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Sunniest April on record

May 6, 2015

April 2015 has been recorded as the sunniest April on record.

April showers?

April 2015 has been recorded as one of the driest April on record.

April 2015 has so far recorded the hottest day of the year, 25.6 C mid-April.

May by contrast, cold, wet and windy.

Today I found a fallen tree.

TesseracT – April – Shadowboxer

May 23, 2012

I watched this video without the sound (mainly because I am in the Midlde East and the computer has no sound).

I would recommend watch without the sound.

Amazing filming. Very sad.

Where is it, I thought?

It could be Iceland, Sweden, Norway, even Moscow.

It is Oslo.

Like all music from Shadowboxer you can listen to, download from bandcamp.

Lyrics of April

A deep engrained lust for possession
Modern sundowns break me
I like to watch things burn down, soft and gently
I need to watch her abused ’til I’m satisfied
Never… Never…
See tonight through bloodshot eyes
I’ll wait until you can see me here
Left so long alone
Undressed tonight, forsaken skin
You mean nothing, nothing
No you mean nothing to me
Won’t you feel bad while you’re trashing out?
Makes me feel sick to know she’s had enough
Time and time again
You see tonight through bloodshot eyes
You mean nothing, nothing
No you mean nothing at all

I’ll never say a word of this
I swear, I swear
Never… Never…
I hope you know
I live tonight through methadone highs
This life is over

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