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Frackoff banner drop Blackpool Tower

August 6, 2011
FrackOff banner drop Blackpool Tower

FrackOff banner drop Blackpool Tower

The FrackOff team dropped two banners off Blackpool Tower early this morning – 500 foot high banner drop off Blackpool Tower!

Fracking not far from Blackpool Tower is believed to have caused two earthquakes.

Cuadrilla Resources have been forced to temporarily suspend their exploratory test site at Preese Hall test well, near Blackpool following the outcry over two earthquakes in the vicinity

Fracking is the hydraulic fracture of rocks to extract small amounts of gas using high pressure water laced with a cocktail of toxic and carcinogenic chemicals. The process leaches arsenic out of the rocks and leads to contamination of groundwater. It has also caused methane to escape into groundwater.

France, the states of New York and New Jersey, the Canadian province of Quebec and the Swiss canton of Fribourg have all recently banned fracking. Fracking needs to be stopped in the UK.

Frack Off! 500 ft high Banner Drop Off Blackpool Tower
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