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Bank of Ideas and St Paul’s in-the-Camp linked to terrorist groups

December 4, 2011
letter from City of London Police terrorist alert

letter from City of London Police terrorist alert

A leaked letter, not known if true or a fake, a briefing on terrorist activities from the City of London Police to businesses in the City of London (though I daresay it does not go to the local coffee shops) links Bank of Ideas and Occupy London Stock Exchange with proscribed terrorist groups such as the Columbian FARC and Al-Qaeda.

If nothing else this shines a spotlight on the police mindset, anyone calling for democratic change and a fairer society is automatically seen as a terrorist. This one assumes is then used to justify paramilitray policing as though dealing with a real terrorist threat.

Businesses are warned, again one assumes not your local coffee shops, to be on the alert for filming of buildings and to in turn film those carrying out the filming.

Maybe we should all go out with our cameras and throw a bit of grit into the wheels of what is becoming increasingly a police state.

Are the clergy at St Paul’s who are working with the camp now all classed as terrorists? Or maybe they are designated Known Associates of Terrorists.

We all have a right to be concerned. In the non-existent Ricin plot, the case against the defendants was fabricated.

Ricin the terror plot that never was

Assuming we still have a democratically functioning Parliament (which is debatable), questions must be asked.

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St Paul’s in-the-Camp defies Eviction Notice

November 19, 2011
Bank of Ideas

Bank of Ideas

The 24-hour deadline passed Thursday evening and the camp was still there.

In serving the Notice, two people were injured, one requiring hospital treatment.

Occupy London responds to City of London Corporation notice; Alleged assault

Friday morning in what has to be seen as the most audacious action to date it was announced a bank office block had been repossessed. The former UBS building had been taken. A press conference was held in the conference room.

Occupy London ‘repossesses’ multi-million pound bank offices
Occupy London protesters take over empty UBS bank offices
Occupy London takes over empty offices owned by UBS bank – video
Occupy London protesters take over Hackney bank office
Occupy London campaigners take over derelict building
‘Bank of Ideas’ to open in Hackney as Occupy London seizes abandoned UBS office complex

The Bank of Ideas is open for business.

Is this what David Cameron meant by the Big Society?

One of the unexpected side effects of the camp has been to expose the City of London as a Rotten Borough, a state within a state. Where global corporations elect the councillors. It has its own police force, functions as a local council, and yet is exempt from Freedom of Information requests.

The Report – St Paul’s
Why the City of London Corporation supported Crossrail

Anyone who has any remaining doubts, see the front page headline story in The Times (Friday 18 November 2011). Under increasing pressure not to raise the fuel levy, a tax on fuel, the government will drop the increase and instead cut benefit payments to make up for the loss in revenue. The poorest in society are to pay the rich to drive around in their gas guzzling monsters.

The camp is not obstructing the highway, is not effecting local businesses, but when has facts got in the way of power and greed?

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