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The Terror Of How Banks Use Our Money

December 23, 2014

Jo the Disgruntled Banker, was more than a little peeved when he was locked out of RBS and his hot paella got a little cold.

The money laundering for Mexican Drug Cartels, financing of Tar Sands in Canada, Libor and many other scams and scandals seems of little concern to Jo the Banker, all that mattered was his cold lunch.

And why was he locked out? Because Russell Brand was trying to illicit a little information direct from the horse’s mouth, only to be met by over zealous security who put the building in lock down.

Max Keiser in conversation with Russell Brand breaks down how the banking system works and what happens to your money – you’ll be shocked.

When is a bonus not a bonus? When it is a crooked banker calling it an allowance to get around the cap on bonuses.

We own RBS aka Rotten Bank of Scotland. We should have let it go bust. Then instead of bonuses, the bankers would have been on the Dole.

We should have followed the example of Iceland, they refused to bail out the banks, put the bankers in prison, and sacked their parliament.

We own RBS, is it not time they were accountable to us?

When two RBS banker were found guilty of a £3 million fraud, the judge let them walk free, saying he felt sorry for them. The judge said they had already “suffered” as they were “embarrassed” by the incident. Presumably they were not embarrassed until they were caught.

The banks are not too big to fail. They should be broken up into smaller banks. They should be broken up, casino banking from retail banking.

The crooked banks take our money, gamble with it, finance dirty energy, then when it goes wrong, blame a few rogue bankers and go cap in hand to the government.

When banks threaten to bring the financial system down, is that no different to a terrorist with hostages, threatening to execute them and blow up the building?

We should all minimise our dealing with the banks. Use cash. Use crowd funding to raise money for projects. Use peer to peer. Use crypto-currency.

Paul Mason: The banks, how am I here again?

November 16, 2014

Paul Mason’s raw thoughts on the news – and why he’s sick of the corner of the City of London next to RBS’s headquarters.

We spent billions on bailing out the banks, billions more on quantitative easing, and still the banks are corrupt and rotten to the core.

When each new scandal emerges, the banks say it was a few rogue traders, a few bad apples, and a few token scapegoats get hung out to dry.

And yet not a murmur before the got caught, these self same bad apples and corrupt bankers and rogue traders are being paid massive bonuses.

And still no bankers in prison.

It was different in Iceland.

They refused to bail out the banks, even tossed a few bankers in prison, those that they caught before they fled the country.

When I say they, they was the people, not the corrupt government and politicians.

They the people kicked out the parliament, formed a People’s Assembly.

Arrested and facing a year in gaol for singing in a bank

December 8, 2013

Reverend Billy Talen and the music director of the Stop Shopping Choir, Nehemiah Luckett, were arrested minutes later on a subway platform. The two were charged with riot in the second degree, menacing in the third degree, unlawful assembly, and two counts of disorderly conduct.

Rev Billy in JPMorgan Chase

Rev Billy in JPMorgan Chase

On a Thursday afternoon last month, a dozen singing activists from the Church of Stop Shopping in NYC performed in the role of extinct Golden Toads in a “wealth management bank” of JPMorgan Chase at 56th and 6th in Manhattan. The dancing, singing toads offered bank workers and customers information sheets about the impact of Chase investments on the environment.

Reverend Billy Talen and the music director of the Stop Shopping Choir, Nehemiah Luckett, were arrested minutes later on a subway platform. The two were charged with riot in the second degree, menacing in the third degree, unlawful assembly, and two counts of disorderly conduct. The DA’s office requested one year in prison for “this criminal stunt.” But Atty. Wylie Stecklow, defending the two activists, insisted that the “15 minutes of performance art about the Earth’s crisis” was well within “expressive political activity” protected by the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution. The lawyers went back and forth: “Art!” “Crime!” “Art!” “Crime!” “Art!”

The Church of Stop Shopping, — a activist collective of musicians and other artists uses the research from BankTrack.Org of the Netherlands and the World Development Movement based in London to show that Chase Bank is a top financier of extractive fossil projects, responsible for more CO2 emissions release than any other institution, with the possible exception of the Chinese Communist Party. The church believes that we must reach out to the workers within the fossil fuel cartel if change is to come.

The Stop Shopping Choir, with (hopefully) Reverend Billy preaching and Nehemiah at the piano — opens a series of performances Nov. 24 through Dec 22 at Joe’s Pub at the Public Theater in New York.

Please show support for the Rev and Nehemiah by signing this petition, which will be presented to the court on 9 December 2013.

Cyprus the EU vassal state

March 25, 2013

The EU jackboot with Made In Germany written on the sole is stamped on the face of every Cypriot.

Cyprus is now suffering worse as a consequence of EU occupation than it did under the Ottoman Empire and later under the British.

The EU action towards towards Cyprus is that of a Mafia thug, it is economic warfare, little short of an Act of War. This is how the EU treats small states. Were the EU to have an army, there would be an invasion and occupation, with boots on the ground.

A lot of myths are being peddled by the EU, and more specifically by the Germans.

The Cypriots are lazy. This is a variant of the Italians, Spanish, Greeks are lazy.

This has not been my impression, I have found Greeks and Cypriots to be hard working.

At a press conference last week, Paulo Coelho said he was holding his St Joseph’s Day Party in Athens for people to see for themselves and to dispel the myths peddled about Greece.

Cyprus has a rotten banking system. The same could be said of London where the banks are little more than criminal organisations who rob their customers, and yet the weak government has not had the courage to break them up.

Lax banking rules in Cyprus.

Cyprus is a former British colony, the banking rules are London banking rules.

Russian dirty money flows through Cyprus.

More Russian dirty money flows through London.

The problem is less the problems with the Cypriot banking sector per se, and more that the Cyprus banks are heavily exposed to the Greek Banks.

When Greece ran into financial problems, Cyprus as part of the Euro Zone Solidarity Fund to prop up the ailing euro, had to chip in over 4 billion euros, a huge sum for a small economy.

Cyprus was encouraged by London, US and the EU to establish an offshore banking sector to tap into the flow of dollars from Russia as everything was privatised and the Russian economy collapsed.

10% as it was last week, over 25% on deposits over 100,000 euros as it appears to be this week is theft.

We now know no deposit in euros is safe. Such deposits are not protected by the collective action of all euro zone countries as was previously thought. This will cause a mass flow of money out of euros, into London and Moscow.

Cyprus was told it had no choice. It is not a choice when the EU jackboot is stamping on your face.

Cyprus had a choice. Cyprus could have followed the example of Iceland and Argentina, defaulted, brought down the euro. A few tough years, and Cyprus would have been on the road to recovery as has happened in Iceland and Argentina.

Democracy? Unlike last week, the parliament is being allowed no say.

If the banks open next week, and it is a big if, Cypriots should invoke the Greek ideal of democracy, follow the example of UK Uncut, and Occupy the Banks.

It will be very easy to recover the money stolen from bank deposits in Cyprus. Russia slap a levy on gas exports to Germany.

RBS: Stop defrauding us, manipulating us, lying to us and trashing our climate

February 28, 2013
Oily bankers RBS AGM 2011

Oily bankers RBS AGM 2011

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) reported a £5.2 billion loss as it announced its annual results today The bank’s boss Stephen Hester is four years into his original five-year plan to bring RBS back on track – yet things don’t seem to be getting much better for the publicly owned bank. RBS blames a year of heavy fines. But let’s just remind ourselves of what these fines were:

  • PPI: The bank knowingly mis-sold its customers insurance which they neither needed nor could use, over a period of years. Fine: £2.2 billion
  • Libor: The bank illegally manipulated a crucial interest rate to benefit itself whilst negatively affecting mortgage payers in the UK (and elsewhere). Fine: £391 million

Bankers this year have been rewarded for doing a ‘good job’. Bonus pot: £600,000 million.

Some pretty significant figures that the bank should never have been in a position to pay.

If the RBS was really making headway to being sustainable and acting in the interest of us and its shareholders, we would surely expect a much stronger annual report, and a move towards investments only in sustainable projects.

Hester is quoted on the BBC website this morning as saying “…my job is [to] deliver an RBS that other investors want to own shares in…” This is true, but he must also remember that RBS is still owned by UK taxpayers and it is also his job to ensure that the bank is cleaned up and takes good care of our investment. Stopping defrauding us, manipulating us, lying to us and trashing our climate and environment would certainly be a good place to start. Hester has a lot of ground to cover in the final year of his plan.

— Paul Daly

Originally published by WDM.

PPI claims industry

November 7, 2012

Banks have created an entire new industry, PPI claims industry, these are the jerks who plague us with nuisance telephone calls and sms text messages offering to recover what you are owed on Payment Protection Insurance, even though you may not have any.

The biggest mis-selling consumer scam of all time, Payment Protection Insurance, peddled by the crooked banks. PPI was sold from 2005 until it was challenged in the High Court in 2010.

It was a gravy train for the banks, now it is a gravy train for the companies who claim they will help you recover what you paid, at a fee of course, often an extortionate fee, which leaves little left for the claimant.

It is free to claim what is owed. It is easy to claim what is owed. It does not need the services of these con merchants and scam artists.

Around 35 million were sold the PPI scam. The Financial Ombudsman is reviving 1,000 complaints a day re PPI, so far half a million complaints received, more than on any other subject.

Often people were sold PPI by the banks and never realised they had been sold it.

A quarter of people have been told by their banks they were not sold PPI, when checked, it proves to be a pack of lies.

Now who would have believed that, banks a bunch of congenital liars!

The Financial Ombudsman is finding in complainants favour in over 90% of complaints against Barclays and Lloyds.

The next big scandal to hit the corrupt banks is mis-selling of interest only mortgages. As loans become due, home owners are being forced to sell their homes to pay back the loan.

Barclays speculate on food

November 2, 2012

In a world in which many people go to bed hungry at night it is an absolute disgrace that Barclays make millions out of food speculation and force up the price of food.

It is yet another reason why the banks must be broken up and tighter regulation brought in.

This brilliant video by WDM, has been listed by Radio Times as one of the Top Five viral videos of the week.

It is time to stop greedy bankers like Barclays betting on hunger, gambling with people’s lives.

Please sign the WDM food speculation petition.

Please pass to all your friends and colleagues.

Toxic RBS serves formal notice

November 1, 2012

It is becoming increasingly difficult to take toxic Royal Bank of Scotland seriously as they are a bunch of tossers.

This morning in the post a letter from toxic RBS entitled:

Formal notice of intention to file a default and to take action to recover debt

Yep, quite a mouthful.

The gist of this letter is that toxic RBS is going to inform a list of credit reference agencies, they list them, to my indebtedness.

Quite handy of them to put in writing that they are going to write defamatory comments on my good name.

They go on to tell me they will transfer monies from existing accounts (I do not have any) to pay off the debt (I have no debt as I owe not a penny), any cheque books must be returned immediately (I have none), I must return any cards and to continue to use them (I am not using any cards) is a criminal offence.

In an attached sheet, I am told I owe a little over five hundred pounds. I actually do not owe them a penny and it is difficult to see how I could owe anything on an account that is not used.

I am advised to call a premium rate line, but I may call a geographic number from oversees with a mobile (how kind).

The letter contradicts a letter sent last week, which states they are responding to my complaint (I have not complained) and thanks me for contacting them (I have not), that they are carrying out an investigation but which cannot report until sometime mid-November due to them being overwhelmed with complaints. This letter in turn contradicts one sent a few weeks earlier by cowboys called Power2Contact (to whom RBS had passed personal details without consent), that I was uncontactable by RBS.

All of which is probably as clear as mud.

A little background.

February last year, RBS informed of a fraudulent transaction on account. Many months later with RBS claiming I owed them several hundred pounds (I owed not a penny), hours of wasted phone calls, RBS finally admitted they had fucked up big time. They agreed compensation was due, that my account would be reset to where it was, in credit, before the fraud, an investigation would be carried out and I would get a copy of the report.

RBS failed to honour what had been agreed. Account was reset, to date no compensation paid, to date no investigation or report. But at least my account had been reset to be in credit and it was agreed no money was owed.

Some time earlier this year, it all started up again. It was claimed I owed money. Difficult to see how I owe money on an account that has not been used since before the fraudulent transaction last year.

A helpful young lady in the bank has looked into my account. She agrees, it has not been used. With my help she filed a detailed report.

Weeks have passed since she filed her report. Nothing happens. Periodically I receive letters that appear to have been written by morons. The last time I spoke with her she said nothing had happened. She then escalated up two tiers of management. That was two weeks ago. Still nothing has happened.

Behaviour of toxic RBS beggars belief

October 24, 2012

The manner in which toxic Royal Bank of Scotland treats its customers is unbelievable.

This morning two letters from toxic RBS.

The first tells me that to save paper, Royal Bank of Scotland will forthwith only send out statements once every three months. Should I wish to opt out (I never chose to opt in) I can either go on-line and fill out a form or I can call a premium rate number.

Since when has toxic RBS cared about the environment? RBS funds tar sands extraction in Canada, one of the planet’s dirtiest oil projects.

A fraud took place on my account last year. RBS claimed it was my fault for not notifying them immediately. I actually did, I notified as soon as I received my statement. Were statements only every three months that gives fraudsters plenty of time to milk accounts dry.

The second letter was to thank me for contacting them. I haven’t, and only a couple of weeks ago they passed without my consent my account details to a third party who claimed this had been done because I was uncontactable.

I am told RBS will look into my complaint (I have not filed a complaint), but not until 19 November 2012, because they are overwhelmed with complaints.

The letter states a leaflet on complaints is enclosed. No, a badly reproduced photocopy of a leaflet, which has been reduced to fit on an A4 sheet and is unreadable.

Last year a fraudulent transaction took place on an account. It took months, many wasted hours on the phone, to resolve, or at least I thought it was resolved. Earlier this year it all cropped up again with RBS falsely claiming that money was owing on an account that had not been used since the fraud took place.

Several weeks ago I asked a senior person in an RBS branch to investigate. She wrote a detailed report and sent it off.

A couple of weeks ago I received a letter from a cowboy outfit called Power2Contact claiming RBS was unable to contact me and that they had been asked to do so on their behalf, and they would be paying me a visit. Only the day before, I was with the helpful young lady who had written a report, who said no, no one had got back to her. I had not given RBS permission to pass personal information to these cowboys.

A week later, I went in to see her. Like me she said she was appalled. She said Monday, she would see what she could do.

That was last week. On the Friday I went in to see her to see what progress she had made. She said none, other than they are wanting your telephone number (no reason was given why and seems to be a trawling expedition for customer information). I asked that she called them whilst I was there. As she warned me, nothing had happened. The report that she had written had been ignored as no one had the intelligence to tie it in with whatever else was happening.

At my request, she said she would escalate by two levels.

The only response (and that is assuming it is a response), has been a letter dated 22 October 2012, received today 24 October 2012.

Spanish bank Santander has pulled out of a deal to buy RBS branches.

RBS has suspended get cash, a fraudsters dream, a mobile phone app that lets fraudsters withdraw money from customers accounts.

Toxic RBS and Power2Contact

October 6, 2012

Toxic Royal Bank of Scotland is rotten to the core. It may be there are banks even worse than RBS, but if so, they are extremely rotten indeed.

Last February there was a fraudulent transaction on my account. The bank was notified immediately but they failed to do anything about it. Next thing I knew, the bank was claiming I owed them several hundred pounds. I did not, I owed them not a penny.

It took many phone calls, many hours to resolve a problem of the bank’s own making. I called their bluff, take me to court, I would love a judge to see how rotten and toxic is RBS. An investigation was carried out by an imbecile who got everything wrong.

More hours wasted talking to the bank. They finally admitted they had fucked up big time, I was due compensation, my account would be reset to where it was before the fraud took place, a new investigation would be carried out and I would get a copy of the report.

My account was reset, RBS renegaded on everything else.

This year, RBS claimed I owed them money!

How can I possibly owe money on an account I have not used since the fraudulent transaction last year?

A trip to the bank. A cashier looked, could not make any sense of how an unused account, that had been reset and was in credit, could be accruing charges.

It was way beyond his pay scale. He called on his line manager.

To her credit, she was very helpful. We spent the entire afternoon (another day wasted) on trying to resolve the matter. She wrote a report.

I have spoken with her several times since. She has heard nothing back, and yet I am getting letters saying I owe RBS several hundred pounds.

In the post this morning a letter from a cowboy outfit called Power2Contact, claiming to be authorised by RBS to contact me as according to RBS I am uncontactable!

If I am uncontactable by RBS, why am I any more contactable by Power2Contact?

RBS has never contacted me to say they have engaged Power2Contact. For all I know this could be a fraudster claiming to act for RBS. At no time have I given RBS permission to pass details of my account or address to a third party.

Power2Contact claim they will send one of their henchmen to visit me if I do not contact them within 3 days of the date of their letter. To do so would be harassment which is a criminal offence. Should any thug turn up they will be photographed, the police called and charges pressed for harassment.

Letter from Power2Contact dated 2 October 2012. Today 6 October 2012. By my reckoning their 3 days had passed before their letter even received.

One can visualise knuckles dragging on the floor of those who work for Power2Contact.

I am asked to call a premium rate number.

0845 308 8751

Why should I at my expense call a premium rate number to resolve problems of the bank’s own making?

It is claimed by Power2Contact that RBS has lost contact with me. Funny that, as only yesterday was I in the bank talking with the helpful young lady, who has still not had any response to her report and is appalled at what is going on.

I have checked out Power2Contact and it is as I suspect, a cowboy outfit with a reputation for harassing people.

Never reply to letters from companies like Power2Contact.

Should they turn up on your doorstep, do not engage in conversation do not hand over documents or money. Call the Police and make it clear you wish to file charges for harassment.

You may also wish to file a complaint with the FCA and the Information Commissioner.

The banks have been fined millions for bad practices, and yet still they have not learnt.

Rotten banks like RBS should not have been bailed out by the taxpayer. Iceland let its rotten banks go bust. The UK should have done the same.

For the existing banks, they should be broken up, casino banking should be separated from retail banking.


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