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Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day seventy eight

June 9, 2020

Three passengers on the bus into Lincoln. Al wearing mask apart from me. Next week it will be mandatory.

Horrified the number of people around.

In M&S the obstacles through to Food Hall removed. No safeguards on the clothes. People trying on clothes, shoes, then putting back.

Next week when shops open it is going to be bad.

Only two passengers on return bus. Driver fails to turn off engine or open door when siting at bus stops. When asked why heating on, driver rude.

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day seventy

June 1, 2020

First day of June.

A hot sunny day.

Single decker bus. Four passengers. Driver fails to turn off engine, open door, when waiting at bus stops. Bus very hot.

Four trains as Lincoln Central Station, including LNER Azuma London train.

Bus station many buses, usually deserted. Bus station still deserted of people.

I learn buses now running every half hour as of first of June not once an hour.

Not been out for six days, more traffic, more people about.

Sterile space in front of Central Coffee House, 200 Degrees, should be used for tables and chairs. Tragic the behaviour of brain-dead local councils, who would rather see businesses fail than provide help, a win win for everyone as improves the street scene.

More shops open. Sweet shop now open.

I learn a zero waste stall will open in Lincoln Central Market. They have been working on the space last few weeks. Bizarre though laying new floor. It will be a welcome addition to the market, if well run and well stocked.

Two passengers on return bus.

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day sixty four

May 26, 2020

Three people on the bus. A single decker. It was ludicrous last week a double decker. And with single decker, easier for people to keep apart.

In Sincil Street and the High Street more people about.

Sterile spaces in front of Grand Coffee House and 200 Degrees coffee shop could be given life, if the coffee shops were allowed to use for tables. Helps the coffee shops back into businesses, safeguards staff and clientele, and improves the street scene.

I discussed with both coffee shops. They thought an excellent idea. But, said backward council would not permit. It is up to them to demand, or are they going to continue allowing the local council kick small businesses in the teeth?

A coffee from 200 Degrees. Not good, I poured down the train.

How are M&S getting away with selling clothes on their ground floor. Even the sales counter is open. People are trying on clothes, shoes, then putting back.

Six passengers on return bus.

High Farm Fish Bar fish n chips

May 20, 2020

Today coronavirus lockdown day fifty eight, this evening my first fish n chips since start of lockdown, but I have to order on line.

To date not having much luck. Last week I visited Elite on the Bail, looking forward to fish n chips, only to find not open until four.

Lunchtime today, I tried the Washingborough fish n chip shop, only to find not open until four, and have to place order on-line.

I decided to try again this evening.

A bit of a faffle but I guess second time around easier.

Place order, confirmed order taken, then turn up at allotted time.

Quite a clever system, fish n chip shop gets a print out with name and order. On arrival asked for name, a couple of minutes wait, then order handed out through the door, covid-19 restrictions, not allowed to enter the shop.

I can see this could become semi-permanent, no waiting, and order is ready for collection. Though hopefully people will still be able to turn up.

The first time I have had fish n chips from this fish n chip shop since last summer.

Portion size generous, fish n chips excellent.

On a par with Elite on the Bail or Elite Tritton Road.

Two fish n chips worth knowing about locally, Elite on the Bail and Washingborough fish n chip shop. To which I would add Elite Tritton Road.

Burton Road poor service and quality of fish n chips not good. No way Sign of the Fish in Sincil Street, service poor and quality of fish n chips not good.

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day fifty six

May 18, 2020

Passengers on the bus, three or four, some got off some got on.

Shocked to find the wooden sculpture of a Lancaster bomber outside Lincoln Central Bus Station smashed. Wings broken off, all that is left, a broken fuselage. Mindless thugs. Hopefully caught on CCTV. Last week marked VE Day 75, the weekend the Dambusters Raid.

The last few weeks during lockdown only one train at Lincoln Central Station. Today three, including LNER Azuma London train. But still highly restrictive to travel by train. LNER have introduced mandatory reservations.

One week on from the insanity of Stay Alert, more traffic, many more people on the streets, lockdown is breaking down. At the weekend visitors flooded to coastal resorts, but will be as nothing when the weather warms up. We are now more or less guaranteed a second wave of covid-19 infections, a sharp rise in cases.

In M&S more obstruction of the corridor leading through to the Food Hall, they no longer bother to curtail off the clothes section, people trying on shoes.

Easy to see why M&S a failing retailer and now marked down to junk bond status.

Six passengers on return bus.

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day forty seven

May 9, 2020

A hot day.

One passenger on the bus.

Why oh why do bus drivers not turn off engine when ahead of schedule sitting at a bus stop?

Passing through villages occasional houses with flags flying.

An example of crass stupid of local council. Toilets at Lincoln Central Bus Station, alternate wash basins taped out of use. Why? It places people at greater risk as more people using any individual wash basins.

More and more businesses are opening.

Sign of the Fish open in Sincil Street, I would not recommend, very poo quality, No sign of a queue, no one buying.

Why no traffic wardens dealing with illegal parking? It is worse on each visit into town.

M&S once again have put obstacles in the corridor leading through to food hall, people forced closer together and thus at greater risk.

A couple of people on return bus.

Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day twenty four

April 17, 2020

Thursday 16 April, coronavirus lockdown day twenty four.

I was the only passenger on the bus.

Working from home has become something of a joke. Gardening leave would be more apt. As I pass through villages, I see people out walking, cycling, working in their gardens.

Lincoln deserted, no traffic.

I do not usually wish to visit Wilkinson’s, today maybe pick up runner beans to sow. A queue. I did not bother.

M&S need to get their act together. They have created a corridor through their store through to the Food Hall at the rear. This now blocked with displays, forcing people close together as walk through.

Only two passengers on return bus.

—- to be continued —-

Treasure Island

April 16, 2020

Treasure Island, Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic adventure of mutiny, money and murder, brought to life on stage and filmed live at London’s National Theatre.

It’s a dark and stormy night. The stars are out. Jim, the inn-keeper’s granddaughter, opens the door to a terrifying stranger. At the old sailor’s feet sits a huge sea-chest, full of secrets. Jim invites him in – and her dangerous voyage begins.

to be continued …..

Fruit and vegetable stall veg box scheme

April 11, 2020

Coronavirus pandemic driving innovation.

Fruit and vegetable stall in Lincoln Central Market offering home deliveries with possibility of veg box scheme in the future.

One of the few businesses still open in the town centre.

The last time I was in Lincoln I jokingly asked the fruit and vegetable stall in Lincoln Central Market were they opening a second stall when I saw fruit and vegetable boxes piled nearby? No, offering a delivery service.

Saturday fewer boxes ready to go out.

For deliveries visit their facebook page S Sharpe & Daughter Fruit and Veg.

An example of how small businesses are innovating to remain in business.

I suggested they continue with a veg box scheme. Currently they pack as per customer order. It may continue as a mix of the two.

If the stall chooses, they know what is in season, what offers best value, and they grow their own produce. For example if cauliflowers are cheap, they may pack two.

The possibility of further expansion. Where there was once an excellent wholefood stall, offer loose muesli, nuts, dried fruits, grains and other dried goods, customers bring in their own containers. Another possibility, freshly made fruit juices and smoothies.

Coronavirus pandemic only three food shops open in the town centre, fruit and vegetable stall within the Central Market, a butcher within the side alley, and Pepperdine’s a butcher in Sincil Street. The excellent fishmonger closed a couple of weeks ago as could no longer source fresh fish.

At a loss why anyone wasting their time in a queue like lemmings at a supermarket. Even more so why wait an hour or more when can shop locally. Support local indie shops, they have what you want, and no queue.

Lincoln City Council who own and mismanage Lincoln Central Market need to take a good hard look at Trinity Market in Hull Old Town, then take measures to improve the market. Why, for example, does the Central Market close its doors at four every afternoon? It should be open until at least five, to give people the opportunity to pop in on their way home from work. Individual traders to close earlier if they wish.

Lincoln City Council needs to do more to support local indie businesses. It cannot return to business as usual. Town centres were already dying. The local council together with the local Co-Op have done their best to trash Sincil Street, a once thriving street of local indie businesses, driving out local businesses, bringing in the same rubbish corporate chains as find anywhere and everywhere.

If we are to rebuild our town centres, it will be through all of us supporting local indie businesses.


Lincoln coronavirus lockdown day fifteen

April 8, 2020

Tuesday 7 April 2020 lockdown day fifteen.

Strange times. I feared checking messages. Night before Boris Johnson had been taken into intensive care and put on oxygen. The previous week he had not looked well.

Bus was not busy. En route into Lincoln, hedgerows white with May blossom.

Lincoln Sincil Street deserted but many more in the High Street.

A gang of half a dozen in their twenties. Not good.

Fruit and vegetables stall Lincoln Central Market boxes piled nearby. I joked, second stall? No, new enterprise, home delivery. I suggested continue as veg box scheme.

More shops closed. Poundland closed. M&S not busy.

More people on return bus.

Why idiots no understanding no social distancing? Woman gets on bus, could not have sat closer if had sat on my lap.