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Angela Eagle press conference

July 11, 2016

Hello, is there anyone out there?

Today, Angela Eagle launched her leadership bid at a press conference.

Her only problem, no one bothered to turn up.

She says she is trying to heal a rift in the Labour Party. Only there is not one, the only rift is between Jeremy Corbyn and the membership on the one hand and Angela Eagle and a few coup plotters on the other hand.

She backed the Iraq War, tried to obstruct an inquiry into the Iraq War, voted for an increase in student fees, abstained when Tories pushed through massive welfare cuts to the poor.

As with many of the coup plotters, her hands are dripping with the blood of innocent Iraqis.

When Angela Eagle stood for Deputy Leader last year, she came a poor fourth. Jeremy Corbyn on the other hand was elected Labour Leader with a  landslide majority.

Judge a person by the company they keep. Angela Eagle has been endorsed by Tony Blair, Peter Mandelson is fundraising on her behalf.

Angela Eagle is facing a Vote of No Confidence from her own local party.

That Angela Eagle is standing, is a measure of the desperation of embittered Blairites. They would rather destroy the Party, than see Jeremy Corbyn as leader.

Focus should be on a post-Brexit future, instead, Angela Eagle and the coup plotters are hell bent on destroying the Labour Party, aided and abetted by the mainstream media.

Labour Party Establishment is trying to block Jeremy Corbyn from the ballot. That is their contempt for the demos, the people. Please sign the petition to Labour Party NEC, demanding they include Jeremy Corbyn on the ballot.

Angela Eagle unfit to run a whelk stall

June 29, 2016

Her local Labour Party called upon her to back Jeremy Corbyn.

There is an on-line petition in her own constituency calling for her to resign.

Angela Eagle voted for the Iraq War.

Angela Eagle voted against an inquiry into the Iraq War.

Angela Eagle voted for an increase in students fees.

Deputy chair of her own local party, has said that when on the street with her, the only critical comments re Jeremy Corbyn was that he should not have been campaigning to Remain in the EU.

Is Angela Eagle the sort of person to lead the Labour Party?

Do we really wish to see the Labour Party taken backwards?

Labour is one person one vote. Arrogant Labours MPs think they are more important then party members.

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