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Grasshopper Delicatessen

June 19, 2016
Grasshopper Delicatessen selection of juices

Grasshopper Delicatessen selection of juices

Aldershot is infamous for its disgusting fast food outlets. Not somewhere would expect to find a quality food outlet.

Therefore to find Grasshopper Delicatessen a pleasant surprise indeed.

A range of foods, much of which are organic.

They also serve a variety of freshly made fruit juices, depending upon what is in stock.

My favourite, zinger.

What is also an excellent idea, they recycle jam jars and serve the drinks in the jam jar. Screw on the lid and take your drink away.

The sad news is, this is their last day, they close today.

Aldershot has been destroyed by a dysfunctional council, and quality businesses like Grasshopper Delicatessen cannot survive in a dead town.

Lunch at Guildford Institute

June 19, 2016
lunch at Guildford Institute

lunch at Guildford Institute

Friday I felt like lunch at Thai restaurant in Jeffries Passage, but as I ate there a few days before, I decided upon lunch at Guildford Institute.

A big mistake.

It was not good. I did not even bother with the sweet.

But worse was to come.

An hour and a half later, bad food poisoning.

I had nothing else to eat or drink, therefore can be reasonably certain what I ate at Guildford Institute was the cause.

I had had breakfast that morning but no different to any other day.

A few days before, I had a dessert at Guildford Institute. No problem.

This though is not the first occasion of food poisoning. It has happened at least two or three times before.

It used to be a different lady preparing the food on a Friday. Never once a problem.

The problem has always been, those who used to prepare the food Monday to Thursday, now Monday to Friday.

The last time this happened, I went back and asked those who had eaten when I had, had they fallen ill.

I cannot be certain, but it may have been they did.

The food is prepared outside, brought in, then heated in a microwave, some is on a hot plate.

What I had, some sort of fritter, was heated in a microwave. It was not hot, lukewarm.

Plus I had two salads, one a lentil salad, the other some form of shredded cabbage.

As this is not the first time this has happened. At least two or three times before. Environmental Health need to investigate to determine the cause.

Cod and chips in Traditional Plaice

June 18, 2016
cod and chips and peas

cod and chips and peas

I have had bad service, but nothing this bad.

I was on my way to Waitrose. As it was gone five o’clock I decided to pop in The Traditional Plaice in Downing Street for a very late lunch. A very big mistake.

I was about to sit down, when I was told to site at a table for two in the far corner.

The place was almost empty. Were they expecting a rush?

A long wait, finally my order is taken. Fairly simple, cod and chips and peas and a glass of water.

I wait and wait. 20 minutes goes by and I am still waiting.

Finally, after 35 minutes wait, my order arrives.

The fish and peas were not cooked.

Easy to see why.

Cooked from frozen, with no account taken of the fact cooked from frozen.

Having finished my meal, I then have a long wait before the bill arrives.

After over twenty minutes, almost twenty-five minutes, I manage to ask for the bill.

At £8-35, it was very expensive for small sized portion of cod and chips.

Lunch at Thai restaurant

June 15, 2016
lunch at Thai restaurant

lunch at Thai restaurant

Yesterday afternoon in Guildford, excellent lunch at Thai restaurant in Jeffries Passage. Unfortunately the service not to match.

No crispy snacks.

Cutlery brought to my table after meal arrived.  Had to walk to the counter to pay, no one brought bill to my table.

On board outside, 10% off. When queried, told I had to have a voucher.

Usually given peppermints with bill. As I was not, I helped myself.

The owner was not there. As always when the owner not there. the service poor.

Had the owner been there, she would have automatically given me 10% off.

Late lunch at The Queen Hotel

June 13, 2016
rump streak

rump streak

Rump steak at The Queen Hotel, a J D Wetherspoon pub.

The rump steal was excellent, mash instead of chips.

8 oz rump steak for £3-99, add in half a pint of Ruddles bitter £5-02.

Cappuccino and cookie at Jamie’s Coffee

June 13, 2016
cappuccino at Jamie's Coffee

cappuccino at Jamie’s Coffee

Excellent cappuccino this morning at Jamie’s Coffee at Gatwick North Terminal.

Cookie was not so good.

Cappuccino a month ago was not good.

Why the difference?

I suspect a month ago, moronic music blasting out, barista not focussing on the job.


June 13, 2016




Sweet Filipino drink topped with candied fruit, served at Miyu Coffee Shop.

Although this is the traditional way to serve, it would be better topped with fresh seasonal fruits, for example fresh strawberries and figs.

Watermelon and apple juice

June 13, 2016

watermelon and apple juice

Very refreshing on a hot day, watermelon and apple juice, at Miyu Coffee Shop.

Lunch at Bikini Beach Bar and Restaurant

June 13, 2016


Excellent buffet lunch at Bikini Beach Bar and Restaurant.

Salad with roast chicken and pork kebab was more than sufficient for lunch.  I made the mistake of taking the maim course, then leaving most of it.  I did though find room for baklava followed  by watermelon.

Very busy, Sunday the beach packed with Cypriots.

Nice atmosphere,  by the  beach, Greek music playing in the background.

Located on the coast path, near Protaras Pier, part of Vrissaki Beach Hotel.

A trip on Napa King II, followed by lunch, would make a pleasant Sunday excursion.

Watermelon and apple juice

June 11, 2016


Watermelon and apple juice at Miyu Coffee Shop.

Watermelon, apple, plus a lemon. Add a couple of ice cubes, no more. 

A refreshing drink on a hot day.


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