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Time to bang up the banksters

May 21, 2015


Is it not time we banged up a few banksters?

Each time there is a new banking scandal, more evidence emerges of their criminal activities, it is put down to a few rogue traders. Rogue traders who are not rogues until they get caught.

No they are not rogue traders, they are are criminals working for criminal organisations.

Criminal organisations like HSBC, Barclays, RBS make the mafia look like a little old lady at a  garden party.

Banksters rigged the Libor rate. Not a single bankster in gaol.

Banksters rigged the currency exchange. Not a single bankster in gaol.

Banksters engaged in numerous mis-selling scams. Not a single bankster in gaol.

HSBC banksters money laundered for terrorists, Mexican drug cartels, carried out tax evasion on an industrial scale. Not a single HSBC bankster in gaol.

Banksters crashed the UK economy. Not a single bankster in gaol. Not only UK, Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Ireland.

Why does the British government not bang up the banksters? Because Tories are funded by the banksters.

When Ed Miliband was interviewed by Russell Brand he was asked would he bang up the banksters. His answer was cagey.

Ironically I write this at a meeting with banksters. Had I known beforehand, I may have been tempted to organise a rather different reception than the one they had.  But then I would have blown my cover.


Time to get tough on tax dodgers

May 20, 2015

When we hear, as we did during the boring election campaign, what do you wish to cut, if not hopsitals, then schools or libraries, or welfare payments, it simply is not true, not if everyone paid their fair share of tax.

It is time we got tough with the tax dodgers.

Anti-austerity protest

May 9, 2015

Massive anti-austerity protest in London today.

Not a beep from the BBC, not a beep from the mainstream media. Not a beep that is until some lunatic defaced a war memorial to the women of WWII. And what a time to deface a war memorial, when the country is marking VE Day 70, the end of WWII in Europe seventy years ago.

Lunatic? It could equally be an infiltrator determined to discredit the protest.

But what was the protest for?

May not like the election result, and what it foretells, but that is not grounds to protest, not unless there was proven election fraud, or a government hanging on with no legitimacy. Like it or not, the Tories won the election, and the anti-austerity parties did not.

The time to take to the streets, to mobilise, is when Tories try to push through benefit cuts, when they privatise more of the NHS, when they try to give the go-ahead for airport expansion.

To protest today was pointless.

The protest today was not only pointless, it was counter productive, as it will give the government the excuse to clampdown on civil liberties.

Open letter to George Osborne

April 26, 2015


Dear Mr Osborne,

You have spoken a lot of rhetoric about “people who want to work hard and get on”. It sounds fine. Few people would argue with supporting those who want to work hard and get on. But this language automatically excludes as at best insignificant or at worst worthless one particular category of people.

There are some people who, by reason of severe, usually multiple, disabilities, will never be able to be gainfully employed. My daughter is one example. She is in her early thirties and lives in a residential care home. She has quadriparetic cerebral palsy, a learning disability, autism and partial sight. Please don’t feel sorry for her. She has a very good quality of life.

I read a policy document which your government has published on the subject of disabled people. It was called “Fulfilling Potential”. In many ways it was a laudable document. It…

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Something rotten with football

April 18, 2015
Premier Pigs

Premier Pigs

Blackpool fans outside a game

Blackpool fans outside a game

I have never been a fan of football, though as kids we created or own football pitch in the field at the bottom of the garden.

Yes, I can understand people supporting their local football club (though not for me), what I cannot understand, is like mugs being ripped off on ticket prices, buy football kit from overseas sweatshops, or cheering on what are little more than Big Businesses.

Would people be cheering on Coca-Cola or Pepsi of KFC or McDonald’s? As that is effectively what they are doing.

People who turn up to a game, do not do for love of the game, they engage in tribal support for one side or the other.

We have obscene salaries paid to the players. Obscene amounts of money are poured in by the media. Very little of this money trickles down to grass roots level. Where is the money in Hackney Marshes?

Grounds if nothing else for a windfall tax on football.

Not content with their obscene salaries, endorsement of products from sweatshops for yet more money.

Not content with their obscene salaries, widespread tax-dodging.

Foreign ownership of football clubs located in tax havens.

The referee is judge and jury. In a split second, in a highly fuelled atmosphere, has to decide:

  • did he do it
  • was it with intent
  • what is the penalty

TV may beg to differ, those watching who are all self-appointed experts may beg to differ, the manager will always beg to differ.

I can take a picture from one angle and tell one story, I can take a picture from a different angle and tell an entirely different story.

TV is showing one version of what is claimed to be the truth. Do they show it from the viewpoint of the referee?

A top referee, earns less in a year than a mediocre player in a week.

Referees are abused, subject to violent attacks, receive death threats.

Four thousand referees a year are leaving football.

Any player, manager, or fan, who abuses a referee should be banned for a year.

Any player, manager, or fan, who physically attacks a referee should receive a lifetime ban.

Widespread corruption, match-fixing, rigged World Cup locations.

It is time football walked away from Fifa.

At the top, obscene amount of money floating around, nice if you get it, the agents, the managers, the players. Those who do the graft, do not even get paid a living wage.  Some clubs even force their staff to pay for their uniforms.

Frank Knight is a lifelong football supporter, sued by his club owners for defamation of character for questioning the way Blackpool FC is run, ordered to pay £20,00 or be bled to death through the courts.

Frank Knight is not the only fan to be threatened and intimidated.

What happened to free speech?

Former Blackpool FC fans turn up outside the grounds with their protest banners, then go off to support another club.

Fans who walked away from Manchester United, showed another world is possible. Working from scratch, they built their own football club, a genuine local club, not a foreign-owned business operating out of a tax haven.

Maybe one day, fans will realise they are being treated as mugs and taken for a ride, and will follow the example of Blackpool FC and Manchester United, and walk away.

Blackpool FC now plays to empty stands.

There is now a move in football, to cross the tribal boundaries, even to go as far as mass boycotts.

Pause and think, televised matches with empty stands.

It is time for fans to unite and reclaim football.

Russell Brand pays Lord Rothermere a visit

April 18, 2015
Daily Fail

Daily Fail

We have heard a lot lately of an elite group of people known as non-doms, that is not domiciled in the UK, and so avoid tax. For anyone else, to avoid tax, you would have to live outside the UK, and you are limited to the amount of time you can live in the UK, in other words, you are a tax exile.

But, this group have a status conferred by Mad King George a couple of hundred years ago.

It was introduced at the time income tax was introduced to pay for foreign wars, and you guessed it, it was introduced in order that the rich and powerful could avoid tax. In this case for wealthy landowners who owned estates in the colonies.

You can inherit the status, you may have it because yoo claim you do not live here, because you have a burial plot overseas.

It is clearly unfair that a privileged group of people should avoid tax. And that this status should be abolished.

One such person is Lord Rothermere, who inherited the status from his father, also called Lord Rothermere (the title is heredity).

Lord Rothermere just happens to be the owner of the Daily Mail. Which no doubt explains that it is a little more than a coincident the front page headlines attacking the mere hint that non-dom status be abolished and the smears on Russell Brand.

BP and Shell agree to give up their tax concessions

April 2, 2015

In a surprise joint announcement to Russia Today, BP and Shell agree to give up their tax concessions.

Oil exploration has to be on the way out, says Shell.


Climate change.

We do not want to be part of, bad for our image.

BP do not see jobs in oil.

Tough for those in oil, but who guarantees jobs for life?

Shell agree to shut down Arctic drilling.

It is in the interests of both companies to give away their tax concessions, as who wants a revolution?

Before you get over-excited, note the date of broadcast.

It was broadcast yesterday, 1 April 2015.

Vodafone hashtags get hijacked yet again

March 28, 2015

Vodafone do not seem to learn.

Please hijack their hashtags

and tell them what you think of their tax dodging.

Of course they could pay the billions of pounds in tax they owe.

The UK Gold

February 25, 2015

Now is the time to reveal the revolving doors between government and the City that has bred lies and corruption for so long, siphoning money through our tax havens for the global super rich, while now preaching that we the people must pay our taxes and suffer austerity. Just who does our government work for? — Thom Yorke

Where is the gold buried when crisis is looming and society begins to demand its share?

With eloquence and polite mutual support, the British business establishment elegantly winds its way out of society’s demands of accountability and community, and vast amounts of money are diverted away from the state coffers through a net of confusing transactions, Caribbean tax havens and a shelter of bureaucracy. All wrapped up in the “Union Jack”.

We are guided through the darkness by the film’s hero, Father William Taylor, who with his indomitable social spirit and chivalrous character seems to be the moral anchor of a world whose laws fluctuate with the economic cycles.

Taylor joins a battle where the good argument is of little value in a world of closed doors and mutually protective silence – where democracy is no more than an illusion and the cards have been dealt in advance.

The UK Gold takes a powerful swipe against the British Empire behind the white gloves, and tells the story of a contemporary crisis and an ancient practice, which shows how deep deception is ingrained in our proudest institutions and traditions. Dominic West (“The Wire”) narrates; Thom Yorke (Radiohead), 3D (Massive Attack) and Guy Garvey (Elbow) provide a spellbinding score.

Offereing live streaming of an album is nothing special. This is the norm on bandcamp. We need to be able to download and listen off-line. Please upload to bandcamp, where for a donation, it would be possible to download.

The UK Gold is essential viewing. An in-depth investigation of the tax avoidance industry in the UK, The UK Gold tackles tax dodging corporations and government complicity so directly that both BBC and Channel 4 refused to run it. It is, they claimed, ‘too controversial’.

The film is premiered tonight live on London Live, or Freeview 8 / Sky 117 / Virgin 159 / YouView 8.

HSBC the crooked bank

February 9, 2015


Values, go beyond ‘what you can get away with’. — Rev Prebendary Stephen Green, former chief executive and chairman HSBC

HSBC laundered dirty money for Mexican drug cartels and terrorists.

US Senator Carl Levin, the chairman of the subcommittee investigating the bank, said HSBC’s compliance culture had been “pervasively polluted for a long time”.

No one faced criminal prosecution, no one went to prison.

HSBC acts as facilitator for tax evasion, compliance officers who question what is going on, are fired, the only compliance, ensuring we do not get caught. There has been no criminal investigation, no banker is in prison.

Evil ConDem government knew. Their response, a seat in the House of Lords.

Lord Green, a priest, is restructuring the management of Church of England.

Were I to rob a bank, get caught, pay the money back, would I get let off? Of course not, I would be in prison.

If a small business fails to pays it tax, it is made bankrupt to recover the money, the owner goes to prison.

If a benefit payments are fraudulently claimed, if caught face a prison sentence.

Why then one rule for greedy bankers, one rule for the rest of society?

Why are no bankers in prison, why are no bankers facing criminal prosecution?

And what of HMRC, aiding and abetting criminal activity? Why are not senior people at HMRC not in prison?

Lord Green, a seat in the House of Lords, appointed a government minister.

HMRC boss Dave Hartnett was the man responsible for cutting dodgy deals with Vodafone, Goldman Sachs and other large corporations that have cost the taxpayer billions in lost revenue. On leaving HMRC, jumped before he was pushed, a leaving bash hosted by tax dodgers and their advisors. On leaving HMRC, Dave Hartnett joined HSBC to advise on tax dodging.

HSBC has been helping thousands of the UK’s wealthiest people evade paying tax.

Surprise, surprise, the list of tax dodgers aided and abetted by HSBC include Tory Party donors.

It is time to get dirty money out of politics.

HSBC has been helping Britain’s richest evade tax on an unprecedented scale, using offshore accounts in Switzerland.

The worst part: HSBC knew what it was doing was wrong, and actively helped its customers evade tax. As yet, it’s failed to fully cooperate with the authorities and hand over information on its illegal advice, or the thousands of clients its helped break the law and evade paying their taxes.

HSBC says it’s changed its ways. But a former employee was sacked for speaking out after seeing that HSBC was still engaging in tax evasion schemes.

HSBC is has friends in high places who will help it avoid the worst of this scandal — and we can’t let that happen. HSBC needs to be brought to book for aiding and abetting tax evasion on an industrial scale.

The revelations come from a Guardian and BBC investigation into thousands of leaked documents from HSBC’s Switzerland branch, after a whistleblower alerted the French authorities to hundreds of its citizens evading taxes.

HSBC is also facing criminal investigations in Argentina and in Belgium for helping thousands of people evade their taxes.

Now, the bank is facing a growing crisis in UK.

This is an issue that goes right to the heart of what kind of country we live in.

We do not have democracy, we have a sham democracy, where our corrupt politicians are whores for hire to the highest bidder.

An election, is simply to choose whose turn to climb aboard the gravy train, get their snouts in the trough, whose turn to act for Big Business.

HSBC had hoped keep quiet, hope the sandal does not get out, and if it does, that is what we pay politicians for.

Austerity is a myth, it is an excuse for Shock Doctrine, slash and burn of public services, mass closures of libraries, rape and pillage of Greece.

We have puerile infantile discussions, if we do not cut libraries, what do we cut?

Go after the tax dodgers and there is no need for cuts, we could open more libraries, longer hours, fill with more books, have a health service that is fit for purpose, increase welfare payments and pensions.

We have seen thousands of ordinary people take action on corporate tax dodgers for example Vodafone and Boots. We’ve seen the residents of the New Era estate rise up and fight back against powerful property developers.

The only reason tax and housing are even on the political agenda, is because of direct action by ordinary citizen, not because of action by politicians. From the corrupt political elite, a few weasel words, but no action because they are in the pocket of the tax dodgers and the bankers.

When the banks were on their knees, instead of letting them go bust, the corrupt political elite in the pockets of the bankers bailed them out with our money.

Now it’s our turn to demand change.

It is time HSBC was broken up, time a few crooked bankers were thrown in prison.

Please sign the petition demanding HSBC divulge details of all their tax-dodging clients.