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Breakfast with a view

October 13, 2016

Lycabettus Hill, National Garden and Temple of Zeus.

Panoramic view over Athens from ninth floor rooftop garden restaurant.  

Champagne breakfast

June 11, 2016

champagne breakfast

Champagne breakfast by the beach this morning.

Champagne breakfast

June 8, 2016

Champagne breakfast

Champagne for breakfast yesterday.

desayuno con champán

February 29, 2016
desayuno con champán

desayuno con champán

Sunday, champagne for breakfast.

Breakfast with a view

October 30, 2015
breakfast with a view

breakfast with a view

Wednesday of last week. day started raining, misty, but soon cleared up, but what a view for breakfast.

Along past The Acropolis and The Acropolis Museum,  the gypsy street musicians and other street musicians, along the pedestrianised street, past the tourist buses and trains, then as I thought, but was not sure, along pedestrianised street by the entrance to the wooded hills with the nymphs, which I thought would take me where I wished to be, past the Sanctuary of Pan, then along below the north slope of The Acropolis, and my bearings were correct, explore below the northern slope, where a covered water channel, a wild tortoise, The Panathenaic Way, and below the Ancient Agora of Athens, where can easily spend a day exploring.

Breakfast with a view

October 20, 2015

Breakfast overlooking Temple of Zeus and The Acropolis.

Breakfast with a view

October 15, 2015

Breakfast with a panoramic view of Athens.

Overlooking Temple of Zeus and The Acropolis.

Breakfast was good too.

Breakfast at The Tilly Shilling

July 20, 2015
traditional English breakfast

traditional English breakfast

OK, but not great.

Wishing no egg, I asked for extra toast, not realising I got toast.

Butter was dumped on the plate in the middle of my breakfast, bacon was dried up.

Maybe I should have gone to The Triangle. But the food there is not great, I did not know what time they finished serving breakfast and if too late, would have been too late for The Tilly Shilling.

£2-99 for breakfast. With a glass of fresh orange and a mug of tea, a little over a fiver.

I was quite surprised at the number of people having breakfast. Or maybe they get in before midday and it is an early lunch. What did shock me, and shocked me some weeks ago when I had breakfast, the number of people late morning drinking alcohol and some already drunk. Should pubs be serving alcohol before midday?

After my breakfast, I tried the filter coffee. Disgusting, undrinkable. I left it after one sip. Then I thought, add milk. I tried, it was even more disgusting.

Breakfast superior at Wetherspoon Gatwick.

Interesting article in Wetherspoon News (summer 2015) by Tim Martin demolishing the euro. Makes a change from his special pleading for VAT exemptions, or his latest on hike in minimum wage. If Wetherspoon cannot afford to pay its staff a decent wage they do not deserve to remain in business.

Breakfast at Wetherspoon Gatwick

May 9, 2013

A decade or so ago, food at Wetherspoon was very good. Sadly no more.

The one exception, breakfast at Wetherspoon at Gatwick South Terminal, landside.

Athens: Breakfast with a view

March 21, 2013
Athens: Breakfast with a  view

Athens: Breakfast with a view

My view at breakfast from roof top restaurant of The Athens Gate Hotel.

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