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Afternoon in Sheffield

September 3, 2019

A cool Monday afternoon in Sheffield.

Train into Sheffield delayed several minutes as approaches station. No explanation.

A detour for cappuccino at South Street Kitchen. Stunning view across Sheffield.

South Street Kitchen easy enough to find if know how. Take the back way out of Sheffield Station, cross the tram lines, follow the path up the slope to South Park Flats, nestled at the foot of the flats, South Park Kitchen.

My cappuccino weak and insipid. Could be many reasons, poor extraction, low quality coffee.

A big mistake using Dark Woods for espresso. Their single origin coffees are usually excellent, espresso blend not. A Great Taste award sticker no guarantee of quality, indeed usually the exact opposite. No self-respecting roaster would wish to adorn their coffee with such a sticker.

Though I usually get an excellent cappuccino off Motore Coffee, who use Dark Woods. And on a previous visit to South Street Kitchen their coffee was excellent.

Second time I have made a mistake visiting South Street Kitchen, though not sure if the mistake the visit or not staying to eat the food as always looks great.

A detour to Sheffield BID to pick up copies of The Heart of Independent Sheffield a guide to indie businesses in the Devonshire Quarter, then through Winter Garden to Union Street.

Union St was the reason for my visit to Sheffield, or at least Monday, for the Vietnamese pop up kitchen.

Oh what a disappointment. I have never been impressed with Vietnamese food, but never this bad. Noodles and tofu, both were stone cold, not even lukewarm, stone cold as though served straight from a fridge. Myself and a fellow customer complained. We were given our money back. There was then an offer to hot it up. Plate was hot, food not even lukewarm. But even had it been hot, it would still have been a very poor offering.

Union St need to replace these guys.

I like the idea of a pop up kitchen, to try different food, to give the chefs an opportunity, but Union St need to exercise quality control.

Once again no Now Then. Should now be September issue out. I asked. I learnt not published in the summer. Yes, there should be copies. Something going very wrong with distribution. Last week, when I could not find the August edition, I asked of Now Then where to be found. They lacked the courtesy to reply.

It was then head to The Depot Eatery in Kelham Island, a bus ride or tram ride away.

No idea where catch a bus. I eventually found the correct bus, long wait, 20 minutes for next bus, I wander off then learn a different bus due. I head back, catch No 7, I was earlier waiting for No 8 or 8A. I ask bus driver, he tells me he does not know where he is going. He then tells me there is a diversion. I follow route on Google maps, alight at correct bus stop.

Kelham Island a desolate area. Red brick abandoned foundries and warehouses, but I see has potential if the buildings are renovated not demolished.

I find where I need to be, but first look in a cheese dairy, Sheffield Cheese Masters.

I do not stop, head next door to The Depot Eatery.

Do they serve food food? Yes. Kitchen is now closed. I ask when does it close. Three. It is on the dot of three. This is Sheffield service.

I settle for a sandwich. Roast vegetables adulated with some vile tasting gloop. The bread is interesting.

I ask of the bread. I am told brioche bap. It is not.

Next door a bakery. But open warehouse, not ideal for a bakery, or food preparation, as impossible to keep clean.

Coffee is Ozone and Has Been. Ozone a big mistake.

I order a cappuccino. It is served with chocolate.

Why oh why does no one know how to serve a cappuccino? It is not served with chocolate.

Cappuccino ok, better than I expect for Ozone.

Something I have not seen before, Ozone produce what appears to be an annual magazine.

Not busy all the time I am there. But hardly surprising, middle of nowhere, and not somewhere would go out of the way for.

I then look back in the cheese maker, Sheffield Cheese Masters.

Earlier they were preparing experimental blue cheeses.

I raise the same issue of cleanliness. They have built a sealed unit within the warehouse.

The girl I talk to knows little about cheese. She apologises and explains she is new and has only been there a few weeks.

She offers me a sample of their cheese. It reminds me of Cornish Brie. She tells me it is a Camembert style.

Not made from unpasteurised milk. A big mistake if trying to produce quality cheese.

I ask of the cows. She does no know, other than the farm local and claims the cows are grass fed.

I am given rough directions where to find a bus. She does not know of tram as is given a lift in.

I stand at the bus stop in a deserted road. I begin to wonder, diversion, but nothing at the bus stop to say.

A guy comes along. I ask. He says there is a bus now due, but sometimes wait 30 minutes for a bus to turn up. Once on the bus he advises me where to alight for the railway station

Whilst waiting for the bus, I voice my thoughts of The Depot Eatery empty, no one would trek out to. He says because of the businesses around, they do well at lunchtime.

I am at the station early, fifteen minutes before train due. I wander off, detour to Tamper Sellers Wheel. A coffee is tempting, but I will miss the train.

I make it in time for the train, only to find train is delayed. Luckily only by a few minutes.

When it pulls in, packed, many waiting on the platform to board.

Another overcrowded two coach Northern Fail.

A refurbished Northern Fail wifi and usb charging. Only wifi does not connect to anything.

I mention to the guard. He is surprised to learn the train has wifi, let alone knows how to reset it. He says they are not even able to adjust the air conditioning. If too hot, they have to open the windows.

Afternoon in Sheffield

August 28, 2019

Sunny and warm in the morning. As train sets off, dark clouds.

Sheffield, cool, wet and raining.

I stop of at Motore Cafe coffee kiosk for a chat. I shelter under the large brolly and have a cappuccino and a chat.

I notice I am standing in a stream flowing down the street. I drop my light jacket not on the wet street, that would be bad enough, oh no, I drop in the flowing stream.

Now have a soaking wet jacket.

I head off through the Winter Gardens via Millennial Galleries to Sheffield BID, as from there walking back through the Winter Gardens to Union Street.

Sheffield BID often has useful publications. I pick up a copy of The Heart of Independent Sheffield.

It is a pity they do not stock Now Then. Something they must address.

Very disappointed no Taiwanese pop up kitchen at Union Street as that was my only reason for visiting Sheffield on a cool wet Wednesday.

No Taiwanese for September. I will have to try one of the other days, different food, maybe Vietnamese Italian or American Soul Food.

Neither do hey have Now Then.

I decide even though out of my way to visit Upshot Espresso and have a coffee.

I look into Tamper Westfield Terrace on the way, but no time to stop.

Long walk to find a bus stop. Why?

I hop on the bus. I do no understand the bus driver. Not helped by a barrier between driver and passenger.

I ask a couple of passenger. What I want is a parade of shops past Sheffield University Student Union.

Roots a zero waste shop appears to have closed down.

No Now Then in Upshot Espresso they do not recall having received August edition. I find tenth anniversary edition April 2018.

Chat with barista, recommend a few excellent roasteries from where to source their guest coffees.

I catch a bus, get off too soon. Look in an Oxfom Bookshop. I learn why stock Faith in Nature shampoo. Sourced from Oxfam projects.

I walk past Tamper Westfield Terrace to Steam Yard. Excellent coffee shop, No time for a coffee, no Now Then.

I pick up The Essential Journal. I had also seen at Union Street. I am surprised either stock as pretentious crap.

Make station with seconds to spare. Train not sown on main departure board. I head to where I expect to find the train. In Luck.

Afternoon in Sheffield

March 27, 2019

Refurbished Northern Fail worse than before.

Empty two-coach Northern Fail train Lincoln to Sheffield makes the point, why travel from Lincoln to Sheffield for the same crap chains that can be found everywhere? A point lost on Sheffield City Council when responded to a criticism in fake-Left Guardian. Why hype Sheffield has 200 degrees a chain serving mediocre coffee at best when Sheffield has a vibrant coffee culture of independent speciality coffee shops serving excellent coffee. And why not mention Now Then, an excellent indie magazine. Train only starts to fill when nears Sheffield.

The main entrance from Sheffield Station leads to the city centre. I wished to leave by a back entrance, was there a back entrance, as I wished to be at the other side of the tracks?

I asked at the Information, I wished to get to the other side. They said no, only leads to trams, and signage only points to trams. They added, as if to say no one would wish to go there, leads to the estates.

When leaving by main entrance, can see flats across the valley.

I headed out to the trams, carefully crossed the tram lines, and walked up the slope towards the flats through South Street Park.

Luckily when I crossed the tracks, there was a sign pointing to South Street Kitchen.

South Street Kitchen is a hidden gem. Easy enough to find if know to follow the path and it is at the top below the flats.

I was reminded of Puerto de la Cruz, always find a bar-cafe often more than one at the foot of a block of flats.

Something I did not know until later that evening, the flats featured in an article in Now Then March 2019.

South Street Kitchen very new, a little over a year old. Open, light and airy. Seeing the barista disappear, I followed, to find a flight of stairs, and a much larger area on the first floor.

Coffee excellent. Food looked good too, but no time to stay as I was heading back to the station, then to Union St.

The coffee Dark Woods who appear to have something of a local monopoly in Sheffield. My only criticism, single origin old coffee and Dark Woods need to put roast date on their coffee, Best By is meaningless.

I wished to try the pop up kitchen, today Taiwanese, but to my annoyance too late, already packed up even though only lunch time.

Having a pop kitchen is a great idea, but they must get their act together.

I picked up copies of Now Then, a local freebie magazine, highly recommended. Not the usual glossy that goes straight in the bin. There is also an associated app.

— to be continued —-

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