the marina.

Patisserie Amelie overlooking Vali tou Xadajixeni

October 5, 2019

Cyprus is a country where with a handful of rare exceptions are guaranteed to find bad coffee. Every chain have heard of and many would not wish to hear of. What is equally depressing is the indie coffee shops follow suit and serve bad coffee, bad coffee in takeaway cups.

Several years ago Patisserie Amelie opened in the centre of Protaras. By the abysmal standards of Cyprus a step in the right direction, an improvement, but coffee LavAzza and was never going to be serving great coffee, and always empty but for staff employed in the hotel and the occasional tourist. This year surprisingly busy.

Now a second Patisserie Amelie has opened overlooking a small bay Vali tou Xadajixeni, a little way along the coast from Fig Tree Bay, maybe ten minutes walk.

The design is poor. It is part of Sunrise Jade. It looks as though tacked on as an afterthought.

It could have been adjacent to the bay, not set back

No lessons learnt from Antamoma, a terrace below Gold Coast Hotel overlooking Kalamies Beach.

The coffee LavAzza, the person who made the coffee head waiter from Sunrise Jade. When asked, apart from that it was San Remo, he had no idea the coffee machine and made clear he had no interest in knowing.

The coffee looked disgusting, tasted disgusting. The unpleasant taste of the cheap low quality LavAzza dominated.

There is no excuse these days for not using high quality coffee. A five-star hotel insulting its clientele with this low quality coffee.

What could be, a coffee shop with quality beans, skilled barista, would become a destination as word got around.

Sunrise Jade 5*, superficially looks good, but on close inspection, cheap and tacky, not of the quality of Sunrise Beach. The small lounge, serried rows of seats, has as much ambience as the gate at an airport when waiting to board a flight. It was as though had walked into a Tsokkos hotel. But would caution, initial impressions,  have not stayed or tried the food.

Its big plus, a quiet location, especially if compared with Sunrise Beach where kept awake until early hours of the morning by the bars.

The staff not friendly, clearly bored. Maybe end of season fatigue.

A quiet location and yet the coffee shop has moronic music blaring out.

No beach, not unless class a dirty stretch of sand accessed by a causeway is classed as a beach.

At the opposite end of the bay, steps that do not look safe descend to the sea.

For those who love coffee, it is worth a trip to Larnaca for one of those rare exceptions, Nick’s Coffee Bike outside Larnaca Marina. Catch the local bus to the Ayia Napa International Sculpture Park, then Intercity Bus to Larnaca.

Also worth finding Paul’s Coffee Roasters hidden in the backstreets of Larnaca.

Cappuccino and toastie at Jamie’s Coffee

October 5, 2019

It is easy to see why Jamie’s Italian failed, a talented chef does not a successful chain make.

The same is true of Jamie’s Coffee at Gatwick North Terminal.

What started as a van, now a counter serving coffee, toasted sandwiches and cakes.

The coffee low quality Italian coffee, or was.

Not sure if still cheap Italian coffee as could not see what it was, but not good.

What is depressing is what could be.

Sussex and nearby Brighton no shortage of high quality coffee roasteries. This could be a coffee shop showcasing the best London, Sussex and Surrey has to offer on coffee, different rotation of guest coffee.

And you do not improve by wasting money on PR, improve by focusing on quality, buying speciality coffee, employing skilled baristas.

Cappuccino Starbucks Farnborough

October 3, 2019

What is it with tax-dodging Starbucks, incapable of serving a decent coffee, but still managing to overcharge? Greed.

Starbucks Farnborough, very noisy, has about as much character and ambience as a railway station waiting room.

The only good point staff are pleasant.

Sunday evening before they closed, to my surprise, music by Kronos Quartet. My curiosity piqued, I asked. Tita – Trio Da Kali and Kronos Quartet. Starbucks is full of surprises. A pity about the coffee.

Lunch and cappuccino at South Street Kitchen

September 17, 2019

I was going to have lunch at Marmadukes, but decided to have lunch at South Street Kitchen.

Very cold walking up the slope to Park Hill Flats where South Street Kitchen nestles at the foot of the flats.

Not very warm inside South Street Kitchen where for some persevere reason the door was propped open.

I ordered falafel wrap. I also added a salad as side dish.

Falafel wrap was excellent, the salad less so. Cauliflower cooked then left to go cold. I would have preferred raw cauliflower, than soggy cold cauliflower.

I ordered a cappuccino. A mistake. No better than last visit, weak and insipid.

Problem is two fold, lack of skill of barista and using poor quality Dark Woods espresso blend. The Great Taste award meaningless. Dark Woods roast excellent single origin coffee, but not espresso blends.

It is then to Marmadukes where I was guaranteed an excellent coffee.

South Street Kitchen is featured in Vegan North.


— to b e continued —