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March 19, 2014


Sunrise at 0709 this morning overlooking Cascais.

Market in Cascias

March 19, 2014
fruit and vegetable stall

fruit and vegetable stall

Morning of Wednesday and Saturday, 6-30 until lunchtime, Cascais holds a street market.

Different areas: Clothes, many specialist stalls with jeans or t-shirts or shoes, also household appliances; fruit and vegetables; fresh fish.

One of the best stalls had loose, dried nuts and figs. I came away with 11 euros worth. Best I have across since Istanbul.

Thoughts and impressions of Cascais

March 19, 2014

Cascais is a little way along the coast from Lisbon.

A train from Lisbon to Cascais.

A pleasant train journey along the coast, then contrast with first impressions on arrival at Cascais Station. An ugly shopping centre, a McDonald’s, within the town tacky tourist pubs and shops.

But do not let this put you off. Head straight to the old part of town. A maze of old buildings, narrow streets and alleys.

A lovely promenade, along which you can walk, and either walk back or catch the train. A lovely sun trap out of the wind.

Free cycle hire. Yes, free.

During the day, warm in the sun, out of the wind, but cold at night.

On Wednesday and Saturday, a massive street market, fruit and vegetables, fresh fish, clothes.

A lovely little library, Biblioteca Municipal de Cascais, free internet, very slow and need ID to use.

Jardim Visconde da Luz has bookstalls and antiques.

28 is the place to eat, either dinner at night, or their set lunchtime menu at eight euros.

Dinner at 28

March 18, 2014
fillet steak with creamy sauce

fillet steak with creamy sauce

I had lunch at 28. It was to be the eight euro lunch, but after soup, I had had enough.

I was going to a restaurant the other side of town, but it was late, gone nine and I think they closed at ten, it was cold, I therefore decided to eat at 28 around the corner.

They were about to close, but stayed open for me.

The soup, really broth, was a meal in itself.

Followed by fillet steak covered in a creamy sauce with mushrooms plus thinly sliced fried potatoes.

For dessert, cheesecake.

Synchronicity: Cascais, an actress, a writer, Brazil

March 18, 2014
promenade at Cascais

promenade at Cascais



Walking along the promenade at lunch time today, I got into conversation with a Brazilian actress.

I asked if she lived in Cascais?

No, lived in England, a little town called Haslemere, in Surrey, I would not know it.

Really, I said, I was there Thursday last week.

I asked did she know Godalming (near Haslemere), there was a lovely place to eat called Cafe Mila.

Yes, she said, her friend worked there, in the kitchen.

Really, said I, I was talking to him last Thursday.

I asked her to name a famous Brazilian. She could think of none.

Look, I said, and showed her By The River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept.

She screamed, Paulo Coelho, he is a friend of my mother!

A friend of mine too, I said.

She was then catching a train to Lisbon.

We walked to the station. She asked would I join her, I said no, but we could meet another day.

The train she caught, was maybe the train I saw yesterday, it had the Scorpions on the side.

Note: The following day, I had By The River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept signed for Breda by Paulo Coelho.


March 18, 2014


Sunrise 0657 this morning, overlooking Cascais.

Dinner at 28

March 17, 2014


28 is an excellent restaurant in Cascais. It is located in the old part, down a little alley, not far from the church. It is a pleasant change from the expensive tacky tourist joints near the beach.

Starter soup. A strange soup! With bread and egg, the egg I fished out as I do not like egg.

Main course pork loin served with spinach and thinly sliced fried potatoes.

For dessert cheesecake. The most heavenly cheesecake, very creamy.

I would not usually, but I finished off with a coffee, I was curious as to how good their cappuccino. It wasn’t. Bitter. I think too hot, poor quality coffee, and lack of skill in making.

Lovely ambience, both the decour and the music, and run by two lovely people, the waiter and the chef.

It is not often I eat and enjoy the music, usually I wish it turned low, or ideally off.

Music from a memory stick. I suggested FLAC (as vastly superior to lofi mp3) and download from bandcamp.

They have a good deal for lunch, lunch all inclusive eight euros, plus loyalty scheme, eat four lunches and fifth lunch free.

Lisbon Airport to Cascais

March 17, 2014

From airport, outside airport yellow bus to train station (Cais do Sodré). Last stop, about 30 minutes. Cost 3.50 euros.

Announcements on bus in English.

Decaying colonial wealth en-route through Lisbon.

There is a metro, but I was told bus is better as metro longer journey.

At train station, train to Cascais, last stop, about 35 minutes. Cost a little over one euro, half price if over 65 years old.

Ensure get on train that is leaving and it states Cascais.

Announcements in Portuguese, but also display of stations as station is approached.

Lovely train journey along the coast.

Area around train station not attractive, head to old part.

Old part within walking distance, or hire taxi for hotel.

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