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Lunch and cappuccino Caracoli Alresford

September 25, 2019

After a wander around Alresford and missing the next bus to Winchester, I decided to take lunch and a coffee in Caracoli.

Caracoli was a small chain of half a dozen coffee shops. It came as little surprise when they went bust. Poor quality coffee and did not know what they were, a coffee shop or a deli. Now only two coffee shops, Alresford and Haslemere. Guildford closed, Farnham a greasy spoon cafe serving coffee.

Lunch was fine, the coffee ok, they need to source better quality coffee. But the best coffee in Alresdford, and would be better if sourced quality coffee beans.

I have suggested Coffee Gems, DT Roastery as two excellent coffee roasteries from which to source their coffee beans.

A few doors up the street a strange setup, DIY Coffee. Insult customers with Cupsmith coffee served from a coffee machine. No surprise empty.

Coffee #1, undrinkable coffee, poor service, poor quality food. A chain of masquerading as independent, owned by Caffe Nero.

Disgusting undrinkable coffee at Starbucks

September 22, 2019

A cappuccino, looks disgusting, tastes disgusting.

Every mistake. too hot, bitter, all foam and froth.

How can anyone make coffee this bad?

Sadly the norm for tax-dodging Starbucks.

Offered three cups sizes, normal, too big and far too big.

Put off my coffee even before it was served by the girl who served constantly scratting at her hair.

A bunch of out of control kids, no parents, shouting as though in a playground. No one deals with the problem, either shut them up or kick them out.

Also very very hot inside.

The only reason I am here with reluctance, to use the wifi.

Cappuccino Café Amárena

June 3, 2019

Late night cappuccino at Café Amárena.

OK but not great.

Problem is neither barista nor espresso machine, the problem is poor quality coffee used. Ideally also need better grinders, Mythos One for espresso, EK 43 for pour over and cold brew.

No excuse when these days spoilt for choose, many excellent coffee roasteries to choose from, both for beans for espresso and single origin for filter coffee, though not in Cyprus. (see below)

Having said that, far better than anything will get in Protaras.

Earlier in the evening, had passed by Starbucks, as always when pass by, empty. Sunday as an act of desperation, Starbucks illegally hawking their drinks Fig Tree Bay.

Whilst at Café Amárena a cold drip tower on the counter slowly brewing, one dip a second.

As a foot note a few suggestions from where to source coffee.

  • England
    • Hasbean
    • Square Mile
    • Horsham Coffee Roasters
    • Dark Woods
    • Caravan
    • Origin
    • Alchemy
    • Girls Who Grind
    • Cartwheel Coffee
    • Pharmacie
  • Athens
    • Taf
    • The Underdog
    • Taresso
    • Mind the Cup
  • Berlin
    • The Barn
    • Five Elephant
    • Bonanza

Jimmy Bean

September 10, 2014
Jimmy Bean

Jimmy Bean

cappuccino and Allpress coffee beans

cappuccino and Allpress coffee beans

On an afternoon in Winchester I spot Jimmy Bean on the food market selling coffee from a battered old Citroen van, very much like HoBo Co. I see they sell coffee as well as serve coffee. I am invited to try the coffee and we have a long chat about coffee.

Jimmy Bean started work in a Italian chain, now long gone. He made the coffee and thought he did a pretty good job, until he was in London one day and had coffee in an indie coffee shop, and his mind was blown away.

This started him on a quest on how to roast and serve quality coffee. He visited Latin America, he was on the coffee farms, he saw the coffee being grown, picked, roasted, served, he went to Australia, he read the books, he learnt all there was to learn about coffee, but is still learning. He then set up this little business.

His philosophy is, and I entirely agree, as an indie coffee shop, in this case a van, you do not serve what masquerades as coffee in the chains, you serve quality, as that is the only way to compete, as they cannot compete on quality. They may wear the t-shirt that says barista but that does not make you a barista.

He had for sale coffee beans, only roasted Monday. I bought a pack, and he offered to make me a coffee to see what the coffee was like.

The coffee was Allpress, roasted in Shoreditch in London.

I asked for a cappuccino, as I would then have a point of reference. It was good. It was better than Harris + Hoole Guildford (and that is not to belittle them as they have excellent coffee and have excellent baristas), possibly on a par with Stokes of High Bridge in Lincoln.

The coffee is served in biodegradable paper cups.

Looking at the Hobo Co battered old Citroen van, I think maybe looks old, but not actually old. That of Jimmy Bean is a lovingly restored 1954 Citroen HZ Van, then custom kitted out to serve coffee and food.

Beside the van was seating and tables, the seating covered in coffee Hessian sacks.

My mind was set on lunch at Ginger Two, which by the time I eventually got there, the kitchen was closed, but next visit, if a pleasant afternoon, I think this is where I will sit and have lunch.

It begs the question: Why does anyone visit the tax-dodging chains further up the High Street for overpriced disgusting coffee when they can obtain a quality coffee off Jimmy Bean?

Jimmy Bean is in Winchester High Street Wednesday to Saturday. Stop by and try a coffee, you will not be disappointed.

Jimmy Bean is an absolute must for the Guildford farmers market, first Tuesday of the month in Guildford High Street.

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