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Sensual Flamenco

March 10, 2012

Last week at Abaco, after a concert by A Ritmo de Tango, I caught a brief glimpse of flamenco, real flamenco, traditional flamenco, not the rubbish put on for tourists,

This amazing flamenco, modern flamenco. To flamenco as Astor Piazzolla to tango.

Concierto de A Ritmo de Tango

March 5, 2012
Abaco Mansión Canaria

Abaco Mansión Canaria

salón en Abaco Mansión Canaria en Puerto de la Cruz

salón en Abaco Mansión Canaria en Puerto de la Cruz

Vanessa Herrera (violin) Yaiza Peña (piano)

Vanessa Herrera (violin) Yaiza Peña (piano)

Concierto de A Ritmo de Tango en Abaco en Puerto de la Cruz en Tenerife.

My first encounter with Astor Piazzolla was Zum in concert at a music festival in Guildford some years ago.

I was hooked. I mentioned to a friend and he had some Astor Piazzolla.

It was one of the rare occasions that I have bought on ebay.

Therefore to find Astor Piazzolla was being performed was an absolute must to go and see.

The concert was in the salon of Abaco, Mansión Canaria, up past the Botanic Gardins, then up a side road.

The concert was mainly Astor Piazzolla, but also Mariano Mores and Lucio Demares.

Vanessa Herrera (violin) Yaiza Peña (piano). ¡Estupendo! ¡Increíble!

Good music can be varied, good musicians can improvise.

Vanessa Herrera (violin) Yaiza Peña (piano) were incredible musicians, unbelievably good.

Good musicians are always a delight to listen to, it is almost immaterial what they play.

The setting was also amazing, a large salon in an old Canarian Mansion House.

It is a pity the concert was not recorded as it would have made an excellent live recording.

Abaco is a very grand mansion. It would have been worth a visit for its own sake.

We had a chat after the concert. Should they ever record a live concert I suggested they uploaded to bandcamp where it would be available to a much wider audience and explained the advantages of FLAC over mp3. [see mp3 v FLAC]

Vanessa Herrera and Yaiza Peña invited me to a concert in La Laguna on 15 March 2012, part of Tango Laguna, but sadly I will not be there

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