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Cappuccino at Paul’s Coffee Roasters

October 20, 2019

Walking from Lazaris which was closed, it was Monday afternoo a couple of weeks ago in Larnaca, I managed to find Paul’s Coffee Roasters without getting lost.

But I wish they would make the back streets traffic free.

Excellent cappuccino.

Is it Paul’s skill as a barista improving, as a coffee roaster, the beans? Maybe a combination of all three.

Interesting conversation with a Lebanese group who were visiting for a few days.

I tell then they were very lucky to happen upon Paul’s Coffee Roasters as they would be hard pushed to find decent coffee anywhere in Cyprus.

I was handed a fruit, which I had not noticed growing in the garden. Told it was a Lebanese fruit, told the name but I do not remember.

On leaving, Paul handed me a few more.

Overpowering smell. The taste similar. I tried one the next day, but did not like.