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June 30, 2015
Greece a vassal state of EU

Greece a vassal state of EU



What have the Greeks ever done for us?

Philosophy, geometry, democracy, literature, theatre …

Greece is being treated as a vassal state by the EU, plundering and raping the country.

Greece has suffered five years of brutal austerity. The conditions are those that a country would only suffer during war and occupation.

And yet, not content with bleeding the country dry, EU is demanding more, and accusing Greece of negotiating in bad faith.

Rather than believing EU propaganda, which too many are only too happy to regurgitate, look at what Greece put on the table.

When Greece got nowhere, they called a referendum. This was condemned.

A vassal state is not allowed to consult its own people.

The erozone minsters met in secret, without Greece, they even took legal advice on whether it was lawful to exclude Greece, a eurozone member.

What we are seeing is the Fourth Reich in action. If the EU had an army which it has pushed for, there would now be EU jackboots on Greek soil.

During German occupation of Greece they looted the country.

After the Second World War Germany was propped up by credit from the Allies (which included Spain and Greece). Germany benefited from The London Agreement based on German External Debts. Repayments were only due while Germany ran a trade surplus. Greece gave Germany a 0% interest loan of 476 million Reichmarks. In today’s money that corresponds to $14 billion (in 2012).

It is Germany that owes Greece, not the other way around.

The money that was lent to Greece, did not find its way into the pockets of Greeks, apart from a corrupt elite, it flowed straight back out to German banks.

When banks lend money, they take a risk. It is not for society to bail out the banks.

The argument is not even about debt relief. The banks were bailed out. The argument is about who gets debt relief, for the banks yes, for Greece no.

In the banking crash, $30 trillion went to bailout Wall Street.

When Hurricane Sandy hit New York, the effort went into getting Wall Street up and running, not helping people. It was Occupy Wall Street under the banner Occupy Sandy that was helping ordinary people in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

In one year, US banks under Quantitative Easing had a trillion dollars pumped into them. It helped to inflate record banker bonuses.

In the US, since the Recession began, 95% of the gains has gone to 0.015% of the population. Not 1%, not 0.1%, 0.01%.

In the US, the 400 richest people have as much wealth as 185% of the population, over 60%.

Globally, 85 people have as much wealth as the poorest half of the world population, 3.5 billion people.

Last night, the unelected EU President told Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras tell your fellow Greeks to vote YES for the destruction of your country and we will give you a little money.

The amount of money being demanded from Greece as a percentage of GDP, is unprecedented.

What we are seeing is a determined effort by the EU to destroy a democratically elected government that had the audacity to say there was an alternative to austerity.

Austerity is a failed policy, it is an excuse for shock doctrine, slash and burn of public services, cuts to welfare, sell-off on the cheap of state assets.

Five years of EU-IMF-German imposed austerity

  • GDP shrunk by 25%
  • debt increased from 125% to 175% of GDP
  • 25% unemployment (youth unemployment 50%)
  • rise in food banks
  • increase in people living below the poverty line
  • increase in suicides
  • mass exodus of young people from Greece

BBC Radio 4 lunchtime news Wato had further biassed coverage. So-called experts, all bankers or finance related, saying Greece must vote YES to EU crippling terms, basically regurgitating EU propaganda.

Greeks have been accused of being feckless. It was the previous corrupt government that was feckless.

Greeks are told to raise more tax. When the economy has been destroyed, when many are unemployed, when many are living below the poverty line, when pensioners are eking out their reduced pensions to support not only themselves but their children and grandchildren, from where are the taxes to be raised? Though no doubt David Cameron would try with a Bedroom Tax on the poor.

Having threatened the Greek government and got nowhere, the EU is now using fear. Greeks are being told to vote YES, as no matter how bad austerity, far worse than has been experienced to date, is what the Greeks are being asked to agree to, vote NO, and even worse will be brought down on Greece.

EU is trying to bring Greece to its knees, then force a coup, to replace a popular government that is acting in the best interest of the Greek government, with an EU puppet government, a government of Quislings.

Syriza was elected with a mandate to end the imposed austerity that has provoked a humanitarian crisis – over a quarter unemployed (including over 50% of young people), austerity has wiped 25% from economic output, and thousands are struggling to be fed or pay for electricity.

And that is the problem, Syriza is showing there is an alternative that they will overthrow the corrupt oligarchies, work with the people on the street. It is a contagion that may spread (look what is happening in Spain), and must be destroyed at all costs.