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The Truth About Takeaways

February 28, 2020

BBC are to be complimented on The Truth About Takeaways looking at how bad takeaway meals. [broadcast BBC One 2000 GMT Thursday 27 February 2020]

If not seen a must watch.

Takeaway meals bad on every measure can think of, weight gain, damage to arteries, fat levels in bloodstream, fitness, lethargy, alertness, cognitive skills, sleep deprivation.

A two week trial of half a dozen fit students. They noticeably deteriorated and looked worse for wear during the two week trial

I felt sick looking at the food they had to eat, and that was without the disgusting smell. I had a sample of the disgusting smell of junk food at the weekend from a travelling junk food circus.

One family was addicted to takeaways. They lived on junk food every day, and no, they did not look well. A professor of food psychology weaned them off the junk food. At the end of two weeks they looked healthier.

Where I would criticise is failure to differentiate the different types of fat, not lump all fat together.  [see Big Fat Surprise]

When deciding what is healthy what is not, we should ask how far has it travelled,  to what degree heavily processed, look at the list of additives.

Do not be taken in by the Big Businesses vegan scam peddling highly processed crap.

We are being fed a false argument vegan v meat. No, the issue is industrial farming v regenerative agriculture.

Grass fed herbivores, the grass mitigates temperature, absorbs carbon, improves the soil structure, which in turn absorbs carbon, soaks up water.

Similarly with chocolate and coffee, direct trade, bean-to-bar chocolate, trees grown under the shade of trees, will also always be superior to plantation grown industrial chocolate, commodity coffee.

A warning on Deliveroo, and not only that they are an exploitative company like Uber, serfs working for an app. They are setting up their own kitchens, cutting out the middle man, current takeaways and restaurants unthinkingly supplying the data to destroy their own businesses.

Deliveroo are also a contributory factor in the destruction of town centres. High Streets need footfall. Deliveroo is taking away footfall.


January 1, 2012


Never seen this before. But then I do not watch TV

I thought I had the wrong channel, checked, no it was the right channel, then thought maybe previous programme was running late, but no, this was it.

I settled down to watch and quickly came to the conclusion this was complete and utter crap. But, having decided to watch, I stayed watching.

My initial impression was wrong, very wrong.

Dr John Watson kept a journal, the cases of Sherlock Holmes, published in the Strand magazine. This Doctor Watson writes up the cases of Sherlock Holmes in a blog.

You get the idea.

They live at 221B Bakers Street looked after by their landlady Mrs Hudson.

Having read every single one of the Sherlock Holmes stories I decided it was very very clever, not a spoof or a parody, though at times verged that way.

Whoever has written this series, going by one episode, has read the collected works of Sherlock Holmes and more importantly understood what they have read.

Many try to write Sherlock Holmes stories and they fail dismally.

One niggle, Sherlock’s elder brother Mycroft was wrong. He would not have left his club, would not have visited Sherlock.

Next Sunday, Hound of the Baskervilles.

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