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Almuerzo en Monasterio de San Martín Pinario

March 22, 2015


vino tinto

vino tinto

The church of the Monasterio de San Martín Pinario is now a museum.

A much larger building facing Catedral de Santiago has its doors wide open, open times displayed, and yet when you walk in, told it is not open to the public.

There is though another entrance.

This leads to a vey impressive hotel, and yet only a one star Pension.

Leading off from the cloisters, the Refectory, now serving food.

  1. caldo Gallego
  2. escalope de cerdo con ensalada
  3. manzano asado

Galican broth (potatoes and vegetables), escalope of pork with salad and chips, with baked apple as dessert.

The broth was a meal in itself. An alternative starter octopus and potatoes, portion size sufficient for a main meal.

Served with bread, a bottle of red wine and  a large bottle of water

Followed by coffee or tea.

Falafel y ensalada en Hervor y Fervor

March 21, 2015
Hervor y Fervor

Hervor y Fervor

Hervor y Fervor a very old bar, or at least gives the appearance of being.

Falafel was listed on its own. This I querried, to learn served with salad, or rather served with lettuce.

The falafel was slightly overcooked, otherwise excellent.

The salad would have been much improved by addition of a little sliced tomato and onion.

The beer was disgusting.

People were eating Japanese food. Not on the menu. Chalked up on  a board. Special for last night and tonight.

Loud music, very noisy.

An art exhibion on the walls.

Live music Tuesday nights.

Sopa de champiñones en O Paris

March 21, 2015
O Paris

O Paris

Excellent cream of mushroom soup in O Paris.  Served with bread, for which there was no extra charge.

It was actually the starter for menú el día but I did not want anything else.

Pleasant environment, pleasant staff but spolit by loud music.

As I was leaving, I saw a delicious looking chocolate cake being served, and thought maybe good choice for afternoon tea and cake another day.

I was very surprised to find dogs allowed.

One bad review on TripAdvisor  by someone writing rubbish claiming O Paris failed to honour a reservation. They did not fail to honour for the simple fact they do not take reservations. No one bar a fool would even try to make a reservation, as only a small place.

A completely different experience to A-Vaca, which I strongly recommend avoid.

Hamburguesa en A-Vaca

March 20, 2015
disgusting hamburger in A-Vaca

disgusting hamburger in A-Vaca

I strongly recommend A-Vaca as a place to avoid.

Service without a smile.

I ordered a classic burger.

When it arrived it tasted disgusting. And why no lettuce or tomato?

As I bit into it, I found the outside cooked, the inside raw and oozing blood.

As I was sat by the counter, I angrily pushed it across the counter, said it was disgusting, and to make the point, wiped my fingers now dripping with blood, across their clean wooden counter.

My reaction did not go down too well.

They tried to claim, uncooked, dripping blood, was normal. No apology for what I had been served.

Note: Talking to locals, they have all been disgusted at how the burger was served.

At this point I should have got up and walked out.

Instead of cooking afresh they simply reheated a little more the burger I had rejected. But still it was disgusting.

Then to add insult to injury, they overcharged me on the bill.

They insisted I had ordered a different more expensive burger. I had not.

I refused to pay  more.

I counted it out and walked out.

As I walked out, I was shouted at: Go home!

When a place is this bad, so bad it should be closed down, it is important an official complaint is filed. Demand the complaint book. If they refuse, that is a grounds for further complaint.

I walked out and did not think to file a complaint. But a few days later, a formal complaint was filed with the Tourist Information Office.

A big question mark needs to be raised re the glowing reviews on TripAdvior. All in Spanish, all singing from the same hymn sheet the praises of the burgers.

A-Vaca is not serving quality burgers, and anyone who says  otherwise has never eaten a quality burger made from quality ingredients.

I suggest try New Forest Steak Burgers on Winchester market or The Advisory in Hackney.

The chips served were surprisingly quite good. But why in a silly little basket where they get cold, rather than on the plate?

If you wish to try fresh made burgers, try O Paris. I have not, but their soup and cakes are delicious. And the staff are pleasant.

Gambos al la plancha

March 20, 2015
gambas a la plancha

gambas a la plancha

Gambas a la plancha in Restaurante Los Sobrinos del Padre, where I had previously had soup.

Grilled prawns. Very salty and very messy

Tortilla en Milonga´s

March 18, 2015


i was amazed at the size. Enough for two or three people. In Puerto de la Cruz, a slice.

Very poor quality compared with Puerto de la Cruz.

Very poor service.

Almuerzo en El Limón

March 11, 2015


  1. sopa de calabaza
  2. parrillada

Pumkin soup, followed by stir fried vegetables cooked on a hot plate.

Both were excellent.

té y florentina

té y florentina

I returned later for afternoon tea, té y florentina.

Cena en Meson Los Gemelos

March 9, 2015
cena en Los Gemelos

cena en Meson Los Gemelos

Excellent Sunday night dinner at Los Gemelos in Puerto de la Cruz, following a concert at Abaco.

  • Salma a la parrilla, a grilled fish
  • Entrecot a la Canaria, a Canarian dish that was steak

The salad was not good. It should have been vegetables, or a much better salad.

With the fish, boiled potatoes in a basket, chips with the steak. Chips not good, would have been better to have been offered the choice of boiled potatoes.

Beber vino rojo de casa y cerveza.

Meson Los Gemelos is in the old part of Puerto de la Cruz.

We ate in the garden.

Sardinas a la plancha

March 6, 2015
lunch overlooking the sea

lunch overlooking the sea

sardinas a la plancha

sardinas a la plancha

Excellent grilled sardines, though very salty.

Tortillini verde

March 1, 2015
tortillini verde

tortillini verde



Don Camilo

Don Camilo

I ate last Sunday night at Don Camilo, the service was poor, the food not good either.

As it was a convenient place to meet, a friend and I decide upon Don Camilo for lunch, even though I had warned, not good.

I decided upon tortillini verde, she a salad.

Although not the delicacy I am used to, tortillini verde was much better than tortillini espinacas last Sunday night.

The service though was still very poor. Menu came promptly, but a very long time before taking our order, even though several attempts to catch attention. Bringing the bill was equally slow.


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