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Autonomous street market Apostolou Pavlou

October 27, 2018

To walk along Dionysiou Areopagitou, then along Apostolou Pavlou, with views of The Acropolis, is a pleasant walk.  At weekends, stalls, music, an autonomous market.

I had intended to walk to the top of the Hill of the Muses, but felt too lazy, instead walked along Apostolou Pavlou.

Last weekend, few people, the stalls had gone.

When I inquired last weekend at autonomous farmers market held in Exarchia Square, attempts to regulate the market, paperwork to complete, fees to pay, heavy handed police if lacked permit.

Net result, the market, a major tourist attraction, killed stone dead.

Today though the stalls were back.

I learnt one of the problems was stalls selling Chinese rubbish, not craft stalls. Solution simple, get rid of these stalls, and the gypsies.

A reprieve, what will then happen no one knows.

Where there is a need for regulation, get rid of the tour buses, I counted five maybe six, regulate out of existence AirBnB which is now a cause of major concern in Athens, people being driven out of Acropoli and Kolonaki to make way for AirBnB.

Two interesting stalls, Elektra Kefala Odessei Art and artist Ari Metallari.

Elektra Kefala Odessei Art designs sailing boast from driftwood.

Ari Metallari exhibits his art in the street.


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