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Athens Central Market

November 26, 2019

A wander around Athens Central Market.

Excellent pistachio nuts and cashew nuts, far better quality than find in England.

Taverna Saita

November 22, 2019

Late night I eat at Taverna Saita in Plaka.

I have eaten there before when Taverna Plaka closed. I thought I would try again.

Service appalling. Souvlaki OK, when it finally arrives.

I go to sit at one table, told no. I sit at another table. Then told no, cannot sit there. I refuse to move. Had I got up, it would have been to get up and leave.

I ask for soup. No soup. We do not do soup we are a taverna not a restaurant. Is there a difference?

I request souvlaki. Told I can have chips or salad. I say no, I want both. They relent.

Very long wait until food served. I was on the point of leaving.

Sovlaki reasonable, if a little tough, chips not so good, served on a cold plate.

Tax avoidance, no bill or receipt produced as required by law, and no sign displayed to state this.

Not recommended. Taverna Plaka a couple of minutes down the street far better.

Ohh Boy revisited

November 18, 2019

Pretentious cake shop serving mediocre coffee, not doing Taf any favours.

What a difference a few days make.

I stumbled upon Ohh Boy a couple of days previous when lost coming down from Lycabettas Hill in the dark. No time for a coffee, I said I would revisit.

Then friendly, today no, rude barista who could not make coffee.

Giving Taf a bad name. Very pretentious.

I asked at the bar, told go and find a seat to be served.

All tables occupied.

I sat on a stool by an open window. Told no, cannot sit there. But OK to sit there and blow smoke in through the open window onto coffee and food.

I joined a lady at a table drinking white wine.

A long wait before served, I asked at the counter, and was told to find a seat and the waiter would take my order. No water brought to the table until coffee brought. Previous visit water brought as I sat down.

Coffee served in a dainty china tea cup. Served with sugar, which is insulting. Maybe a commentary on the not very good coffee.

I had found a seat with a lady at a table. As she was leaving, I said she had made a wise choice with wine as the coffee not good. She agreed, not for coffee, and knew many of the good coffee shops in Athens. I had been advised Ohh Boy good for cakes but not for coffee.

Not recommended. There are better places for Taf coffee. For example Little Tree, Duo Goulies & Duo Mpoukies and of course Taf.

Tsipoura at Spartiatis

November 5, 2019

Monday, two weeks ago, tsipoura at Spartiatis overlooking Konnos Bay.

End of season, many of the tables already removed, few diners.

Spartiatis a seafood restaurant in a quiet location overlooking Konnos Bay

Tsipoura at Spartiatis

October 31, 2019

Mid-October, excellent tsipoura at Spartiatis, a quiet location overlooking Konnos Bay.

A very hot night, gale blowing, thundersorm out to sea.

Starter undbidden cougettes thinly sliced deep fried served with bread. Bread served in tradional manner fresh baked, in a basket, wrapped in a tea towel.

Tsipoaka ie sea bream excellent.

Followed by ice cream and figs.

Fresh figs cooked in a pan with syrup, cinnamaon and a little water.

Lamps were blowing in the wind.

Spartiatis almost enpty. Everywhere hit by al-inclusive hotels killing the local economy.

Pork chop at Nissiotis

October 28, 2019

A trip to Larnaca, then on return Intercity bus to Ayia Napa, change to local bus, alight at Protaras and walk along the seafront to Nissiotis.

Did I wish for moussaka? No, today I would try pork chop.

Succulent and tasty though a little tough.

Red wine, a second red wine, followed by cocktail with the bill.

Nissiotis is in a quiet locatioon overlooking Protaras Pier. Unlike other restaurants in Protaras it has not engaged in a race to the bottom with all-inclusive hotels, a race no one can win, one of the few places in Protaras worth eating.

Yogurt at Lazaris Bakery

October 28, 2019

Having had a quick look at the Larnaca Internationla Food Festical (Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11-13 October 2019), the only stall of note Nick’s Coffee Bike from where I had an excellent cappuccino, I walked along the seafront to Larnaca Medieval Castle, then to Church of St Lazarus and nearby Lazaris Bakery.

Lazaris Bakery overlooking Church of St Lazarus, sympathetic restoration of an old building.

Food is good, but I do not recommend for coffee, for coffee try Paul’s Coffee Roasters or Nick’s Coffee Bike.

Water to help oneself. A very rare example in Cyprus. The other is Paul’s Coffee Roasters, though Nick’s Coffee Bike will give water if asked. The norm in Greece, but hospitality lacking in Cyprus where they would rather sell a bottle of water in plastic contributing to plastic pollution. Another rare example is Vrissaki Beach Hotel where water is on the bar to help oneself and at night free tea and coffee.

Excellent Greek yogurt with fruit and nuts.

It would be pleasant to sit outside but for the traffic fumes and smokers.

Outside seating needs to be made No Smoking and the whole area pedestrianised and traffic free including the seafront.

Larnaca International Food Festival

October 28, 2019

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the second International Food Festival in Larnaca (Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11-13 October 2019).

Was it worth visiting? No, not at least not what I saw setting up, worst type of junk food would find on a bad street food market in England.

The only stall of quality, Nick’s Coffee Bike, and having relocated from his usual pitch outside Larnaca Marina, a dramatic drop in customers

I assumed he was not there and it was only because I chose to investigate the Larnnaca International Food Festival I found Nick.

As always an excellent cappuccino.

Souvlaki at No 1

October 21, 2019

Following a trip to Larnaca Monday two weeks ago, decide to eat moussaka at No 1

I wished for moussaka. No moussaka.

Why a sign outside if no moussaka? Or at the very least remove the sign.

I should have got up and left. Got up and left and headed to Nissiotis where excellent moussaka.

Mushroom soup was excellent, or would have been had not too much salt been added.

Only ever add tiny amount of salt. If need be more can be added to suit taste.

Svoulaki served on top of pittas bread with salad piled on top. Pretty dumb, as the souvlaki gets cold. I scraped the salad off, but even so, souvlaki was cold before I was half way through. The pork succulent and tasty, but tough.

Souvlaki poor compared with served in Plaka in Athens.

Then long wait for the bill, a very long wait, no one around to call.

Use of facebook to log into wifi not acceptable. Even worse, posting on Facebook that at No 1.

This is serous abuse of data protection and personal privacy and possibly illegal as breach of EU data protection.

Facbook exists to collect and abuse personal data, which is then used to manipulate.

The most valuable data for facebook is personal data and location data. Never on facebook live link where are. No 1 do this without even asking.

Restaurant almost empty. True of most nights when I pass by. True of almost every restaurant in Protaras. Casualties of all-inclusive hotels and a destructive race to the bottom.

Many years ago, No 1 was an excellent place to eat, always busy. It then went downhill, quality and service poor, prices high. It then picked up, but now has gone downhill again.

It is though a sad refection of sign of the times. Restaurants in Protaras are going bankrupt in a race to the bottom against all-inclusive.

Tagliatelle bolognese Ravioli’s Italian restaurant

October 14, 2019

I was going to eat at Spartiatis a seafood restaurant overlooking Konnos Bay, but a cool evening with wind blowing, I decided to eat instead at Ravioli’s an Italian restaurant.

Large widescreen showing sport in a restaurant is never a good sign. Bad enough in a pub.

My order came quick, far to quick. Not a good sign.

When I arrived the restaurant was almost empty. When my food arrived it was empty.

My tagliatelle bolognese was not good, tough and chewy. Parts were piping hot, other parts cold. Not helped by serving in a cold bowl.

Very poor compared with what I have had elsewhere.

Then a large rowdy pig-ignorant group sat on a table behind me. One shouting he was going to get seriously drunk. Why do people not show manners when dining out?

On my way out I out an ice cream. Very poor quality. Far better to be had from patisserie amelie a coffee shop in the centre of Protaras.