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Regulation of black taxi cabs

June 11, 2014
taxi protest Whitehall

taxi protest Whitehall

taxi protest Charing Cross Road

taxi protest Charing Cross Road

We have nothing against competition but we feel that Transport for London has failed Londoners by allowing Uber to operate outside the law. — Steve McNamara, Licensed Taxi Drivers’ Association

Supporting hard-working taxi drivers against Uber. — Paulo Coelho

Why did black taxi cabs mount a protest in London today?

Black taxi cabs are heavily regulated for very good reasons, those who use them, can do so with a high degree of confidence of a safe journey.

This was illustrated recently with a rape case in Aldershot, where a woman was raped, thinking she had gotten into a licensed taxi.

When you are in the licensed taxi, you will usually be taken the shortest quickest route, using the expertise of the driver.

In the taxi a meter, clocking up on time and distance.

Regulation of the taxi, also includes regulation of the fare, to ensure the passenger does not get ripped off.

It is the licensing authority that sets the fare. Usually the local council, in London Transport for London.

And less we forget, TfL (backed by Mayor Boris) are pushing the closure of all ticket offices on the London Underground, a nightmare for travellers.

If it looks and feels like a taxi, then it must play by the same rules and be tightly regulated.

Uber, charges on the basis of distance and time, the only difference the meter is not fixed in the cab. Uber must therefore be subjected to the same rules and regulation as taxi drivers.

The level of ignorance is illustrated by this post on twitter by a well known troll:

Black cabs complaints against Uber smacks of restrictive trading. They work differently, get over it.

Ignorant troll even displays his ignorance by admitting did not know what Uber was!

That from Richard Branson likewise (but then maybe he is an investor):

There are similar, unlicensed schemes on the net, you say where you are, where you wish to go, and private drivers will pick you up for a fee. Private drivers who are not insured, not regulated, not licensed.

The only people who make money out of these schemes are those who develop the websites, the drivers do not, and passengers are put at risk.

No surprise then the backers of Uber are well known tax dodgers Google and Goldman Sachs. Or that Uber themselves are tax dodgers. The fee for the journey is paid to Uber, not the taxi driver.

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