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Lancashire villagers install their own broadband internet

February 14, 2013

These days being on a fast broadband network is as basic as being connected to fresh water, electricity.

Tough though if you live in the technological backwards USA where they pay through the nose for slow internet, thanks to monopolies of the providers, a worse monopoly than when the oil companies were broken up.

Tough if you are in the internet backwoods of the Lancashire village of Arkholme.

I recently checked BT broadband in the Lincolnshire village of Washingborough, not far outside of Lincoln. It gave a result of somewhere around 33 Mbps. That was the best BT could offer. And that was for download. Upload was around 9 Mbps.

The villagers of Arkholme have decided to roll up their sleeves and install their own B4RN community broadband 500 Mbps network.

The purpose of the project is to take a new approach to the ownership, financial and deployment models used traditionally, and still proposed by, telecommunications companies. These models invariably leave rural areas outside of the scope of economic viability for the telecoms companies, and have helped to create the Digital Divide between rural and urban Britain.

The internet does not have to be owned and controlled by Big Business.