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Cappuccino at Taf

November 26, 2019

Cappuccino at Taf.

I did not try the new pour over on display.

Looked in Mr Bean.

Now a cluster of three coffee shops Taf, Mr Bean, and a new coffee shop serving Sapid coffee.

Cappuccino at Taf

May 14, 2019

As always, excellent cappuccino at Taf.

This year Taf celebrate ten years.

Cappuccino at Taf

October 30, 2017

Coffee has not only to be good, it has to be consistently good.

Usually excellent cappuccino at Taf, today not so good.

Not obvious to the casual observer, there is grinding poverty on the streets of Athens, thanks to the destruction of Greece by the EU.

On the streets not only beggars, men selling small packets of tissues, akin to selling boxes of matches on the streets of London after WWI.

Sat in Taf, I noticed  a man go past the tables outside pocketing the packets of sugar. On his second pass, hand out for money.

Cappuccino at Taf

October 26, 2017


I had found Taf on Monday.

Tuesday most of the afternoon at The Acropolis, then a visit to the Roman Agora, I found my way to Taf, dropping off at at Just made 33 for one of their excellent sandwiches and instead of a coffee, excellent fresh lemonade.

A cappuccino.  Also an excellent cake.

Their brew bar is offering coffee Q grade 90+ which is incredible.

Note: Anything over 80 is specialty coffee.

I was recommended try Mr Bean across the road.

Although closed, I was offered their cold brew to try. It was excellent.

A cold brew tower I had not seen before.

The following day, passing by Taf to visit Mr Bean, I learnt the barista who had served me, she was No 2 barista in Greece, and her award was one of those on the shelf.

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