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Autumn afternoon in Farnham

November 28, 2015
catching setting sun

catching setting sun

Farnham, four weeks ago, last day of October.

It could not have been a pleasanter autumn afternoon, sunny, warm. My only regret I had not got out earlier.

Connecting bus, driver drove at a snail’s pace. Net result, I miss the bus to Farnham, and had to catch the next bus.

Along the River Wey, through Gostrey Meadow and up Downing Street.

A bag of local coxes apples from the greengrocer in Downing Street.

In the Parish Church, Tilbury Bach Society rehearsing, or at least a  string quartet. I was not overly impressed. Did I wish to stay for the concert in the evening? Er, no thanks. I did though pick up a CD, violinist and pianist, recording of a live concert. Whether worth picking up, remains to be seen.

I recommended they published all their recordings on bandcamp. Record live, if no good, discard, if good then release on bandcamp. Use to publicise all their recordings, their concerts.

I walked down the alley to Bishop’s Meadow, but too late to walk around, sun had already set.

Waitrose. Last week the coffee was disgusting, undrinkable. Today ok, better than what would get in Starbucks or Costa.

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