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Cappuccino at Caffe Macchiato

July 20, 2015

Caffe Macchiato, the only place in Aldershot to get a half decent cappuccino.

Now there are no vehicles in the pedestrianised street, pleasant to sit outside Caffe Macchiato.

For the last six months, no vehicles. Only a dysfunctional council would let vehicles drive through a pedestrianised street.

For the last six months no vehicles due to works in the street. It has led to more people on the street. A pedestrianised street should mean just that, pedestrians only. The temporary ban on vehicles needs to be made permanent.

Caffe Macchiato is the only place in Aldershot to get a half decent cappuccino. It is also the only place worth eating.

On the other hand, anyone who insists on drinking disgusting coffee, there is always Costa at the bottom of the street.

Cappuccino at Caffe Macchiato

July 9, 2015


It used to be pleasant to sit outside Caffe Macchiato late afternoon and take a coffee. Or it would have been were it not for vehicles being permitted to drive through a pedestrianised street.

Then the coffee at Caffe Macchiato was sourced differently, it was disgusting, and they closed earlier, six rather than seven.

For the moment whilst work is being carried out traffic free. I decided as a pleasant late afternoon, the sun had been shining all day, to risk a cappuccino. I was told the coffee had improved.

It had. Caffe Macchiato has now regained its position as top coffee shop in Aldershot. Not that there is a lot of competition. Costa, you got to be joking. MangoBean, ok, but too many gimmicky coffees to be taken seriously. Himalayan coffee, vast room for improvement.

Cappuccino at Caffe Macchiato

September 12, 2014
cappuccino at Caffe Macchiato

cappuccino at Caffe Macchiato

A pleasant afternoon, luckily Caffe Macchiato was still open and it was possible to sit outside and enjoy a cappuccino.

Caffe Macchiato has occasional live music in the evening and tonight was one of those nights.

The musician was setting up, and I was able to hear the music drifting out of the open door.

A set menu on music nights, each table was laid out, a wine glass or beer glass, a candle, a specially printed menu.

Many of the starters were already prepared, a bread basket with bread and olives.

The food looked good, and was very nicely presented.

Indeed, hard to believe this was Aldershot (where both service and food is dreadful) rather than somewhere in a continental side street, or at the very least nearby Godalming or Guildford or Farnham, but no, it was Aldershot.

Sat outside, a pedestrian street, and yet vehicles are allowed through. Earlier, cars were racing through.

The street should be vehicle free, 24 hours a day seven days a week, deliveries by hand cart, a pedestrian crossing at the top of the street, but no, instead the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor has decided to waste £4.5 million repaving the streets, with the associated damaging impact it will have on local businesses.

As the West End Centre is a cultural oasis in the Philistine wasteland of Aldershot, so Caffe Macchiato is a culinary oasis in the wasteland of junk food outlets for which Aldershot is infamous.

Cappuccino at Caffe Macchiato

April 17, 2014
cappuccino at Caffe Macchiato

cappuccino at Caffe Macchiato

Late afternoon, pleasant to sit outside Caffe Macchiato and catch the sun.

They used to be open until 7pm. January they closed at 6pm.

It makes sense to close early in the winter, stay open later in the summer.

Sadly they are unlikely to revert to 7pm.

Like every other small business in Aldershot, they are suffering from the opening of Wastegate. The Rotten Borough of Rushmoor doing its best to destroy the town, destroy local businesses.

Every ten pound spent in the tacky chain eateries in Wastegate, is ten pounds drained out of the local economy.

Ten pound spent in Caffe Macchiato is ten pound recycled in the local economy.

And unlike Costa, Caffe Macchiato serve coffee.

The opening of The Queen Hotel, is going to be an additional drain on the local economy. Last week when it opened, it was packed, this week quiet, but still more people than you see in the tacky chain eateries, more people than you see in Caffe Macchiato.

Whilst J D Wetherspoon are to be complimented on the renovation of The Queen Hotel, they and Caffe Macchiato are the only ones enhancing the built environment, contrast with the tacky junk food outlets, J D Wetherspoon are none the less draining money out of the local economy.