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Edgcumbes Coffee

July 21, 2018

Edgcumbes Coffee is a coffee roaster and tea blender located in a barn middle of nowhere somewhere outside Arundel.

I had tried their coffee, cold brew and a cappuccino off their coffee truck at Draper’s Yard in Chichester. To say the least neither was very good. I was also less than impressed not possible to pay cash.

I decided to pay them a visit. They are not in Arundel, the nearest station Ford, then a trek along country lanes with a risk of being run down.

To get from Chichester where I had lunch at St Martins Coffee House (excellent lunch but awful coffee), it necessitated a change of trains to get to Ford.

Alighting at Ford, I found myself in the middle of nowhere. Walking along the country lanes on a very hot day, I questioned why was doing this, especially as no idea would find them open.

Eventually I located the barn, half a dozen people sat outside in a courtyard, I assumed drinking coffee, though could have been tea.

If people were willing to visit middle of nowhere for a  tea or coffee, then must be worth it.

A large barn one side of the courtyard which housed the roasting operation, on the other side a coffee shop, The Edge Cafe.

I was greeted by a very helpful young man, with which I had an interesting conversation long after they had closed.

He made me a cold brew and a cappuccino. Both were far superior than I had had off their coffee truck in Chichester, good but not as good as Coffee Lab.

I questioned why brew the cold brew for 72 hours, to then water down?

I would have liked to have tried one of their single origins as V60, but the filter papers could not be located.

V60 is a must, maybe also Chemex and Japanese syphon if to showcase their single origin coffee.

I suggested they have a stall on the local farmers market in Chichester, first and second Friday of the month. There is a stall from a local coffee roastery The Crafted Coffee Company, but I was not impressed, coffee beans in the midday sun, the woman manning the stall singularly unhelpful.

If they do obtain a pitch, then use their coffee truck. It will be absence from Draper’s Yard twice a month, but will help publicise Draper’s Yard and help all the excellent indie businesses located there.  It is absolutely essential a skilled barista and someone who knows their beans manning the stall and the van if they wish to showcase their coffee in Chichester.

A quick look at their roastery.

I came away with bags of beans, a sample of tea, and at £7 a very expensive bar of chocolate.

The chocolate I tried when I arrived home. Excellent, but then had to be at £7 a bar.

The beans, a lovely aroma. Four bags of beans neatly fits inside one of their paper carrier bags.

I learnt of The Brewhouse Project, a joint crowdfunded project with Arundel Brewery.

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