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Autumn Equinox in Guildford

September 21, 2018

Autumn Equinox when length of day and night are equal, following days are shorter the nights longer. It felt like winter solstice.

Train to Gatwick cancelled, next train running several minutes late. No announcement on station what passengers should do to get to Gatwick. Display on platform not working, has not been working for months. Help machine on platform not working. I was the one who advised passengers to catch next train to Redhill, then change for Gatwick. No announcement on train. Neither wifi nor usb charging points working.

Shocked to find the North Street market has shrunk. Fruit and vegetable stall at the top was two stalls, one for vegetables the other fruit, now only one stall. Cake and bread stall gone. Cheese stall gone. A new stall, Syrians selling falafel, but not a street food market, they will not do well. Not good news market is collapsing. I have no idea why.

Excellent lunch as always at Bamboo Shoots.

Passing by Surrey Hills Coffee, as always empty, three women sat at a table. The last time I was in Guildford and passed by, not a single customer.

No one happy at the laughable video produced by Guildford Tourist Information Office, come to Guildford, we too have Costa and Starbucks, two grotty shopping centres with same crap chains as every other grotty shopping centre, a department store on the verge of bankruptcy.

Ben’s Records does a better job promoting Guildford than either the Tourist Information Office or Experience Guildford.

As always excellent cappuccino at Krema.

Sunset Autumn Equinox

September 21, 2017

Autumn equinox is when summer ends, equal day and night.

The nights will now be longer than the days, the days colder, the nights colder.

Winter is nigh.

Sunrise Autumn Equinox

September 22, 2012
sunrise autumn equinox

sunrise autumn equinox

Sunrise 0647 Autumn Equinox 21 September 2012.

Each morning a little before seven o’ clock I am greeted by a lovely sunrise.

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