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Afternoon in Athens

November 26, 2019

Athens Tuesday four weeks ago, National Garden, Kolonaki, Omonia, Central Market, Exarchia, Plaka.

En route, after leaving National Garden, catch changing of the Presidential Guard.

Through National Garden to Kolonaki at visit Redd Coffee.

Baffled why not offer single origin as pour over.

Bags of coffee in boxes, but no information on the coffee.

Coffee shop minimalist design.

Excellent cold brew, Kenyan, made with cold drip tower, ten hours, one drip every couple of minutes.

To Taresso, time for a chat, but no time for a coffee, as wish a coffee at Duo Goulies & Duo Mpoukies.

Make Duo Goulies & Duo Mpoukies. Excellent cappuccino, plus a yogurt.

Then on to Mokka at Central Market. Too late for a coffee.

A wander around Athens Central Market.

Excellent pistachio nuts and cashew nuts, far better quality than find in England.

Pass by Central Bank of Greece which overlooks an archaeological site on the way to Taf.

On to Taf, drop in mobile phone shop on the way.

Cappuccino at Taf.

Look in Mr Bean.

Now a cluster of three coffee shops Taf, Mr Bean, new coffee shop serving Sapid coffee.

Mr Bean tell me not impressed by a recent Standart feature on Athens, written by someone who does not know Athens. My view too. I recommend Standart guide to Athens coffee culture.

Through back streets to Plaka.

Late dinner in Plaka.

Afternoon in Athens

November 24, 2019

Sunday four weeks ago, Acropoli to Thisio, Monastiraki, Ermou, Plaka.

Sunday, walk around The Acroplis, the pedestrian streets busy with people, with stalls.

Two stalls I miss, an artist and a designer of boats.

Cappuccino at The Underdog. Busy, but not as busy as in the past on a Sunday. I wish I had had cold brew or a pour over.

Passing Ancient Agora I learn something new today. Monday, Liberation Day, all archaeological sites and museums free. Also free first Sunday of the month.

Something I had not seen before Free Food For All, a community event.

Passing by DaVinci I am tempted, stop and buy an ice cream.

To Dope.

A V60, not poured correctly, indeed poured very badly, was not good.

Find my way to Just Made 33. Third time I have found closed. A notice would appear to indicate open 0800 to 1730. At a guess, roadworks killing business.

Dinner in Plaka.

Moussaka with a little salad and a glass of red wine at Plaka Resturant.

On an adjacent table a creep pestering two French girls.

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