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December 3, 2019

I was headed to Peek a Bloom, but as passed by Anana decided to stop for a coffee.

Reasonable coffee.

Uncertain whether or not Cafeistas roast coffee for Anana or Anana use the Cafeistas facilities.

Books to read and buy. The only one of interest a guide to Greece a copy of which I had picked up from Foyer. Kennedy Greece, not a typical guide book, little vignettes of Greece.

Note: Photos of Anana poor quality, I had neglected to remove plastic film on the back of new phone.


November 22, 2019

From Dope, on to Anana, coffee and vegan food. As with Dope, a new coffee shop, roast their own coffee but not in store, or maybe Cafeistas roast for them.

Late and have had too much coffee, have a glass of water.

Flip through The Quiet Leaf. Not seen before. On sale. Cannot see why anyone would buy, poor quality photography with little text.

Also Kennedy, tenth edition featuring Greece. Collection of essays and photo essays. To browse, did not appear to be on sale.

I suggested stock Standart and Drift, or at least have to browse.

New coffee coffee shop.