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Very cold day in Farnham

March 30, 2013
Farnham Parish Church

Farnham Parish Church

prayer cards for Paulo and Annie

prayer cards for Paulo and Annie

candles  for Paulo and Annie

candles for Paulo and Annie

The Alchemist special edition

The Alchemist special edition

Unlike last week in Farnham, no snow, but still very cold.

On the way there the sun came out for a brief spell. I thought just like spring, only it’s winter, then I thought no, it is spring, only just like winter.

Around the church, I though it is not that cold, no wind. But I think it must have caught the sun for a while and been out of the wind. As it was very cold when I left the church.

Inside the church, it was not as cold as last week, and much lighter. I tried photographing the Easter paintings they have. I tried last week, but too dark. It is a pity they are not originals, and no information about them.

Two candles lit, one for Paulo Coelho whose new book Manuscript Found in Accra has been released in time for Easter and for my lovely Greek friend Annie. At least, unlike last week, there were other candles to light from, and so I did not end up putting out the flames. Strange, all the candles appeared to have bene lit before. Two prayer cards writ.

On leaving the church, now very cold.

Last week, I picked up Manuscript Found in Accra ahead of publication. I wondered, would they change it for a special limited edition of The Alchemist. I saw it last week, and was thinking it was the special limited edition of The Pilgrimage which I had seen before Christmas. Yes, they would change it. Was The Pilgrimage available. No. Both it seems are rare limited editions, and so very pleased I did go back and change.

Late lunch in The Barn. Very sorry to hear they are moving, as a lovely building, but no one ventures down the alley, even though it is in the centre of town.

On leaving The Barn, even colder. Bus waiting, no long wait at the bus stop.

Candles in Lincoln Cathedral

December 22, 2011
candles in Lincoln Cathedral

candles in Lincoln Cathedral

Today three candles lit in Lincoln Cathedral: One for my lovely but sadly mad friend Sian, one for Paulo Coelho as thanks for writing Aleph, and one for Canon Andrew White who was back from Iraq.

Contrary to the lies from Barack Obama, Iraq has not been left in a stable state. Iraq descends into hell.

The Truth as Iraq descends into Hell

On the climb up to Lincoln Cathedral I passed a Russian doll shop and stumbled upon a Roman well.

Candles in St Mary’s

December 19, 2011
candles in St Mary's

candles in St Mary's

Sadly it is not often St Mary’s in Guildford is found to be open.

Today it was.

Three candles lit: One for my lovely but sadly mad friend Sian, one for Paulo Coelho as thanks for writing Aleph, and one for Canon Andrew White who was back in Iraq.

St Andrew’s revisited
Nine Lessons and Carols at St Nicolas

St Andrew’s revisited

December 18, 2011
candles in St Andrew's

candles in St Andrew's

candles in St Andrew's

candles in St Andrew's

A few days ago I visited St Andrew’s in the gloom. Candles were lit for my lovely but sadly mad friend Sian, Paulo Coelho as thanks for writing Aleph, and Canon Andrew White who was back in Iraq.

St Andrew’s in the gloom

Most apt as Andrew White the following day posted that contrary to the misleading Mission Accomplished and Iraq was now stable from Barack Obama Iraq was anything but stable.

US may be leaving us but our war is not over it is getting worse every day but we are now forgotten! We have just spent 2 hours trying to get into the Green Zone. Our badges may be the highest level but they are not working as of today, because they are American. This evening I was to take the British Embassy Carol Service. I arrive an hour and a half late we still did a shortened version. How we do our work now I just do not know, I cannot get to the US Embassy to even do our Chapel Services. We are now in a big crisis please pray for us.

The US may have officially left (with tail between legs), the Iraqi people have been left to pay the price of a US-UK failed foreign adventure. Maybe Obama would care to walk the streets of Baghdad. All that is left is prayer.

US leaves behind a stable Iraq

A day later a trip to Godalming and three candles were lit in the Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul.

Saturday was a pleasant day, lovely and sunny though very cold. I decided I would again pay a trip to Farnham and visit the lovely Parish Church of St Andrew’s.

I was earlier in the afternoon than before and the sky was not covered with dark clouds. Inside St Andrew’s it was neither one nor the other, not lit up but not dark and gloomy either.

The candle in the bowl was not lit. After two attempts I managed to relight. As before three candles were lit. A lady also lit a candle as several of her friends were ill.

I remarked on the lack of matches, lack of a pen to write prayer cards. She said she always came with a lighter and lent me her pen.

Three prayer cards: One for my lovely but sadly mad friend Sian, one for Paulo Coelho, one for Canon Andrew White.

I decided to pop back half an hour later when darker.

As I was leaving the church on lighting my candles a poster in the porch caught my eye. Canon Andrew White was giving a talk in Farnham in the New Year.

I returned later. Five more candles were lit. I seemed to have started a trend. I chatted with a charming female called Colleen (or a similar Celtic name). She had the same mischievous thought as I, let’s light all the candles around the church. I said best not, they may have some religious significance. God would not mind, she said. True I said, but those in the church may.

I told her of the talk Canon Andrew White was giving. I suggested she checked out the poster in the porch and went along.

Synchronicity: I light a candle for Canon Andrew White. As I was leaving the church on lighting my candles a poster in the porch catches my eye. Canon Andrew White is to give a talk in Farnham in the New Year.

St Andrew’s Nine Lessons and Carols by candlelight. 6-30pm Sunday 18 December 2011.

Canon Andrew White at The Vineyard Cente, Church House, Union Road, Farnham. 7-30pm Tuesday 3 January 2012.

Christingle at St Mark’s

November 29, 2010
Christingle at St Mark's

Christingle at St Mark's

A very moving Christingle service conducted by the children from St Mark’s Primary School.

I walked into St Mark’s Church and it was packed, packed with children. Is it normally this busy I asked, no I was told, but this is a special service for the children.

The rector Ian Hedges introduced the service, spoke of the wonderful time we had the previous night with GK’s Funky People, the market the day before, explained that Christingle would normally take place on Christmas Eve, but that it had been brought forward to be part of the four day Christmas Tree Festival and was it not marvellous for it to take place in amongst the trees.

He then handed it over to the children. I could not believe how professional they were, the entire service, they even controlled the sound system. And this was under-11s!

The children explained what Christingle was, explained each part of the symbolism, the orange represented the planet, the red ribbon tied around the orange the blood of Christ, the things they stuck in the orange the fruits of the earth, the points of the compass, traditionally they would have used goose quills, but they made do with cocktail sticks, the candle affixed to the top of the orange the light Jesus shone into the world. The rector then explained lighting of the candles and the precautions to be taken.

The children each then were given a Christingle, the candles were lit, and the lights turned off.

The rector summed up. He said how we take the planet for granted, the fruits of the planet, its seasons. What struck me was how Gaia-centric. [see Christian Theology and Gaia]

The school should be very proud of how the children conducted themselves, the parents proud too.

Christingle has its origins in the Moravian Church. At Christmas 1747, Germany, Bishop Johannes de Watteville thought about how he could explain the love of Jesus to everyone, and what Christmas really meant to the children in the church. He decided to make a simple symbol to express the message of Christmas in a fresh and lively way. Pastor Johannes de Watteville gave each child a lighted candle wrapped in a red ribbon, with a prayer that said “Lord Jesus, kindle a flame in these dear children’s hearts”. This was the first Christingle service.

in 1968, John Pensom of The Children’s Society introduced Christingle services to the Anglican Church, where the custom spread quickly.

Christingle means quite literally Christ-light.

As our thoughts turn to Christmas and Bethlehem, please look to Bethlehem today, an open-air prison encircled by an Apartheid wall. [see Bethlehem Hidden from View]

The next joint production at St Mark’s will be a Victorian Christmas Carol Concert to celebrate 130 years of St Mark’s. 6-30pm Sunday 15 December 2010. Admission Adult £3, non-St Mark’s School Child £1.

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Prayers of Blessing

July 5, 2010


Prayers seeking blessing from the Divine have been part of Christian spirituality for over two thousand years. These texts when said as prayers seek to invoke God’s mystical presence in our lives. However God does not promise that the journey will be easy – but does say that we won’t be overcome.

Morning Blessing

As the sun rises O God
Let your face shine upon me.
At the falling of fresh rain
Let your love drench me with peace
On the eating of food at breakfast
Let your Spirit nourish me in your love
On entering your world of possibilities
Walk with me, beside me and before me
Be present with me and bless me today

Night Blessing

I give thanks to you God for the events of my day
The things that built me up, and the things that challenged me
I pray for those who I met who were sad
or facing tough times
For those who were lonely or isolated
Be present to them, and bring them peace.
And the blessing of God give me a peaceful night
And refreshment for tomorrow

Blessing for the future

Mysterious God of life
Guide me through the uncertainty that life brings
Hold me back from rushing into things without thinking – which will be bad for me
And push me when I hesitate to engage in things – which will be good for me
Guide me in wisdom and considerations for others as well as myself
Show me the steps of growth and health and hold me close to you.
Creator bless me in the human search for fulfilment
Redeemer bless me in the human desire to be loved and accepted
Spirit bless me in the human desire to find deep peace and contentment.

– dekhomai

For Jane who wanted candles!