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Balanced on a knife edge

June 23, 2016
Polling Station

Polling Station

ballot paper

ballot paper

We believe that change is going to come from joining forces on the ground and beyond national boundaries. — Lorenzo Marsili, DiEM25

As people go to the polls, we do not know the result, it is balanced on a knife edge. But we will know soon enough in the morning.

If God forbid, Remain wins, then we mount a revolt from within.

We join a Europe wide movement to dismantle the EU, leading to a network of cooperating sovereign, democratic countries.

If Leave wins we still help a revolt from within, to liberate other countries from the EU death embrace.

A win-win for the people.

One thing the EU Referendum has shown, how out of touch with the people are the politicians.

They thought they could scare people witless. It did not work.

They thought they could could show their superiority by wheeling out so-called experts, industry leaders, bankers, economists.  It did not work.

It was not that people did not trust expert opinion, they saw through it for what it was, propaganda.

That the politicians are so out of touch, there is an important corollary, never trust politicians again, the people must take back power at all levels.

Cooperation means independent, democratic,  sovereign countries cooperating across Europe.

Ordinary citizens mist seize control of their Town Halls, as has happened across Spain and in Frome in Somerset.  They must then network, swap ideas, offer mutual support. Both Frome and Barcelona, have produced guides of how to.  Read, share and replicate, adapt to local circumstances.

We must form open coops, build on the collaborative, sharing economy, network ideas.

Whatever happens, the existing status quo, a cartel for big businesses, a democracy-free zone, a feeding trough for lobbyists, can no longer prevail.

Another Europe is possible, a Europe without the EU.


Unelected EU Commission President Jean-Claude Junker last night arrogantly said, trivial conditions dictated to Dodgy Dave were it, there is nothing more on the table.

This is what happens in a dictatorship.

Podemos, who are on course to win the Spanish election, would beg to differ, they are looking for radical change, including treaty change.

Yanis Varoufakis with DiEM25 is calling for radical change.

If Remain wins, we must not be downhearted, we must work with like minded groups across Europe, Podemos, DiEM25, to organise a revolution.

Free movement across Europe never envisioned the mass movement of people, with wages being driven down, social disruption. This must change.

A recent decision, to favour relocating a Finnish shipping line from Finland to Estonia, a flag of convenience, cheap workers, capital favoured over labour, must be reversed.

TTIP must be consigned to the dustbin of history.

And if radical changes within a defined period are not delivered, then we must work towards a controlled dintegration of the EU.


If Leave win, we are likely to see David Cameron kicked out as party leader and the possibility of a General Election.

Blairites will be pushing for the removal of Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, former hostilities renewed.

Labour must push forward with a radical agenda.

The many European citizens, living and working in UK, many of who supported Leave, their positions must be safeguarded, they must be reassured they are welcome and no one wishes to see them leave.

We do not need trade deals, but existing trade arrangements must remain n place and be honoured. It is in no ones interests trade wars bteak out.

We must support and encourage other countries who wish to leave the EU.

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