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Afternoon in Larnaca

October 19, 2019

Monday last week, fleeting visit to Ayia Napa International Sculpture Park on my way en route to Larnaca.

Idiot on a rented Harley Davidson thought it OK to ride into the sculpture park.

No Nick’s Coffee Bike outside Larnaca Marina. Problem with tyre, problems getting replacement. It would help if social media was used to keep people informed.

I take a walk along the seafront.

Having never visited before, I enter Larnaca Medieval Castle.

I pay a visit to Church of St Lazarus.

Disappointed to find Lazaris not open. I learn later Lazaris not open on Monday’s.

I notice many places not open. Monday or time of day I do not know.

I find my way from Lazaris to Paul’s Coffee Roasters.

Excellent cappuccino.

Is it Paul’s skill as a barista improving, as a coffee roaster, the beans? Maybe a combination of all three.

Conversation with a group of Lebanese who were visiting for a few days.

I tell then they were very lucky to happen upon Paul’s Coffee Roasters as they would be hard pushed to find decent coffee anywhere in Cyprus.

Afternoon in Larnaca

October 13, 2018

Yesterday an afternoon in Larnaca. I was not feeling well, thunderstorm forecast, but I decided to go anyway.

For once I did not miss the local bus and have a twenty minute wait, but only just.

The local bus standing room only, no passengers picked up en route to Ayia Napa. There needs to be more frequent buses as overloaded buses the norm.

Catching the earlier bus, which I usually miss, meant more time to explore the Ayia Napa International Sculpture Park. For the first time the bus stopped at the top entrance. Why usually fails to stop I do not know.

Venturing further than before, I discover there to also be a Cactus Park.

Then on to Larnaca on the InterCity bus.

En route storm clouds gathering.

I find Nick’s Coffee Bike packed up and about to depart. He feared the weather. No coffee. Lemonade? I tried the lemonade. Excellent lemonade, but probably not a wise choice when not feeling well. Within minutes, stomach pains.

I walk to the Medieval Castle, then head to Church of St Lazarus.

Once behind the seafront shops of corporate chains, a slum.

Poked my head in Church of St Lazarus but did not explore the tomb of St Lazarus. He was brought to life, then when died a second time, was entombed in Cyprus.

In the Square surrounding the Church, three coffee shops, at least two of which are bakeries.

Silo I did not like, lacking in ambience, awful music playing.

The Secret Garden, unfriendly signs, not a pleasant reception, walked out.

The third, Lazaris Bakery Bar, in an old building. Pleasant ambience, but sadly not good coffee. Caffeine did not seem wise, did not ask for a coffee. I settled for water. I then asked for tea. Only herb tea. It was ok, but I did not dare drink.

I sat outside, but had to retreat indoors, traffic pollution and smoke from smokers.

Why is Cyprus so backwards. Why are these street not pedestrianised?

Millions to redevelop Mackenzie Beach, a gravy train for contractors and an appalling waste of public money. Instead, an electric shuttle bus Larnaca Marina to Mackenzie Beach and pedestrianise the sea front and the back streets around St Lazarus Church.

I headed off, ended back at the Church Square.

Caught the 1730 bus, just made it.

Very lucky, picked up a local bus from Ayia Napa with only a few minutes wait. Journey time for the two buses, an hour. Never done it so quick.

Konnos Bay, amazing thunderstorm out to sea.

Afternoon in Larnaca

October 10, 2018

Just missed a bus to Ayia Napa, fifteen minutes wait for next bus.

Connect with Inter City bus at Ayia Napa International Sculpture Park. This gave me a little time to continue my exploration of the park, but needs a half afternoon to do the sculpture park justice.

I was going to be very disciplined, spend very little time at Nick’s Coffee Bike outside Larnaca Marina.

Forty-five minutes later, I set off the Mackenzie Beach to find South Coast Specialty Coffee.

What I did not know, after I departed, filmed for a Cyprus TV channel.

Last time I made the beach, but no further.

From my last visit, I knew I was near.

Google Maps says 39 minutes. No way, more like 50 minutes. It is a pleasant walk, but a longer walk than suggested by Google Maps.

I find myself in what I can only describe as a bar ghetto. Tacky bars, seats and tables on artificial grass, even little squares of artificial grass around the base of palm trees.

There are plans to redevelope Mackenzie Beach. What it actually needs is a shuttle bus from the marina, an electric shuttle bus costing one euro.

South Coast Specialty Coffee is in the middle of the bar ghetto, next to Caffe Nero.

A large seating are on artificial grass, inside, the serving area, half of the inside taken up by a kids play area. There are proposals to charge for this as supervised, at a guess because parents are dumping kids unsupervised.

First impressions, a ghastly chain.

The coffee is Taf, not only TAF but Taf competition blend.

It was not good, Far better than if gone to Caffe Nero, but Taf should be far far better than this.

A cold brew tower. Was it for show. No, used for cold brew. I was offered a sample. It was not good. Concentrate and undrinkable.

It was then trek back, made the bus with minutes to spare.

Afternoon in Larnaca

October 9, 2018

Just missed a bus to Ayia Napa, twenty minutes wait for next bus.

Connect with Inter City bus at Ayia Napa International Sculpture Park.

No time for other than cursory exploration, but at least on my second visit explore different area to previous visit.

Quick look in Larnaca Marina

I had hoped to drop coffee at Nick’s Coffee Bike, maybe have a quick coffee, then explore Laranaca.

There longer than I wished, have cappuccino and  a cold brew. Both excellent. Again impressed by Nick’s professionalism.


Wander along the sea front. Maybe make it to South Coast Specialty Coffee.

I walk along the promenade past the Medieval Castle to Mackenzie Beach.

I note the sea level is maybe a metre below the walk, the road half a meter higher.

Global warming, this area will be inundated, and that is not taking account of storms.

IPCC reported today, zero carbon emissions if to achieve no relentless rise in temperature.

This means we cannot burn fossil fuels. This means Shell, whose value is based on the carbon assets it accounts for in the ground, is worthless.

And what do the Cypriots do? Drill for oil, drill for oil in disputed waters claimed by Turkey, Israel, Palestine and Syria. Oil that can never be recovered, leaving behind stranded assets. An are of tension. Fascist dictator Erdogan trying to recreate Ottoman Empire. Israel carrying out ethnic cleansing in Palestine.  Syria in conflict with Turkey.  And Iran and corrupt House of Saud meddling.

I do not know though if low or high tide.

It takes me 45 minutes to reach Mackenzie Beach, time to turn around and if lucky catch the bus at 1800 to Ayia Napa.

Google Maps says 39 minutes. Google Maps is wrong.  But, having checked Google Maps on my return, closer than I realised, maybe I had even passed by.

Why though no shuttle bus along the seafront connecting Larnaca Marina with Mackenzie Beach?

If I visit Larnaca again, I will not try to reach South Coast Coffee Specialty Coffee Shop, instead explore old part of Laranca.

I notice walking back, low tide, how low I do not know. This means that at high tide the sea I observed will be higher,.

At Ayia Napa twenty minutes for bus.

I explore the Square, walk into a monastery to be told it is closed, closed at 1900.

Local bus arrives, people pile on like animals.

— to be continued —-


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