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destrucción de salón en Abaco

February 29, 2016

The beautiful salon, is the heart of Abaco, a 17th Canarian mansion house.

Ideal setting for concerts, audience in informal groups.

Disgust and horror, at a concert last night, OpenArt Ensemble, to find an ugly two foot high stage, occuppying around a third of the wooden floor, had been erected.

This ugly stage, now dominates the room, seperates players from the people.

It is totally out of keeping with the character of the room and the house.

And to make matters worse, modern lighting erected.

At a guess, for flamenco, which used ot be in the bar. I asked, and yes, was the case.

Cuarteto Capriccio en Concierto en Abaco

March 9, 2015
Cuarteto Capriccio en Concierto en Abaco

Cuarteto Capriccio en Concierto en Abaco

Sunday evening, string quartet Cuarteto Capriccio in concert in the salon of Abaco, a Canarian mansion.

They played with varying degrees of enthusiasm.

It would be great to see them play Jimi Hendrix All Along the Watchtower or Purple Haze or both, as an encore.

We arrived, to be asked did we have a reservation? To which we replied no. Sorry, we are full. But luckily we were allowed in, room was found for us.

Over a 100 people at ten euros a head.

Abaco need to be a little more adventurous.

Salon at Abaco would be an excellent venue for singer-songwriter Jewelia.

Following the concert, excellent dinner at Meson Los Gemelos.

We could have eaten in the restaurant at Abaca, but it is very expensive and the quality not good. No surprise it was all but empty, even though the concert was full.

Trio Bohemio

February 22, 2015


Trio Bohemio

Trio Bohemio

Trio Bohemio en vivo en Abaco.

Soprano/piano, soprano, bass/piano.

A case of musical chairs.

Each concert I go to, worse than previous.


Never before seen an audience with a look of misery on their faces. Of course it could have been rapt attention, but I think not.

As an encore, murdered Gershwin.

Restaurant at Abaco expensive and the food not good.

Abaco used to be excellent for live music, but has gone downhill.

Abaco a restored Canarian mansion on the outskirts of Puerto de la Cruz overlooking the town.

Música en vivo en Abaco

March 9, 2013
Jazz en Abaco

Jazz en Abaco

Jazz en Abaco

Jazz en Abaco

Friday nights Abaco has live music in the bar. It used to be jazz every Friday, but now only every other week.

Last night was jazz. I was in two minds whether or not to go. I hopped in a taxi and up I went.

I arrived a little before 10-30. I had missed the first session, two more to go.

Sweet Up Jazz Cuartet were four fantastic musicians. To my surprise, I was the only one there. I sat listening to the music, wandered around in the grounds, where the music drifted.

It was magical, excellent music, a grand Canarian Mansion all to myself. Well except for a lovely black cat and a couple of bar staff dressed in black who drifted around like shadows.

The music was rock-jazz fusion, heavily influenced by Jimi Hendrix and Carlos Santana.

I asked about this afterwards, and was told yes, there was a Hendrix-Santana influence.

They played in other groups too. The only one I can remember FunkFarria, for which they had done some recordings. I suggested if so, put on bandcamp.

I thought maybe folk turned up late, but no.

Approaching midnight, I was very very tired. The group finished sometime after midnight.

After they had finished, around half a dozen people turned up.

I stayed until a little after one o´clock, then got a taxi into the centre of Puerto de la Cruz and decided I would walk home from there. It was a lovely pleasant night, no one around.

Abaco is a grand Canarian Mansion house dating from 18th century which the present owner has carefully restored. It is high above Puerto de la Cruz overlooking the town. On Friday they have live music in the bar, on alternate weekends, concerts in the salon on a Sunday.


March 4, 2013
Ábaco Mansión Canaria

Ábaco Mansión Canaria

Abaco is a grand Canarian Mansion house dating from 18th century which the present owner has carefully restored. It is high above Puerto de la Cruz overlooking the town.

On Friday they have live music in the bar, on alternate weekends, concerts in the salon.

Off the bar, a a billiard table, dating from the period of the house. Sadly I was not able to play it.

During the day, the house is open to the public, but as it is open during concerts and when the bar is open, maybe best to visit then.

Cuarteto Arghul en concierto en Abaco

March 4, 2013
Cuarteto Arghul en concierto en Abaco

Cuarteto Arghul en concierto en Abaco

I was in two minds to attend this concert.

A tropical storm had hit Tenerife and Abaco is way above Puerto de la Cruz. Was it safe to go, was it one, would a get a taxi there, even more important, would I get a taxi back?

A quartet of clarinettes. Somehow I did not think this would work.

I checked, the concert was on. I decided to go. With some difficulty I managed to hire a taxi. No one was answering, and those that did, could not contact their taxis, I suspected masts were down.

My initial thooughts were correct, a quartet of clarinettes does not work, even if one is a bass variant. I do not know who was more bored, the players or the audience. It was music you might expect to find in an Austrian tea shop, background music whilst sipping tea and chatting to friends or reading a book, but not pay to see.

I was tempted to leave, but decided to stay, you never know, it may pick up a little. The couple sat in front of me opted to leave.

After the break, the rain hit, the sky lit up, even the music was a little livelier, though not by much.

A grave disappointment, especially compared with A Ritmo de Tango last year, or the jazz quarted the previous day.

Looking at the winter programme, a repetition of the same music. Very disappointing.

I had a wander around. A large bar, where every Friday night live muisc, this coming Friday it is jazz.

No taxis! Luckily a member of staff kindly gave me a lift down into Puerto de la Cruz which Abaco overlooks.

Abaco and Centro Astoria-Bambi need to get their act together to ensure they do not both have concerts on Sunday nights. There is after all seven days in the week.

Sensual Flamenco

March 10, 2012

Last week at Abaco, after a concert by A Ritmo de Tango, I caught a brief glimpse of flamenco, real flamenco, traditional flamenco, not the rubbish put on for tourists,

This amazing flamenco, modern flamenco. To flamenco as Astor Piazzolla to tango.