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Bad service in Lidl

July 28, 2014
Lidl Aldershot

Lidl Aldershot

Even by their abysmally bad, piss-poor service, the service in Lidl this evening was bad.

Only one till open, a queue stretching half way down the store.

The man operating the one and only till, doing his best, was asked to open another till. He apologised, dinged his bell. Nothing happened.

A lazy Nepalese security guard who had nothing better to do than hang around chatting to his friends, was asked to get someone. He just stood there, no response. He was asked again, he still stood there, no response.

Eventually a second till was manned. The person manning the till was asked, does the security guard understand English? The answer was yes.

There needs to be an investigation into this branch of Lidl, the service is always bad, this evening exceptionally bad. The pig-ignorant Nepalese security guard should be fired.

A secondary question that needs to be asked, does Lidl only employ cheap immigrant labour, why are no local people employed?

The poor service, and especially attitude of Nepalese security guard, is not acceptable, and shows the contempt Lidl has for its customers.

Or is it thought, this is Aldershot, bad service is acceptable?

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