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Lenny’s Art

December 5, 2014
Lenny's Art

Lenny’s Art

Lenny's Art

Lenny’s Art

Current art exhibition at the Guildford Institute.

The paintings were well presented, not obstructed by glass or plastic, but shame about the illegible bushiness card.

Reminiscent of Indian classical art. And of Japanese graphic novels.

Farnham Art Society Art Exhibition

December 1, 2012
Farnham Art Society exhibion

Farnham Art Society exhibion

Liberty - Belinda Cave

Liberty – Belinda Cave

Farnham Art Society has taken over an empty shop in Lion and Lamb Courtyard in Farnham until a few days before Christmas.

It was a grave disappointment and not worth the effort of a visit. Probably explains why it was empty.

When are artists going to learn presentational skills? You can not see a painting when obscured by glass and light reflecting off the glass. Artists of all people should know this. Not helped by poor quality lighting. Too many paintings crammed into the wall space. But for what was on show, it probably does not matter.

In one of the windows, an interesting reclining figure. Only you cannot see it from outside, due to a painting being in the way. From the inside, it is denied natural light, by the painting blocking the window. I was going to ask, could the painting be moved, but I found those manning the exhibition to be not very friendly and I thought if they cannot see the obvious, who am I to ask.

On the way out I noticed what looked like a saucer with blood flowing into the centre (a severed finger would have added to the effect) and a small soup bowl (it was supposed to be a cup).

The paintings change. It may improve. It could of course get worse.

Not only lacking presentational skills. No mention of this art exhibition on their website!

Far better artwork can be found in The Barn when they hold an exhibition.

Or travel further afield to Guildford, but definitely not worth a trip to Farnham on a cold winter afternoon.

Top Story in ARTbeat (Sunday 2 December 2012).

In the Frame

June 2, 2012
In the Frame an exhibition of paintings by Maureen Hellyer

In the Frame an exhibition of paintings by Maureen Hellyer

In the Frame an exhibition of paintings by Maureen Hellyer

In the Frame an exhibition of paintings by Maureen Hellyer

In the Frame, a recent art exhibition by Maureen Hellyer at the Guildford Institute in Guildford.

Oil paintings of scenes in France, Italy, Spain and in and around Guildford.

The style is very much that of the French Impressionists.

A picture at an exhibition

March 30, 2011
Rosemary for Remembrance - Ann Sinclair

Rosemary for Remembrance - Ann Sinclair

artists on closing day of U3A art exhibition at Guildford Institute

artists on closing day of U3A art exhibition at Guildford Institute

With apologies to Mussorgsky.

Sometimes a particular picture catches our eye, and so it was for me, one picture out of maybe a hundred caught my eye. It was a strange picture. It clearly had an Alice theme, but with dark Gothic overtones, hints of Edgar Allan Poe. I was intrigued and baffled. Why the cross and open grave as the centre piece of the picture? It was unfortunate the artist had decide to put glass over her painting as the refections made it nigh impossible to see the work. The title of the work, Rosemary for Remembrance, gave not a hint, far from it, as it seemed in no way connected to the painting.

I was in Guildford for the day, or at least lunch and the rest of the day. It was whilst having lunch at the Guildford Institute surrounded by paintings that I spotted this strange painting. It was part of an exhibition by Guildford U3A.

It was an altogether strange Alice cum art cum Paulo Coelho cum Orhan Pamuk day out.

My day started seeing an American lady looking rather lost outside St Mary’s. I stated the obvious that it was locked, and added that sadly it was rarely open. For her it was a pity as she was in Guildford for the day for its Lewis Carroll connections. There must be many disappointed visitors like her. More must be done to keep St Mary’s open. I like to sit in St Mary’s in quiet reflection, when I find it open that is.

I explained a little of the history of St Mary’s, told her Lewis Carroll had a house nearby and gave the occasional sermon in St Mary’s. And I gave her a couple of websites where more information could be found on Lewis Carroll and Guildford. —> Lewis Carroll —> Lewis Carroll —> Guildford

I then had lunch at the Guildford Institute where I spotted the strange painting. It was part of an exhibition by Guildford U3A.

I always pop into the library, a lovely little private library. Chatting to a lady I suggested she read Paulo Coelho. I pulled off the shelves one of his books and gave her websites where she could find more information on the author. —> Paulo Coelho —> Paulo Coelho

Leaving the Guildford Institute I chatted with a lovely young Spanish woman who was a keen fan of Paulo Coelho. I gave her websites where she could find more information. —> Paulo Coelho —> Paulo Coelho

I was then in a bank, more Paulo Coelho fans.

Then a secondhand bookshop where I met a charming Indian who I had never seen before. Any books by Paulo Coelho? Yes. Please show me I said, knowing there were none. Oh, she said, there are none. I then explained I had bought all eight the previous Friday! It turned out she too was a Paulo Coelho fan and she told me that he was a very popular writer in India. She also liked Orhan Pamuk. I was impressed! I gave her websites for more information. —> Paulo Coelho —> Paulo Coelho —> Orhan Pamuk

Fancying a cup of tea I thought I would pop in the little tea shop in Guildford House. It has been closed for weeks if not months. Apart from the Tourist Information that has now relocated to Guildford House it all looked closed, so I inquired, to be told, yes it was open. The tea shop was devoid of customers. Apparently few people had bothered to do as I had and inquired, they had walked past assuming it was closed. I asked had they been compensated for the loss of trade whilst Guildford House was closed. No, was the response, and they had still been charged rent!

Walking down the High Street I chatted with a lady who was just finishing a drawing of the Old Town Hall. She said she would be turning it into a water colour. She had come all the way down from Malvern for the day for this one painting. She showed me a photo of a painting she had done in Oxford the previous day. As she had lost her train times, I gave her my timetable, which I said would give her the times of trains from Guildford to Reading. I gave her a website for information on Guildford. —> Guildford

All in all, a very interesting day.

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