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Cappuccino at Broad Street Bar and Kitchen

November 13, 2018

I had visited Broad Street Bar and Kitchen last week and was not impressed. A chain, one coffee shop sold on, name change, revamped and all the worst for it. But the coffee Assembly.

Broad Street Bar and Kitchen. It used to be Artigiano. Coffee is Assembly. At least someone knows about coffee.

Today two people. Downstairs dead, upstairs half a dozen people working on laptops, again dirty coffee cups on tables.

On a bar a couple of rolls wrapped in paper, at least that is what I assume to be. Not possible to see what they are.

I ask of the non-existent kitchen. Closed. I do not inquire why but last year I was told could not get the staff. Could nor get, or not prepared to pay?

My cappuccino reasonable, far better than Workhouse, but a tad too hot. A skilled barista would have made an excellent cappuccino with the coffee they are using.

Broad Street Bar and Kitchen

November 5, 2018

On my last visit, Artigiano, now Broad Street Bar and Kitchen. I suspected this would happen, Vulture Capitalists create a chain with lots of hype then sell.

Internal changes, not for the better, a large widescreen TV on the wall at the back. Coffee now served Assembly, last year was Origin.

It screams corporate, I only saw one member of staff bouncing between the two bars, dirty coffee cups piled on tables everywhere.

I do not know where Kitchen comes from, as last year no freshly prepared food.

Last year, the excuse was, cannot get the staff. Cannot get or do not pay?

I did not stay, or return.

If the intention has been to attempt to replicate the specialty coffee shops and bars on Athens, then a dismal failure.