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Cappuccino in Harris + Hoole

May 2, 2017

Shock horror, Harris + Hoole sold to tax dodging Caffè Nero.

Shock horror, Harris + Hoole no longer source their coffee beans from Union hand-roasted coffee, now source from tax dodging Caffè Nero.

Damning reviews on TripAdvisor.

Not good news.

Does this now mean, coffee in H+H no different to tax dodging Caffè Nero?

It was with trepidation I set foot in Harris + Hoole. Was I to be disappointed, never to cross the threshold again?

Same friendly staff. Always good sign.

Quiet downstairs, which was a big improvement.

Upstairs very busy, more like a working office, even a  couple holding a business meeting.

But first set the record straight.

Tax dodging Caffè Nero have not bought Harris + Hoole. They have bought the minority Tesco stake, which always was an anomaly.

Were Caffè Nero to buy the company, I can see they would find difficult to not resist the temptation to turn into Caffè Nero Plus.  At the moment Caffè Nero are operating at arms length, and let’s hope it remains that way.

Harris + Hoole have set up there own roastery in Neal Street in Covent Garden, the beans single origin, direct trade.  I was told today, the beans from Peru.

My cappuccino was excellent. I expect no less from the team at Harris + Hoole.

The damning reviews on TripAdvisor are complete and utter garbage.

Usually fake reviews are easily detected, no resemblance to reality, usually the only review. These are different, several reviews, which makes me curious.

The negative comments on the staff are not true. Nor on the quality of the coffee.

The staff are always friendly, time permitting, willing to inform the clientele about the coffee, but most importantly, they take huge pride in the coffee they serve.

The cakes are not the factory cakes found elsewhere.

Yes at times, dirty dishes are piling up on the tables. This is a management issue, too few staff. Two busy floors, only two staff, one taking orders, one serving the coffee, who clears the tables?

It merely serves to once again emphasise, reviews on TripAdvisor are worthless.

If you think they serve coffee in Costa, then do not review coffee shops, as you know nothing about coffee.

Similarity, if you eat in McDonald’s or KFC, then do not review restaurants.

As soon as they are able, H+H should get get rid of all their coffee shops in Tesco.

Wherever possible, transfer all the Caffè Nero coffee shops in Waterstone’s to Harris + Hoole.

Waterstone’s is kicking Costa out of their bookshops. In Lincoln, Costa has gone, to be replaced by W, their own in-house coffee shop. Same in Brighton, now W. In Lincoln, one bookshop has Caffè Nero. This could change to Harris + Hoole.

Maybe sell Standart. Though its sale may be restricted to indie coffee shops, certainly the top end of the coffee market.

I mentioned to the guys free coffee books and that James Hoffmann is crowdfunding his writings, to be published as The Best of Jim Seven.



Cappuccino in Harris + Hoole

November 1, 2016
cappuccino in Harris Hoole

cappuccino in Harris + Hoole

cappuccino in Harris + Hoole

cappuccino in Harris + Hoole

After a cold grey day at Guildford farmers market, I visited Harris + Hoole for a cappuccino.

Why no indie coffee stall on the farmers market, maybe with Surrey Hills Coffee providing and selling the beans? They are a local coffee roaster thus eligible to be on the market.

It is not acceptable that Costa and tax-dodging Starbucks serving undrinkable disgusting coffee are allowed to dictate what happens on the High Street.

Cappuccino in Harris + Hoole. I could have popped in one of the indie coffee shops, sadly Harris + Hoole now owned by Cafe Nero, but they all close early, and in Harris + Hoole I am guaranteed a constantly good coffee.  Unlike Caracoli, where the manager knows nothing about coffee and makes himself a laughing stock.  It is a tragedy the indie coffee shops close early, as in the summer they are turning away a constant flow of customers.

I was served an excellent cappuccino, but then barista said no, you deserve better.

Then when I left, served another two coffees.

Very impressed.  A barista who takes a pride in his work.

Two coffee places vie for No 1, depends who is serving, FCB kiosk on Platform 2 at Guildford Station and Harris + Hoole. Surrey Hills Coffee comes in at No 3.

Which again begs the question, why oh why, no quality coffee stall on the market, other than objections from Costa and Starbucks?

Cappuccino in Harris + Hoole

December 3, 2013
cappuccino and cookie

cappuccino and cookie

free wifi very popular

free wifi very popular

After lunch in Thai restaurant in Jeffries Passage, cappuccino and cookie in Harris + Hoole.

No cookies. They had migrated to a cookie jar.

Very noisy downstairs, not much better upstairs.

I suggested they act as a distributor for Transition Free Press. As the winter 2013 edition was only published this week, good time to place a bulk order and see how it goes.

I am usually late afternoon, today mid-afternoon.

Upstairs where it was moderately quieter, it would an improvement if no sound upstairs, and downstairs the level of upstairs (a few paintings, tapestries would also help as very hard surfaces), I noticed many people using upstairs as their office, or using skype to chat to their friends. Quite a good idea I thought. Which only serves to highlight the crass stupidity prevalent in the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor, £15,000 of public money to be wasted installing free wifi (actually a scam as will be used to steal personal data, to bombard with spam), which according to the leader of the council is exciting news as people will want to visit Farnborough. Somehow I think not. Why would anyone, enjoying coffee or a tea in Harris + Hoole, in a pleasant environment (apart from the noise), travel to Farnborough to sit in the street in the cold, and risk being mugged, to use the so-called free wifi?

As I cut through The Angel Hotel Yard, I was tempted to try coffee in Coffee Culture. But is is only tiny, and they had the doors wide open. Harris + Hoole wisely had the doors shut to keep the place warm. Coffee Culture was all but empty, Harris + Hoole very busy.

Prime window space being used for a local estate, tacky and a very bad idea.

Top Story in The GCMreview Daily Roast (Thursday 5 December 2013).