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Autumn afternoon in Farnham

November 28, 2015
catching setting sun

catching setting sun

Farnham, four weeks ago, last day of October.

It could not have been a pleasanter autumn afternoon, sunny, warm. My only regret I had not got out earlier.

Connecting bus, driver drove at a snail’s pace. Net result, I miss the bus to Farnham, and had to catch the next bus.

Along the River Wey, through Gostrey Meadow and up Downing Street.

A bag of local coxes apples from the greengrocer in Downing Street.

In the Parish Church, Tilbury Bach Society rehearsing, or at least a  string quartet. I was not overly impressed. Did I wish to stay for the concert in the evening? Er, no thanks. I did though pick up a CD, violinist and pianist, recording of a live concert. Whether worth picking up, remains to be seen.

I recommended they published all their recordings on bandcamp. Record live, if no good, discard, if good then release on bandcamp. Use to publicise all their recordings, their concerts.

I walked down the alley to Bishop’s Meadow, but too late to walk around, sun had already set.

Waitrose. Last week the coffee was disgusting, undrinkable. Today ok, better than what would get in Starbucks or Costa.

Pleasant autumn day in London

October 20, 2013
London Eye

London Eye

What was to have been a day in London, was more of a late afternoon and evening.

On the South Bank a food market. The whole area very busy, and walking over Hungerford Bridge. But nothing like Covent Garden. Could hardly move, was like the pre-Christmas crush, only it was not pre-Christmas.

Lunch at Food for Thought. An art exhibition inspired by a trans-Siberian jornu.

It was jammed outside Covent Garden Tube Station. It would have taken half an hour or more. I decided to walk to Holborn. There would normally be few people, but even this was packed.

I passed little coffee shop called Salt. Had the time, I would have investigated further. I was told later by a lady on a bus to Hackney, excellent coffee shop, a small chain of indie coffee shops.

From Holborn, Tube to Mile End. I would have walked, but a stunning Indian barrister, said hop on the bus. It was only one stop.

I got lost wandering around the Queen Mary Campus, alongside the canal.

I finally found the Anarchist Bookfair. It was not worth the effort of attending. Very packed, very hot.

A party at 195 Mare Street in Hackney.

I was told the wrong bus, which did not exist. I get a different bus, the driver told me where to alight, and get the 245 to Hackney.

I am not sure if I was at Bethnal Green or Whitechapel. Long wait for the bus though I think that was because delayed not because infrequent. Lots of people milling around. I felt I was in a foreign country.

Not sure where to alight for Mare Street. People on the bus helpful.

Strange, you think of people in a big city being rude and unhelpful, especially when that big city is London. And yet I found the exact opposite. People very friendly and helpful. Even the bus drivers went out of their way to be friendly and helpful. I felt like a stranger in a foreign city. Maybe that is how they saw me.

I alighted too soon in Mare Street. I hopped back on the bus. The bus passed a few stops. I thought I had gone too far, but no, I had a little way further to walk. I also learnt I could catch a 26 bus to Waterloo. I was wondering how I would get back to waterloo, especially as the Northern Line was not running.

I passed an interesting restaurant on the way, The Advisory.

195 Mare Street, where the party was being held, is a massive Grade II listed Georgian building, set back from the street, guarded with iron gates, with a sentry guarding the gate with chain and padlock. Their approval gains admittance.

I could not stay long. There was due vegan food, but it never materialised.

The Advisory, the restaurant I had passed by earlier, I had something to eat. I thought would be too late, but they said ok, they closed at 11pm.

I could see buses passing by, No 26 seemed to be every ten minutes. When I was at the bus stop, it seemed to have changed, as 20 minutes wait. Luckily one came within ten minutes.

Interesting passing through the City of London by bus at night. Very large building being built. Passed right outside St Paul’s. I should have been on the top deck.

Gone eleven o’clock at night, traffic jams. The streets packed with people.

Crossing Waterloo Bridge, stunning view down the river.

I arrived at Waterloo Station in time to miss the fast train, I would have to wait for the slow train.

I thought I wouldwalk back along Waterloo Bridge, but too far.

Train was standing room only. Appalling, almost midnight, only five coaches and the train standing room only.

I arrived home, not long after one’clock in the early hours of the morning.

Dreams in seasons

January 12, 2012
dreams in seasons - summer

dreams in seasons - summer

Who speaks the sound of an echo? Who paints the image in a mirror? Where are the spectacles in a dream? Nowhere at all. — Lakshminkara

A strange exhibition. It traces the life of Polly from a little girl of 8 to her death at 80. Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Enter through a garden shed, pass through a garden, through a secret tunnel into a garden in Spring, through to the most dream-like sequence dreams of Summer, here we meet a fortune teller who we can meet later again in Autumn, then death in the cold of Winter.

Metro-Boulot-Dodo at The Collection in Lincoln.

Top story in The Dream Journal (Friday 13 January 2012).

Top stories The Dream Journal (Sunday 15 January 2012).

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