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Cappuccino at The Underdog

November 24, 2019

A cappuccino at The Underdog.

Busy, but not as busy as in the past on a Sunday.

I wish I had had cold brew or a pour over.

Looking at the Nespresso capsules, 18 capsules, 5.5g of coffee in each, 20 euros Ethiopian, 30 euros Panama Geishe. To buy a bag of either 20 euros for 100g.

Curious how, their coffee is sent to Russia to be put into Nespresso capsules.

A magazine I have not seen before, Coffee & Ti, an Asian clone of Standart.

I am told The Underdog has difficulty in obtaining Standart. Same is true in UK, serious problems with distribution.

Cappuccino at The Underdog

October 28, 2018

As always, excellent cappuccino, interesting conversation, at The Underdog.

— to be continued —