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Anspach & Hobday bottled craft beer

July 21, 2017

I had never heard of Anspach & Hobday bottled craft beer until Paul Anspach and Jack Hobday introduced four bottles at a cupping session at Taylor St Roasted.

Four bottles of craft beer, with an explanation on each: The IPA, The Pale Ale, The Smoked Brown and The Sour Dry Hop.

The IPA and The Pale Ale hoppy and bitter, The Smoked Brown hints of smoked bacon,  I decided to give a miss.  The Sour Dry Hop I tried. Very unusual, hints of elder flower.

I suggested, as we had had coffee cupping, now time for beer cupping.

I was invited to pay their brewery in Bermondsey a visit.

It is always a good sign to see small indie businesses, promoting quality and innovation, supporting each other.



cerveza en Magic Corner

February 20, 2016
Dorada Especial Roja

Dorada Especial Roja

Dorada Especial Roja en Magic Corner.

Magic Corner, formerly Maggies, illustrates all what is wrong with bars in Puerto de la Cruz and why they are empty and why the local tourist industry is collapsing.

Noisy, no decent beer on tap.  I was the only one there last night, and the night before.

The only reason I was there, free wifi and very heavy rain.

It has closed, re-opened, closed, re-opened.

La Atlantico Beer Shop

March 19, 2015
La Atlantico Beer Shop

La Atlantico Beer Shop

It is usual to see a wine shop, racks of wine. Far less usual to see similar selling bottles of beer.

Each bottle has a tied on label giving information on the beer.

Fair deal for pubs

November 19, 2014
Sharp's Doom Bar

Sharp’s Doom Bar

Last night saw an historic victory for pubs. The government was defeated in the House of Commons.

The result

  • pub landlords will be able to have their rents reviewed by an independent body
  • pubs will be able to terminate the pubco tie
  • pubs will be able to by their drinks on the open market, not at artificially inflated prices from the pubos

Pubs are understandably delighted.

For beer drinkers, no more rubbish beer in the pub and prices should drop.

The shares of pubos have gone into free fall.

The pubcos say this is bad news for pubs, will lead to more pub closures.

Why then are pub landlords celebrating?

It means their businesses becomes viable. Currently, only free houses (not tied to pubcos) are viable.

It will only lead to more pub closures if pubcos sell off more pubs to service their debt (which is what they have been doing).

Shame on those MPs who voted in favour of the pubcos.

Name and shame your MP.

We know Gerald Howarth voted for the pubcos. Is anyone surprised?

We must thanks Greg Mulholland and Caroline Lucas whose hard work made this possible.

Slowly slowly, we are starting to see self-serving politicians act for the people not Big Business.

Last night another historic victory. In the US Senate the Keystone XL Pipeline (to bring oil from tar sands in Canada to the US) was defeated.

Today, students tore down the fencing and once again occupied Parliament Square. Remember liar Nick Clegg who promised free student tuition fees and voted with his Tory cronies to triple student fees.

Yesterday, the Czech President was egged.

Today, people took to the streets in Hungary to bring down the corrupt government.

The Little Beer Corporation

May 30, 2014
The Little Beer Corporation

The Little Beer Corporation

Always something new.

Today I learnt Guildford has a microbrewery, or as they call themselves, a nanobrewery.

I came across these beers in of all places a butcher, The Joint, in Jeffries Passage in Guildford, not where you’d expect to find beer (they have wine too), but then no ordinary butcher. But then you do not expect to see a butcher opening in the heart of a town centre.

The Little Beer Corporation has a surprisingly large range. They were established through crowd funding. I am surprised they do not have a stall on the Guildford farmers market.

The businesses model is different to most microbreweries, hope to find an outlet in a few pubs, and rely on Wetherspoon to pick up what is left at knock down price before it is poured down the drain. The Little Beer Corporation sell direct to their supporters, plus local outlets like The Joint.

Assuming they have a drinks licence, and assuming this beer is any good (I have yet to try), Harris + Hoole would be a good place to have on sale. And Café Mila in Godalming.

For a business that is locally based, community supported, I am shocked that they direct people to listen to music on spotify. Maybe they are not aware of the extent to which spotify rips off musicians. Please direct to sites like bandcamp, that actually support musicians.

Coffee replaces beer as drink of choice for cash-strapped students

October 22, 2012

A university bar in Wales has been forced to close as students swap cider for cappucino as a cheaper option in an era of £9,000 a year tuition fees.

coffee v beer

coffee v beer

A student bar at Aberystwyth University, where Prince Charles once spent a term, has shut due to a lack of patronage from students who have grown up in a Britain more preoccupied with “coffee culture”.

Student president Ben Meakin said: “More students are drinking coffee during the day while studying – and fewer are going out late into the night.”

The 15,000 students who attend the university were once well known for their love of drinking and a “party hard” mentality, but that has changed with the current undergraduate cohort – who will pay £9,000 in fees.

Mr Meakin added: “This is partly because of the rise in tuition fees and students having to face further financial hardship.

“So the university have chosen to improve the main union building to make it a more appealing living room on campus during the day time.”

Institutions including Birmingham, Exeter and City University in London all serve Starbucks or Costa branded coffee on campus.

Elsewhere in Wales, Glyndwr University shut its union bar and moved it last summer and Cardiff Met chose to open a new coffee bar franchise.

A National Union of Students has charted the rise in popularity of gourmet coffee among students in a report, which emphasised: “Students’ Unions will need to embrace the whole coffee experience.

“For those students who do not wish to spend significant levels of their income on alcoholic drinks coffee shops are a promising prospect.”

Entire forums on the popular Student Room website are dedicated to coffee loving students and to the purchase and care of their espresso machines.

The rise of “coffee culture” is imported from the US, where alcohol is illegal in many states for under-21s and a larger workload means students are not able to drink alcohol socially as often as their British counterparts.

First published in The Telegraph.

A good example of sloppy journalism.

Of what relevance Prince Charles once drank in a bar in Cardiff?

Students always have drank coffee, they drank it in their rooms, in their kitchens, invited mate round for a chat.

What is new, over the last decade, is binge drinking.

I would even question is drinking coffee cheaper than drinking beer. Whitbread bought, the rapidly expanded the Costa chain because more money is to be made from coffee than brewing beer.

What is disgusting is the way Starbucks and Costa are taking over university campuses. Are universities and students no longer capable of running their own coffee bars?