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Cappuccino and a cookie at Stokes on High Bridge

December 30, 2013
Stokes on High Bridge cappuccino and peanut cookie

Stokes on High Bridge cappuccino and peanut cookie

I was lucky to find a table free at Stokes on High Bridge. I had a cappuccino and a peanut cookie.

Lincoln is fortunate in that it has a strong indie coffee shop culture and has not been blighted by Starbucks and Costa, as have too many town, but I learnt from one of the girls in Stokes, that slowly slowly, Costa is adding more coffee shops.

I picked up a couple of their newsletters.

Stokes on High Bridge

Stokes on High Bridge

The building dates from 1540, and is one of the rare surviving examples of a building on a bridge. High Bridge rests on its original Norman foundations, and is still held up by Norman arches.

Stokes was founded in 1902 by Robert Stokes. By 1919, he had been awarded over 30 gold medals for his coffee. He moved to the present location on High Bridge in 1937.

Stokes is still a family business.

David Peel, grandson of R W Stokes, was at the age of 11, helping his grandfather blend tea, he earnt one shilling an hour. Later he went to work in the London tea trade, literally going down to the docks to meet the tea being landed from India and China, and tasting up to 300 teas a day. An era sadly long gone

Now himself retired, I had the honour of meeting David Peel when I was invited to coffee roasting almost a year ago, and I am fortunate to be able once again to be invited to coffee roasting.