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café en Agora

February 18, 2016




Cappuccino y barraquito en Agora.

Barraquito es un café típico de Canarias.

Zapercocco es barraquito con alcohol.

Cappuccino in Agora is so so, not good, not bad, certainly not disgusting and undrinkable cf Costa.  But a pity not better.

Agora is  a quiet bar, located in a quiet plaza. A pleasant change from typical bars, loud music, widescreen TV, and noisy locals.

Wednesday is idiomas cambio,

Agora serve La Alambra, a superior beer. Excellent cakes.

Un cerveza en Agora

February 13, 2016


A quiet drink en Agora

Ancient Agora of Athens

October 27, 2015

Ancient Agora of Athens, a large site to the north of The Acropolis, was an important meeting place.

The Panathenaic Way, an ancient route through Athens, runs through the site.

The width of the road varied from 10-12 m to as wide as 20 m. In use from 6th cent to first centuries AD. It was paved sometime in the first and second century AD.

Té y tarta de queso en Agora

March 5, 2015
tea and cheesecake

tea and cheesecake

Excellent tea and cheesecake in Agora.

Agora Más Que Un Bar

February 26, 2015


The average local bar in Puerto de la Cruz is dire, awful loud music, widescreen TV, not content with inside, now widescreen TV outside, often ignorant local peasants shouting their heads off. The atmosphere in these bars is unpleasant to say the least.

Then they wonder why bars are closing, why their tourist industry is collapsing.

For the last couple of years, bars that would have stayed open until midnight, later if customers, are now closing at ten o´clock, where they employed three or four people, now one, most are empty, or near empty.

Last year, friends and I went in a bar around ten o´clock. We were the only ones there. We asked were they closing? They said no. The widescreen TV deafening us outside, we asked would they turn it down, or better still off? They said no, they liked it. They then started dragging tables and chairs in around us.

Agora a bar cum coffee bar, located in Plaza de Benito Pérez Galdós, a pleasant little plaza with traditional housing, in the old part, not far from Playa Jardín, is a rare exception.

Pleasant ambience inside, quiet, with pleasant music playing, often MOM playing outside (when they turn the music inside off), tables and chairs outside, good beer, excellent cakes, let down though by their awful coffee, conversation encouraged, Wednesday evening language interchange.

Cappuccino en el café bar Agora

February 20, 2015


chocolate cake

chocolate cake

Cappuccinno and chocolate cake in café bar Agora.

The chocolate cake was delicious, and very generous portion.

The cappuccino was not good, cheap coffee, ground and then left for the day, a very unpleasant bitter taste.

A pity they are not taking more care with their coffee as the potential to be an excellent coffee bar.