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Afternoon in Lincoln

April 22, 2022

Sunny, clear blue sky, cold north wind.

From where to obtain sauerkraut? I had been told rough end of High Street, over the railway line, past St Mark’s, find an international supermarket.

I find Super Lincs, an excellent supermarket, Romanian, Bulgarian and Asian aisles, a bakery, fresh fruit and vegetables. But all I could find was pickled vegetables, no sauerkraut. I inquired and was passed to the Polish owner. She was very helpful. I explained what I wanted, slow-roast belly pork from Summer Kitchens. Polish and Ukraine cuisines similar. She found for me sauerkraut but recommended with carrots.

Very rough and run down end of the High Street, dingy shops, closed takeaways and shops. Walking back I passed a community shop within a Methodist Church. Baffled how it worked. I asked. Have to pay a fiver annual membership fee, then limited to various items. Far too complicated , and the fee an obstacle for those with no money. Did I wish to join? No. I had picked up a couple of items. I asked could I make a donation. OK.

Looked in Fresh Local & Wild. A couple of weeks ago, it looked liked a closing down sale. Now it looks like the last few days of a closing down sale. Deserted, very little stock left. How long before it closes?

I walked along the side of the Brayford. I had intended to vist Depot Coffee, but now far too late.

Pop in zero waste shop, pick up coriander and caraway seeds, but no fennel seeds (no demand).

Walk and Ride to Lincoln Cathedral. Too late for greengrocer, only just make Redhill Farm shop.

I ask of Bailgate Deli. I do not not expect on sale, but maybe they use in cooking. Sorry, no fennel seeds, but they kindly give me fennel leaves. Again for my slow-roast belly pork. I suggest they host a Ukrainian meal under Cook for Ukraine. They will think about it.

Very very late lunch at Elite on the Bail.

Walk back down Steep Hill.

I probably should have eaten at Home Rise, tried their pizza.

Shop in M&S reluctantly, they are trading with Russia, complicit Putin’s war crimes. Shelves are nearly bare. I raise trading in Russia. They don’t care. Their attitude is one of: You don’t have to shop here.

Afternoon in Lincoln

September 20, 2017

Hazy sun, cloudy, pleasantly warm.

The centre of Lincoln is allegedly pedestrianised. Only there is no enforcement. A car, a lorry followed by a  van, driving through the High Street at 1550.

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday, Stokes on High Bridge, beans not labelled with roast date, when I inquire of roast date, try to sell me beans roasted in April, six months old.

Today, helpful trainee, drew my attention to all beans now have roast date and when I look, I see roasted  September.

I trek up Steep Hill, not time for a coffee.

Walking through Lincoln Castle, I find the Lincoln Knights are back.

A cappuccino in Stokes Lawn Cafe.  I choose the guest Guatemalan. Not great, best I can say of it, not undrinkable as their house blrnd.  It is not of the standard that is the norm in Madame Waffle, The Little Tractor Coffee Shop or Makushi.

Stokes need as  a matter of urgency to improve the quality of their beans.  Their baristas try their best, but not a lot can be done with inferior quality beans

Afternoon in Lincoln

September 19, 2017

Unlike Saturday afternoon when it poured with rain, and Sunday when it did the same with brief pauses, Tuesday afternoon a pleasant warm sunny afternoon.

Through Sincil Street to the High Street.

Walking past the closed Starbucks, strange how they have removed anything that identifies as Starbucks, the bad news is that it will reopen. At least whilst it is closed take the opportunity to find decent coffee, support the local economy, and then do not return. It will take more than a  lick of paint to hide that tax-dodging Starbucks serves undrinkable coffee.

Coffee beans from Stokes on High Bridge. At The Lawn last week, I was recommended try an Ethiopian roast. But, somewhat perverse though it may been roasted at The Lawn, have to walk down into the town to buy from Stokes on High Bridge a coffee shop in both sense of the word.

When was the roast date? April. You got to be joking. I settled for a  different Ethiopian, not the one I wanted, mainly because it had been roasted in August.

It was then to Madame Waffle, where I was guaranteed an excellent cappuccino. Always consistently excellent, no matter who makes it.

Up Steep Hill, into Castle Hill, through Lincoln Castle.

Over the weekend the Castle Grounds were a quagmire, partly the heavy rain, partly the travelling circus of a food and drinks festival. The grounds were not as badly churned up as I expected.

I just made it out the West Gate.

I had hoped to find Stokes at The Lawn open, but I was too late.

Around the Castle to Bailgate. I was surprised to Redhill Farm shop open, unlike almost everything in Bailgate which closes early.

For good food, need as short a journey as possible between farm and plate. ITV News has  a report on why.


Afternoon in Lincoln

September 17, 2017

Yesterday was cold, barely above ten degrees, heavy rain all afternoon. Today was several degrees warmer, it was forecast hazy sun afternoon, started warm and sunny, a pleasant change to yesterday, but no sooner had I set foot in Lincoln very heavy rain, and heavy rain on and off all afternoon.

Not far away Scampton, wettest place in the country 30.2 mm of rain, ie over an inch of rain.

Roast Sunday lunch, roast leg of pork with all the trimming, at Butcher and Beast in Heighington.  Excellent, good size portions, my only criticism, the potatoes cold and the restaurant somewhat grim, and with an outside door open, cold.

Then into Lincoln

A noticeable police present in the High Street.

A quick look in Waterstone’s, a mistake, as heavy rain, it eased off and I made Madame Waffle.

As always, excellent cappuccino in Madame Waffle.

I noticed the third edition of The North and North Wales Independent Coffee Guide on sale. I picked up two copies.

Rain eased off. I made it to Makushi.

Excellent cappuccino in Makushi.

Then made it to Lincoln Castle, before it poured.  En route, more miniature Knights found

The lawn a quagmire, from what I could see of a Food and Drink Festival,  junk food, little evidence of quality, for which an entrance fee of ten pounds.

A completely over the top security presence. And why were private security directing traffic in Castle Hill?

Inside, then outside, armed police.

Afternoon in Lincoln

September 13, 2017

There was a storm early hours of the morning, not that I noticed.

Explore Lincoln Travel Guide is worth picking up from Lincoln Central Library.

I have not seen this useful leafelt anywhere, not at the Bus Station, not at the Tourist Information Office.

Lincoln Central Library, one of the few libraries that remain open in Lincolnshire thanks to mass library closure by Philistine leader of the County Council Martin Hill.

Idiot with massive lorry drove through pedestrianised High Street and into Cornhill. Other vehicles were driving through pedestrianised area.

Compete lack of enforcement, blind eye turned.

Walked up Steep Hill to Makushi, then remembered closed at four o’clock. No board outside. I decided to check, maybe someone lingering over a coffee.

I was in luck, no time for a  coffee, and too late anyway, but I was able to pick up a bag of coffee beans from Costa Rica.

Caught Bird’s Yard as closing. Second bag of coffee.

Excellent cappuccino in Madam Waffle.

From Coffee Aroma, third bag of coffee, their own blend from Has Bean.

Would I like a coffee?  Apparently a free coffee if buy a bag of coffee beans. An excellent idea, something more coffee shops should do.

Unfortunately no time.

The Lincoln Knights may have been removed from the streets a week ago, it is still possible to find miniature Knights.

I then had a wander in Lincoln Arboretum.

Afternoon in Lincoln

September 7, 2017


Around Lincoln Cathedral to Bailgate.

I popped in Bailgate Deli.

I decided to have a cappuccino and a cake.

The coffee was drinkable, but not great. The best I could say of it was that it was better than the undrinkable house blend in Stokes.

I looked at the coffee beans. Poor quality beans, many defects, over-roasted, the aroma disgusting, that of burnt coffee.

No self-respecting roaster would supply such poor quality beans.

The coffee supplied by Lincoln Tea and Coffee, a catering supply outfit.

The cake, chocolate and coconut, was excellent. The first time I have had a vegan cake that was edible.

Not a single person I meet, is happy that the Knights have been removed from the streets.


Afternoon in Lincoln

September 6, 2017

A cool dull day.

Outside Lincoln Cathedral, a hole in a wall, stone steps, leading down to the Medieval Bishops Palace.

A cappuccino in Stokes Lawn Café. Their Guatemalan is barely drinkable, the house blend undrinkable.

The house blend, previously labelled espresso, has now been renamed as Jumping Beans.

I learnt why so bad, it was as I suspected, includes Robusta, and is over roasted.

Coffee is now on sale at The Lawn.

Something I noticed, which I had not noticed before, Blue Mountain Jamaican Coffee is shipped in wooden barrels not hessian sacks.

Walking down Steep Hill, I wished to ask about a watercolour by Gill Vines which I had noticed a couple of days ago. Harding Gallery closed even though not yet five o’clock.

Afternoon in Lincoln

September 4, 2017

A pleasant warm if dull afternoon.

A tour around the half-complete International Bomber Command Centre courtesy of the director and the contractors. Currently a hard hat area.

Then into Lincoln, cappuccino at Madame Waffle and walk up Steep Hill.

It was very depressing seeing the Lincoln Knights being removed , especially as completely unnecessary.

The Lincoln Knights have generated massive public interest and their premature removal one huge mistake. I have yet to meet a single person, whether visitor, local resident or independent business who are pleased to see their removal.

The Knights should have been kept in the street until at least the end of September, if not longer.

The miniature Knights remain in shop windows, a reminder of the cultural vandalism removing the Knights from the streets.

And Knight Ale is still available.

Appalling service in Poundland at the top of the High Street. Refusal to man a till and forced to use a self-service till.

Afternoon in Lincoln

September 1, 2017

Pleasant sunny afternoon in Lincoln.

Most of Sincil Street derelict, It epitomises everything that is wrong with town centre planning in Lincoln.

How to ruin an attractive Victorian Street without really trying.

Up until five years ago, Sincil Street was a thriving bustling street, between ten in the morning and four in the afternoon, it was busier than the High Street.

There was also a very popular market.

North Laine in Brighton shows what could have been, but for bad town centre planning.

Outside the Central Market, adjacent to the fruit and vegetable stall, a stall selling bread and cake. Never seen before.

There was also a Punch and Judy.

Pathetic farmers market in the High Street, half a dozen stalls.

Most of the afternoon spent in Madame Waffle.

Excellent cappuccino, far better than the undrinkable cappuccino in Stokes on High Bridge a couple of days ago.

It was then a V60 using the Martin Hudak Signature Geisha that I had brought along as a guest coffee.

I have now tracked down most of the Lincoln Knights. I think only one, on the fa side of the Brayford. No idea how to get to it.

Around seven o’clock, thunderstorm and torrential downpour. Within minutes, centre of Lincoln flooded.

Afternoon in Lincoln

August 31, 2017

A wander around Lincoln Cathedral. A quick peek inside via the tea room.

Long chat with a Chinese lady and her two children. I explained the Lincoln Knights, the secret code on each, gave them my leaflet. Showed them a few Knights, escorted around Lincoln Cathedral, to Bailgate and Newport Arch where they had a car parked.

At the weekend, grudgingly spent over a tenner to gain access to Lincoln Castle, as otherwise had to walk around. Fortunate in a way, as met Gary Nicholls and picked up a copy of his steampunk limited edition The Imaginarium.

The reason had to pay to gain access, steampunk weekend, with stalls.

Not so bad when told ticket valid six months, though access is as a general rule free, apart from certain areas.

A few days ago, not able to access paid areas, as too late. I tried again today, to be told ticket has to be stamped, as gaining re-admission. Er no, I have yet to access any of these areas, I paid to access the Castle grounds, something that is usually free.

Cappuccino in Stokes Lawn Café. I again chose their Guatemalan blend. It was far superior to the undrinkable cappuccino from their house blend served at Stokes on High Bridge yesterday.

I was pleased they have followed my suggestion, now a menu with some information on the coffees they serve, but what they need is a lot more information on each coffee.

I learnt they have a small theatre, the Blue Room, which is being used for external events.

More Knights found. One in the car park of The Lawn, a strange place to be, the other outside Museum of Lincolnshire Life.

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