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Boat trip on Napa King II

June 8, 2016

Napa King II

Boat trip along the coast.

Famagusta, to view from the Green Line, the ghost town of Famagusta, deserted since the Turkish invasion of 1974.

From the boat the full horror of the environmental destruction of Sirena Bay can be seen.

Then on to the sea caves at Cape Greco, passing Kono Bay on the way.

Then drop anchor at Blue Lagoon for swimming.   

Napa King II boat trip

May 27, 2015
sea caves

sea caves

dropping anchor Blue Lagoon

dropping anchor Blue Lagoon

swimming Blue Lagoon

swimming Blue Lagoon

enjoying the trip

enjoying the trip

Napa King II and Dolphin yellow submarine

Napa King II and Dolphin yellow submarine

Pirate boat once again has left gate open at the end of the pier, ropes for people to trip over. An accident waiting to happen, someone is going to fall into the sea and drown. A crew member from one of the other boats shut the gate.

Rough sea, any rougher and the boat would not have set sail.

Set off for Famagusta, then returned. Too rough? No, passengers left behind and had to be picked up.

Boat full. Not because of many tourists, only one boat setting sail not four.

Good view of Famagusta.

Famagusta a ghost city, deserted since 1974 following the illegal Turkish invasion and occupation.

The Sunrise is a worthwhile fictional account of Famagusta c 1974.

Swimming at Blue Lagoon where the boat drops anchor for half an hour.

On return trip, lunchtime, beach deserted, rows and rows of empty sunbeds, no tourists.

On the boat tea and coffee served with cups and saucers, not takeaway cups.

Excellent tuna and salad bap.

Boat spotlessly clean and ship shape.

Napa King II sails from Protaras Pier to Famagusta, then to Cape Greco and sea caves, where it drops anchor in the Blue Lagoon for swimming.

Usually four boats, trips in the morning and afternoon along the coast from Protaras Pier. Last May only boat trips in the morning. This year, with  no tourists, only one boat is setting sail in the morning, one in the afternoon.

Boat trips 14 euros a trip (children less).

Note: Thompson tour company are charging 35 euros, a Russian tour company 60 euros, for a boat trip. Do not be a mug and let tour companies rip you off. Walk along the Coast Path  to Protaras Pier and pay the boats direct.

Napa King II

September 30, 2013
Napa King II passing Fig Tree Bay en route to Cape Greco

Napa King II passing Fig Tree Bay en route to Cape Greco

Of late, the Napa King II, has sailed to Cape Greco, dropped anchor at Blue Lagoon for swimming, then Famagusta on the return leg.

Today, at my request, Famugusta first.

Usually Famugusta is a smudge on the horizon. Today it was as though we were much closer, all the hotels easily visible as individual buildings.

I asked. It was exceptional weather conditions, low humidity, the wind off the land, and as a result, heightened visibility.

Then set sail for Cape Greco and Blue Lagoon.

We sailed much closer to the sea caves and Lovers Bridge. We were able to do this as no other boats around and the wind and current ideal conditions.

We dropped anchor at Blue Lagoon to allow 20-30 minutes swimming.

Sea Dream II was moored nearby, only problem it was not moored, people being towed on a line, potentially very dangerous.

On mooring at the pier in Protaras, Aphrodite II moored nearby. A very noisy boat, it was noisy when it set off. Not a pleasant boat trip.

The last few days the pirate boat moored at the end of the pier has left the gate unlocked, any one, a child, could walk off the end of the pier. I walked on board and raised this. They claimed it was kids, opening the gate to dive off the pier. I have never once seen this. My response was lock the gate as does the other boats, then you will not have the problem.

The crew and the boat very rough. Not a boat I would feel safe sailing in.

Hotels all-inclusive, is having a devastating impact on local businesses and damaging the local economy. Napa King II is seeing numbers down compared with last year.

It is time the government got its act together and outlawed all-inclusive.

Napa King II sets sale from the Protaras Pier, 11am and 2pm every day during the season. There are also occasional night trips.

Nappa King – Protras – Famagusta – Cape Greco

September 28, 2012
Nappa King setting sail for Famagusta

Nappa King setting sail for Famagusta

Nappa King about to set sail

Nappa King about to set sail

Famagusta seen from afar

Famagusta seen from afar

The Nappa King sails from the pier at Protras to Famagusta, then to Cape Greco.

On the way to Famugusta, passengers are picked up from a little jetty at Penera. This saves a 15 minute walk along the coast path. A pleasant enough walk, but not so pleasant when the temperature hits 40C.

Famagusta is viewed from afar.

Famagusta is a ghost town. It has been left in a derelict state ever since the Turks invaded the island in 1974. An illegal invasion to which the rest of the world turns a blind eye.

Caves are viewed at Cape Greco. Napa King then drops anchor in Blue Lagoon for swimming.

The trips last two hours. Two sailings from Protaras Pier, one in the morning at 11am and one in the afternoon at 2pm. On Tuesday and Saturday evening there is a trip at 6pm to watch the sun setting, then as it turns dark, to view the stars.

Napa King – Protaras – Famagusta – Cape Greco

May 28, 2012

Napa King II

Napa King II replaced the original Napa King when it was destroyed by fire. Napa King II is a replica of the original Napa King, the main difference is that Napa King II is longer.

Napa King II was built by Captain Gregory who owns the only working boatyard in Cyprus.

Napa King II sails twice daily from the pier off Protaras Beach to the ghost town of Famagusta, then to Cape Greco where it drops anchor for about half an hour to allow people to go swimming off the back of the boat.

The coast from Protaras to Famagusta is surprisingly developed.

The boat does not go near Famugusta. It sails as far as a buoy that marks where the Green Line extends out the sea, then turns around. Famagusta is still some distance off. To see Famagusta you need a telescope or pair of binoculars!

At Cape Greco, Napa King II drops anchor allowing passengers, if they wish, to go swimming.

The entire trip is about two hours, including the half an hour stopover at Cape Greco.

Napa King II sets sail at 11am. Another trip in the afternoon.

Other boats set sail from the pier, but they go to either Cape Greco or Famugusta.

Top Story in The Digital Mission Daily (Monday 28 May 2012).

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