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Anti-austerity protests

June 20, 2015
End Austerity Now

End Austerity Now

Today saw one of the biggest protests in London since the protests against the illegal Iraq war, an estimated a quarter of a million people on the street in London to protest against austerity.

Not only London, protests in Bristol, Liverpool and Glasgow.

Not only UK, protests across Europe in support of Greece and their fight against IMF-EU-German imposed austerity.

Austerity is a lie. It is a totally discredited policy. It has destroyed the economies of Greece and the UK.

In both countries used as an excuse for Shock Doctrine, slash and burn of public services, closure of public libraries, cuts to welfare benefits, sell-off of state assets at bargain prices. .

In Greece, GDP has shrunk by 25%, debt risen from 125% to 175% of GDP.

In UK, five years of austerity has seen real wages stagnate, the poor get poorer, mass transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich. During this period, the rich have doubled their wealth.

For once, the BBC actually covered an anti-austerity protest, not only covered but had at the top of the news agenda all day.

Speakers included Caroline Lucas, Jeremy Corbyn, Charlotte Church, Russell Brand.

Labour still do not seem to understand why they lost the election. They demonstrated today how out of touch they are. Of the leadership contenders, only Jeremy Corbyn showed up.

The protest in London was organised by The People’s Assembly.

Days before the rally the Daily Mail reported it would be hijacked by anarchists, they filmed a secret meeting, that the day would end in violence. It was a day of peaceful protest, a carnival atmosphere, families turned up. The police reported no arrests. 250,000 people on the street and the police report no arrests.

The protests were just the beginning of protests against austerity.

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