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April 12, 2016


If you wish to see pretentious fools and their money easily parted, then Cafe-Cafe is the place to be.

Stopped as you walk in, then escorted to a table.

Smoking or No Smoking?

Does smoke observe this distinction?  Of course not.

Disgusting that smoking is even permitted.

This is where you go to be seen. One of the most expensive coffee bars in Prague.

And the coffee?

Top quality coffee beans,  sourced from local coffee roasters who source direct from the coffee estates, top of the range espresso machine, skilled baristas?


Coffee in capsules, a Nespresso machine.

They have got to be joking!

I walked out.

If you want a decent coffee, delicious cakes too, then cross the road to Mama’s Baking.

Of if you wish to take a walk, then head through the Old Town Square,  cross Charles Bridge, wend your way to the Kafka Museum, where you will happen upon Bakeshop little bakery.

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