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Denial of bank accounts to Muslims

July 28, 2015

Banks are a necessary evil.

Imagine then one day, you or the organisation you work for or belong to gets a letter saying your bank account will be closed forthwith. You are given no explanation, no right of appeal. This is what has happened to many Muslims and Muslim organisations, including the Finsbury Park Mosque, who have received identical letters from HSBC.

HSBC, the bank that money launders for Mexican drug cartels and terrorists, that aids tax evasion, where as yet not a single banker has been handed a prison sentence, has been sending identical letters to Muslims saying their bank accounts will be closed.

Peter Oborne was Chief Political commentator of the Daily Telegraph. When the paper refused to publish an article he had written which was critical of HSBC, when he noticed they were not covering the money laundering and other scandals relating to HSBC, he resigned.

Daily Telegraph takes advertising from HSBC. Barclay Brothers, who own the Daily Telegraph, borrow huge sums from HSBC.

Now working as a frelance jouranalits, Peter Oborne decided to dig a little deeper. What he found is shocking.

World-Check a shadowy organisation, something out of a James Bond movie, compiles data on people. If they mark you down as a terrorist, you are likely to be denied a bank account.

Note: Without seeking you permission, World-Check will put a cookie on your computer to monitor you. Access their website they arrogantly deems granting permission to spy on you.

And how does this shadowy organisation decide you are a terrorist? Er blogs, Wikipedia, UAE says so. This is what World-Check regard as high grade intelligence. Oh, and media articles.

It is well documented Wikipedia an unreliable source of information, as accurate as the last troll to have edited an entry.

UAE, like Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, is ruled by a corrupt elite, where human rights abuses are the norm. Oppose any of these terrorist states, and you will be listed as a terrorist.

Turkey is using ISIS as a cover to bomb Kurds in Iraq. Turkey calls them terrorists.

Israel bombs Palestine, calls Palestinians terrorists.

This means, UAE a Pariah State, or other Pariah States such as Israel, can list you as a terrorist, in turn be listed by a shadowy unaccountable organisation befitting a Bond movie, and you are denied a British bank account.

Who next to be targeted, bank accounts to be closed, activists? We have already seen terrorism legislation used against activists.

Caroline Lucas and Jeremy Corbyn need to be tabling questions in the House of Commons.

We need to be making better use of cryptocurrencies such as FairCoin, P2P money transfers, and crowd sourcing to make ourselves independent of banks. And to return to using cash.

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