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Café en El Secreto

February 27, 2016
Cappuccini in El Secreto

cappuccini en El Secreto

Cappuccini in El Secreto.

This is typical cappuccinno served in Tenerife, topped with cream.

El Loto Azul

February 25, 2016
El Loto Azul window display

El Loto Azul window display

El Loto Azul, is a tea and coffee shop, that is sells tea and coffee, not serves. I assumed a tea shop.

I had seen a poster, it took me days to find. Today, I found, only to find a closing down sale, today the last day.

The woman in the shop, probably in her twenties, was unbelievably bloody rude. I am not surprised it is closing, with an owner this rude, it deserves to close.

At least 15 different types of coffee beans. When roasted, does not say?

To every question, rude female refused to answer, then ordered me to leave the shop.

café en Cacao Café Concert

February 22, 2016


Watching a skilled barista at work is always a pleasure. To find one in Tenerife is indeed a not only a pleasure, but an extremely rare find.

Installation of an espresso machine, a barman not a barista, does not produce drinkable coffee.

To find therefore a new coffee shop, with a  barista who actually knows about coffee, is a find indeed. And to be served an excellent cappuccino

What is now needed, is someone to establish a specialist coffee roastery, importing and roasting beans from Latin America.

Cappuccino y florentina en El Limón

February 18, 2016
florentina y cappuccino

florentina y cappuccino

Cappuccino y florentina en El Limón.

El Limón is one of the better places in Puerto de la Cruz for a coffee.

El Limón a quiet vegetarian restaurant near Plaza Iglesia in the centre of Plaza de la Cruz.

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