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Cappuccino in Caffè Portico

September 12, 2017

Until today, I had walked by Caffè Portico but never looked in, let alone had a coffee.

Today, I decided to look in.

I was not going to stay, but decided to have  a cappuccino.

It was not good, too hot with chocolate dumped on top.

Pleasant interior and ambience, pleasant and helpful staff, occasional live music,  spoilt by lousy coffee.

Lack of skill of ‘barisita’.

The coffee an espresso blend Tonto from Roost Coffee.

The coffee did at least have roast date and when at its optimum.

On the website, the information would expect from a coffee roaster who cares about coffee.  But, and a big but, a dark roast, and no one who wishes to bring out the best does a dark roast.