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V60 The Little Tractor Coffee Shop

August 23, 2017

V60 filter coffee Finca Immaculada Laurina de Colombia roasted by Union Hand-Roasted Coffee brewed at The Little Tractor Coffee Shop.

Late morning in Lincoln, thunderstorm and heavy rain, then muggy and warm.

After checking out a few more Lincoln Knights, I looked in Makushi, picked up two Florentines, very rare to find, then to The Little Tractor Coffee Shop for a cappuccino.

Cappuccino was excellent.

The main reason for my visit, I had promised to bring in a guest coffee, Finca Immaculada Laurina de Colombia roasted by Union Hand-Roasted Coffee.

It was a case of make do.

A V60, but no carafe.  Make do with a pouring pot.

A hand grinder.

Although there was fine drizzle, we decided, once the coffee had been ground and the filter washed through with hot water, to brew in the Secret Garden out the back of Bird’s Yard.

First wet the filter with hot water. This removes any paper residues and heats the filter and carafe.

If in doubt why cleanse the filter, try drinking the hot water.

Add the ground coffee, tapping to ensure the bed is as flat as a billiard table.

Next pour in hot water close to boiling, allow the ground coffee to bloom. This enables the CO2 to escape.

Next pour in the hot water, just off boiling, in a rotating motion.

All steps are carefully weighed, timed, the coffee a precise grind, courser than for an espresso machine.

How to enjoy is personal preference. I prefer a glass to showcase the colour of the resultant liquid.

Finca Immaculada is a garden farm located at a height of 1770–2040 metres, surrounded by a National Park. The coffee plants grow in the Andes in the shade of trees.

Laurina seeds originate from the tiny island of Réunion, east of Madagascar and south west of Mauritius, where a red bourbon variety mutated into this rare variety, the Bourbon Pointu.

The Little Tractor Coffee Shop is located in Bird’s Yard at the bottom of Steep Hill.

Walk through the shop to find the Secret Garden, a quiet little garden in which to relax with a coffee.