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Cappuccino and cookie at Harris + Hoole

January 24, 2014
cappuccino and cookie

cappuccino and cookie

My picture does not do justice, as taken a few minutes after the coffee was made.

Upstairs is a quiet area, but not quiet if radio playing, very irritating.

It is good Harris + Hoole allow dogs, as too many places ban dogs.

A gang of yobs arrived, shouting their mouths off. A blonde who they sat next to, looked at them in disgust. It was not long, before she got up and walked out, as did several others. Maybe they thought it was McDonald’s.

Cappuccino and cookie in Harris + Hoole

January 17, 2014
cappuccino and cookie

cappuccino and cookie

Harris + Hoole is one of the best places in Guildford for a coffee. Not that there is much competition, the coffee in Costa is disgusting.

How then does it compare with a coffee in Stokes on High Bridge?

One sip, not as good. I would have been very surprised, indeed shocked, had it been otherwise.

To be fair, different, from that first sip, noticeably different, after that first sip, I probably would not have been able to tell. I was quite surprised, the difference I did detect on that first sip.

One other big difference, taste to one side, cappuccino in Harris + Hoole, noticeably hotter.

The art, also superior in Stokes on High Bridge, but the art to me, is a distraction, it is the coffee that matters, I do not drink art, if I wanted art, I would go to a gallery.

The other difference, slightly frothy surface in Harris + Hoole, never in Stokes on High Bridge.

And the cookie?

Cookies in Harris and Hoole are excellent, but those in Stokes on High Bridge are even better.

And the staff?

In both, pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable.

And the ambience?

Stokes on High Bridge way ahead as quiet and possible to relax, and upstairs, old world charm, that only a coffee shop in businesses since 1902 can provide.

Main problem Harris + Hoole has is the music too loud, hard surfaces, and people shouting to make themselves heard. I am pleased to say, this afternoon, much quieter. When noisy, impossible to relax or hold a conversation.

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