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Crude Awakening shut down Coryton Oil Refinery

October 18, 2010

The French may be revolting but it is the Brits who are taking the lead on grassroots roots direct action.

And I mean genuine direct action that is effective, not PR stunts by corporate green groups like RAN to raise money for corporate coffers.

In the 1980s, the road building programme was targeted eventually forcing the programme to be abandoned. Two decades on, the direct action baton has now been picked up by climate activists.

On Saturday 16 October 2010 it was the turn of Crude Awakening. Blocks waited in London for a signal via sms which told them where to go. They all then converged on Coryton Oil Refinery which supplies London with fuel.

The first to arrive were woman who locked themselves onto lories, effectively blocking the road.

The day was a success. Massive mainstream media coverage, awareness was raised and Coryton Oil Refinery was shut down for the day.

A sensible strategic decision was taken to pull out at the end of the day en masse.

What has been shown is that climate activists can strike at anytime, anywhere.

In the summer Climate Camp targeted RBS who are funding tar sands extraction.

This morning Climate Rush chased Transport Secretary Phil Hammond with an axe! [see Climate Rush storm DfT with Axe]

In the spring, Just Do It, a feature length film on climate activism will be released. But it needs your support via donations to make this a reality. All donations made within the next two weeks will be matched by Lush. [see Just Do It fundraising party]

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